Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hay is for Horses and That's Good Enough for Me

Katie's House

All you need for major kid fun is a really tolerant horse and a family member who loves to help little kids ride. That person in our family is Katie, my brother's wife. Katie, in addition to her many other virtues, is a former rodeo champion, and her parents still keep her three horses at their house. This makes her extra endearing to little children. A trip to ride Katie's horses is always on our agenda when we're in Pensacola. Laura first got to ride when she was three. Now she gets to steer by herself some.

laura solo on sally

Today we took all the cousins over there to visit, and Katie and Dave led each kid around the field. That Katie can walk really fast! One thing I've always liked is that she involves the kids in getting the horses ready to ride, and puts an emphasis on taking care of them afterwards, so the kids have learned they're dealing with animals and not a horsey amusement park ride.

Hank on Sally

When Hank was lifted into the saddle today, he said, "I don't wanna do this!" I said, "You're gonna love it, buddy. Be brave!" He said, "But I'm scared," and I said, "You can be scared and be brave at the same time." Two minutes of riding later, he said, "Hey, I'm brave now!"

nate on sally

We got up early, took coffee, and had a great time as always. The kids who were waiting for a turn to ride jumped on the trampoline, and not the new kind of trampoline with the safety walls, the good ol' kind where you can fly off at any moment and break your arm. Horses and trampolines: it's the land God promised to children.

ava on sally

hugging sally

More pictures are here. We hated to say goodbye, but Dave and Katie had to hit the road, and the rest of us had to get back to some important snacking activities. You know, day-after-Christmas things, I don't want to bore you. Also, Amy and Mom braved the sales at Target, but I decided that those bargains would just have to get along without me. I was kind of busy, what with the snacks and being halfway through that new Stephen King book.

I hope y'all are still feeling merry and bright.


Mad Woman said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I LOVE that she involves them in the care aspect too. It really teaches them. Awesome pics by the way!

The Dental Maven said...

Great Pictures. Now get back to the snacking! The new years' a'commin'!

Sjn said...

glad Hank learned that essential lesson... being brave and scared, he'll surely need it again in his lifetime.
Still merry and bright around here, just more dogs than people for the moment ;-)

Keely said...

omg, that IS the promised land. Add a few mud puddles or tidal pools and I'd be right there with them.

Now get back to snacking!

Sara said...


Well you know I totally loved this post.

And look at Laura all tall and beautiful!
Yay, Hank! Lily is still terrified to be up so high. Which is not so very high when she's climbing up the side of the porch or something.

The Messy Mom said...

Aw! That does look like fun. Merry Christmas to you guys.

Kate said...

Having the kids come over and ride is always a highlight for me when I'm home. I love it.

Hank was so cute when he was riding. At the end of the ride he looked up at me and said, "Actually, I am not scared, I am brave now!" He was so proud! It was definitely the result of a good parenting moment on your part.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Hank's got that jockey crouch down pat. And I bet he hasn't even seen National Velvet yet!