Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not So Blah

I have been feeling kinda blah today, I don't know why. Possibly because I took a nap when Hank did, and that doesn't always work for me. However, the rest of the world seems to be doing its darndest to be awesome as usual.

Suburban Sunset


We walked up to the top of our hill to look at the sky tonight. Matt pronounced it a "6" on the cul-de-sac sunset scale, and I guess I have seen much nicer ones, but a 6 is perfectly respectable. Also, there is this tree. I seem to post a picture of it every year.


I raved about it in last year's post, so I'll just say, rock on maple. You get up every morning and represent, and for that, I salute you.

Did y'all have a good weekend? Matt and I went to a costume party on Friday night, hosted by Pretty Neighbor. My pictures did not turn out (PN, do you have one?), but if you take the Matt half of this pic from last year:

Grown-Up Costumes

And add me wearing this get-up:

Heading to the Burlesque Party

Then you've got the scene. Unlike last year, when we were Seafaring Criminals, we didn't match at all, and just about every other couple there did. Princess Leia and Han, Spider Man and Wonder Woman (were they an item in the comics?), Sexy Nun and Lecherous Priest, the Balloon Boy parents (really), another sexy nun/priest pair, Elvis and Priscilla, etc. We love dressing up, and it was really fun. There was wine, and loud music, and a karaoke machine, even though the tipsy, melancholy Spiderman would not relinquish the microphone.

I'm also in the running for the Most Slackerish Guest award for the snacks I brought to the party. Pretty Neighbor asked if I could bring an appetizer, nothing fancy, and I said sure. I had grand plans to make this shrimp thing from a Weight Watchers recipe. That didn't happen, but everybody loves mozzarella cheese sticks, right? And they were 2 for $5 at Publix. I'm keeping it classy. I put them out on the table, and when I came back, they were almost all gone. Then, get this, someone else brought in a batch. And there were pigs-in-blankets. Yes!

There was some kind of drama unfolding on the porch as we were leaving, but we had to get our babysitter home by midnight. I'm hoping to get filled in on the deets by Pretty Neighbor. We were invited to another party Saturday night, but we decided that pizza, a pitcher of cosmos, and Beatles Rock Band sounded like a good idea instead. I guess this means we are old.


delaine said...

We had a pretty incredible sunset today too. I love this time of year. That maple tree is beautiful again! And your pictures of the color in the mountains were gorgeous. Makes me miss the trees. Long needle pines here are blah. You and Matt are party animals.Sounds like fun at the manse on the hill. Looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday.

Amy said...

That sounds like a pretty fun night to me, too! That's a great shot of Hank.

The Dental Maven said...

You guys are tooooo cute!

And there ain't nothing wrong with a nite at home with pizza and cosmos.

Michele said...

Can I come to your house on Saturday night? It sounds like so much more fun than what I have planned.

Anonymous said...

That tree is amazing, indeed. Great photo too, as always.

And let me pose the question I'm sure is on the mind of all avid followers: which shoes did you go with this time around with the outfit?

Much as I love a good costume, one night out is enough for me too. Yep, O-L-D, that's me!

Becky said...

Ha ha, Fraught, you are so right. I had a dilemma over the shoes. My feet still hadn't recovered from the wedding last weekend, so I went with the comfier low heels. I sacrificed some hotness, I guess, but I didn't think about my feet at all.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Everything here is glorious: sunset, tree, Hank, Matt, you (even sans sexy heels, you rock)...where's L to complete the post?

I am hungry now. For mozzarella cheese sticks.

I have a newly acquired Viking horn helmet, but it doesn't have the furry parts. Maybe it is a vegetarian Viking helmet.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Your costume was certainly not blah. Very cute.

So do catch us up on the porch drama!

Becky said...

Ha! A vegetarian Viking--I wonder if there was any such thing? And yes, my last couple of posts have been lacking in Laura. Her moment is coming, no doubt, if she chooses among the three Halloween costumes she's considering: girl ninja, Japanese princess (those costumes actually have a lot in common), and Daphne from Scooby Doo. The many faces of L.

Ooh, and I found out some of the porch drama today. Part of it was that one woman was so drunk people wanted to take her to the hospital(and this at a party where nobody really drank to excess, that I could tell), and the other drama was some semi-adulterous groping.

Let's say that if one couple was dressed as Sonny and Cher, and the other couple was Mickey and Minnie, it was Mickey and Cher spotted snogging in the kitchen. Yikes. I wasn't too surprised, as I kept seeing those two dirty dancing. Oh my!

mbaumbick said...

You guys looked great...I'll send over some pics. I believe the mozzarella sticks were a brilliant choice, they were all gone!! I'm glad you guys were there.

Keely said...

You put that bit in about Spidey and WW just to irritate me into commenting, didn't you?

Well it won't work.

Sounds like you had fun, despite your age and mismatched outfits ;)

The Messy Mom said...

Nah, I would say that makes you popular ;) Not everyone gets invited to parties back to back like that.