Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marimekko Tote Giveaway

Looky loo. Did you know that Marimekko has done some products for Avon? Why neither did I, until I saw this.
It's the Avon Crusade Tote, in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it costs ten dollars. Could you die? Because I died twice, once at the cuteness and then again at the price. Avon's website says that 100% of the net profits, or $6.24 per bag, will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, which seems to be a for-real and sizable foundation.

The product listing doesn't say this, but that's Marimekko's Unikko print. It's their most recognizable pattern, and it's been around since 1964. Usually, when Marimekko sells tote bags, they don't cost $10. And what are two of my favorite things? Marimekko and purses. (I don't have a post to link for "purses," because for reference, please see my entire blog.) Anyway, you know I was on this like white on rice.

I've been using this as my purse for a couple of weeks. It's kind of nice to carry around something I don't mind dropping on the ground, frankly. I want to share the joy, so leave a comment on this post telling me about your purse. Because I am sincerely interested, and I don't know why I've never done a post just about this very thing. And I will randomly pick someone, scout's honor, and I'll send you one of these honeys. Anyhoo, if you're interested in clicking that link and doing some Christmas shopping, you should know that they're not super heavy-duty bags. Nothing like, say, those LL Bean canvas totes. They are much lighter weight--they must have stuffed the one in the picture. I don't know how many years of use they will provide, but gosh, ten bucks and a good cause.

Leave a comment before Monday night, and I'll pick a winner then. Matt and I are heading to California today, to Sam Clam's Disco (am I the only one who loves that joke?) and environs, and we'll be back Monday. We will be attending a wedding, which I'm sure you'll hear and see more about, as you will probably see photographs of every hotel bed we sleep in, 'cause apparently that's what I do. I am a river to my people.

Matt's mom and then my parents will be staying here with the kids and dog. We are maxing out our grandparent support for this one, so if you have any extra grandparents, please send them over. Seriously, our parents are too good to us. Mom and Dad, I'm sorry about all those extreme phone bills, and the years of sass, and the time I left your good suitcase in Rome.

Posting may be lightish the next few days. I'm trying to guilt my sister into guest posting for me, but she is a tough nut to crack. Y'all have a good end-of-the-week.

PS: I don't know what all this weirdness with the FTC and bloggers and free stuff is, though Lawyer Mom is trying to elucidate, but FTC, I bought this bag with my own money that my husband earned while I was tending our children and managing his life, and nobody is giving me any kickbacks on it, so are we cool? Tx!


Kelly said...

I bought my purse at DSW a few months ago. I went in looking for shoes and despite the thousands to choose from, didn't find anything I liked. Instead, I came out with a black and tan leather-ish number for about $10. It has black and gray snake skin patterned lining and some metal accents. I think it's pretty cute (otherwise I wouldn't have been carrying it for the last few months) but it's definitely time to trade it for something else.

PS- have fun in Cali. Not that I'm glad you're gone, but it will be nice to have my hubby home ;) See you soon!!

Mrs. Smith said...

I really don't remember how I stumbled onto your blog but I love your writing and your sense of style. I am constantly in the search for the "perfect" purse. The one I am carrying now is a Fossil bag that I found on clearance at Ross for $14.95 that is pretty darn close. I do love a good tote, though. Thanks for sharing!

The Dental Maven said...

I thought it was, "Sam Franks Disco"?

Coffee with Cathy said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who uses totes as purses. I had chalked it up to pure laziness, but now, Becky, thanks to your blog, I think I'm creative and cool, instead. Thank you!!!

Farmer Kari said...

I have a brown, faux leather wristlet with 2 gold ring details (on one side). I found it at Payless on Michigan Ave in Chicago for $12 about 3 years ago. Wristlets were muy popular then and I had everyone fooled thinking it was super expensive (by their own assumptions). I've beaten the love outta this cute little number. When I happen to go out now (usually by accident as there aren't many places near the farm), women AND men marvel at the size of it. To be honest, I do, too. I can fit my id, credit card, gloss, mirror compact and I usually try to cramp some powder in there. Almost busted it once by convincing myself I could manuveur the contents to also fit my digital camera.

Enjoy Cali! I bet it'll be warmer than Michigan! Do you know what you're wearing to the wedding? Will it be by the water/Bay or indoors?

Maggie said...

The purse thing must be from the genetic pool on your mom's side of the fam. I have long been a purse
fanatic! My current one is a sweet soft-as-butter green leather Fossil that I got on sale. It was a screaming good deal all the way around. I may wear a ratty t-shirt and jeans but I ALWAYS carry a great bag!!!

Mental Momma said...

Which bag? I switch them regularly. Most of them are from Matt & Nat, a great hip eco-line I used to carry in my store.

My bags are really nice, but the stuff in them, now THAT's the interesting part.

Michele said...

I'll be buying a couple of these for Christmas presents. Thanks for the heads up. I won't buy myself one because I want to win yours.

What's up with the FTC?

Veronica said...

Very cute tote!

My standard is still (YEARS later, now!) the black MJ bag that you helped my buy off eBay. It is getting very soft, and worn, and beat-up, and that only makes it better if you ask me.

My other favorite(s), that I swap in sometimes, are my big Longchamp totes. I have one in brown and one in red. They are from the Galleries Lafayette, and they make me think of Paris.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with a mother who loved merrimeko and we had a large wall screen in the 70's done in brown, black and white. The bold shapes and colors and simple designs are imprinted in my brain. I now love Boden b/c it reminds me of Merrimeko. I even have a coffeetable Merrimeko book. Please include me in your drawing!

Jenni said...

I have a JP Lizzy diaper bag tote in tangerine w/pink giraffe lining and I love it more then words can say. And I have the requisite mom Coach wristlet in a red suade patchwork patter that I loves.

Jessica said...

ugh--my "purse" is a over the shoulder, pale tan, non-purse from the north face--it's big enough for my wallet and a few receipts, but doesn't fall off my shoulder when my giant diaper bag is also there. my diaper bag is cute though. i have infant twins--enough room for their stuff but not mine. I love that bag--thanks for posting.

Michele Renee said...

And is there anyone who calls it a pocket book? That so intrigues me.
Anyway, as needed I get a purse in Sept and use it exclusively until late in April when I switch to something else exclusively till fall again. I usually go for a color--have done spring green and burnt orange in the past. However, right now it is a more casual tan leather Michael Kors bag on clearance from TJ Maxx. Most importantly my purse has to have an outside pocket area to hold my cell and keys and pocket areas on inside to hold lip stuff. I only switch to a larger bag if I am taking the kids to the movies, if you know what I mean. But that purse/bag is really nice -- mine now is annoying me because not big enough to see inside it very well.

Jennette said...

Thats great,I would love one like that!BTW I love that disclamer!

Anonymous said...

Way to disclaim on the FTC.

My purse? Um. Well. promiseyou'llstillbemybloggyfriend?? sometimes I carry a little black and purple backpack I bought for Megs when she was in preschool. That's for the big days. Otherwise I have this teeny tiny little black leather thing that has kind of a triangle shape and holds exactly 6 credit cards, my i.d. and one lipstick or one cellphone. At least it's Coach.

So, you see, I could really use a cool Marimekko number.

robin_titan said...

Good luck on your trip!

I totally need one of those.... :)

Keely said...

I had to go off and read all about that FTC thing because I hadn't heard. I couldn't find anything about how it pertains to Canadians, or how they're planning to actually police that.

Super cute tote, too ;)

Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

That is one cute tote!!

Let's see, my current handbag. I have been using my Rebecca Minkoff Nikki hobo, which is just too yummy for words. I always preferred quantity (many inexpensive handbags) over quality (a few very good, possibly designer ones), until I won a Botkier bag two years ago and noticed that I wore it for 3 weeks straight without changing.

I always used to switch handbags every couple of days, which as you know is a pain because you always forget something. Or I do, at least.

Then I realized that when you have a nice handbag, it goes with virtually everything, so now I'm on a mission to gradually get rid of my cheaper handbags and replace them with just a few good ones.

The Rebecca Minkoff was my birthday present, which I found on sale and paid half of (the only way my husband would get it for me.) And I luuurve it :-)

Elle said...

I carry Brahmin's Baldwin II satchel, which I think was a "revival piece" from the late 80s. It's a little gal, about 12x6x6, with handles and a detachable strap I never attach.

(There is a photo at my own weblog, from some old meme, )

If I have sherpa-ing, or I have to carry any kind of a snack or grossness or whatever, I carry a mid-size manhattan portage messenger bag. I'm pretty switchy with handbags, but those are my main gals. Gym bag is from lululemon.

Travel safely & I look forward to your travelogue posts on yr return!

Sara said...

Am I allowed to link back to my own blog for this?

OK, too late, I linked, so sue me. ;)
But this is still the bag I'm carrying and I still enjoy it very much.

Please take lots and lots of pictures in CA!!

gretchen said...

I'm sick. Please feel sorry for me. So instead of telling you about my purse, I will give you the link to a blog piece I wrote about my purse a while back -

Don't hold my laziness against me. Because I'm SICK. And I really like that cute tote. In fact, if I don't win it, I'm gonna buy one myself. Have fun in No. Cal.

Becky said...

I love that so many of you link to blog posts about and pictures of your purses! Truly you are my sisters.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Oh, girl, would that I elucidated more than I hallucinated.

In this instance, I think you are perfectly SAFE. Perfectly. Now . . . if you start getting political, well . . . that's a different story altogether. In that instance, speaker beware.

And that bag is totally to keel for. Not to mention it's refreshing. I so want it. Now.

If I see one more free "give away" for a lace doily or heaving-bosoms book, I'll sneeze the mothballs out of something. So stand back, everyone.

Tammy said...

I'm carrying just a plan black nylon purse that I picked up at Wal-mart many moons ago, but it matches everything and the nylon has stood up so well, I can wipe all the gross bathroom germs off with one of those lysol wipes, so I keep using it, but I'd really like something chic like the one you're offering!