Saturday, October 24, 2009

In the Mountains

Fall in NC

Hank and I took a 24-hour trip up to the mountain house this past week. My aunt Maggie was there, and I never get to see her. She, my mom, and I stayed up late, late, late talking about ancient family history. Like all the way back to the 1970's. Then, since the house was full, I slept in the same bed as Hank, and he poked his toes all up and down my ribs exactly like he did before he was born.

That picture up there is my view from the couch in the sunroom. I am pioneering a photo technique I call "lazy perspective." What views can I capture without leaving my seat? These right here.


Hank at the Mountain House

Mom's Purple Glass

So much more restful than running around, kneeling and such. I highly recommend it.

I was counting on lots of fall color up there, and it did not disappoint, though Dad said he thought the trees were a little past their peak. I don't know, there was still a lot of green. And it looked pretty good to me. According to the fall foliage map at, it was peaking right then. I am beginning to wonder if this whole peak leaf color time thing is like the four-hour tantric orgasm. Possibly unattainable, and everyone experiences it differently, so just enjoy the peak you're having.

October from the Deck

Fall Color at the Mountain House

Mum's the Word


There's my cousin Patrick and his girlfriend Jessica. They built the fire and kept Hank from falling into it. Hank ate two "smushmellows" and got them on every surface of his body. That was a good time. I had two s'mores. I find that one is not enough, don't you?

I do love it up there, and sometimes with a super-short visit, the fun is more concentrated.


delaine said...

Wow, Beck, your "lazy perspective" produces great pictures! Gotta get me one of those cameras.Watching the color progression is such a neat experience. I never get tired of it.

Kelly said...

That is my kind of heaven!! I love fall and all of its amazing colors. See you in a few hours =)

Maggie said...

Fantastic pictures!!! I loved getting to see you and Hank. Yall are such fun--a good time was had by all.

Bren said...

Add the mountain house and your family to our Venn intersection.

Sjn said...

The photo of the foliage w/ the mountains in the background is beautiful! I may have to borrow it. Looks like you two had a very worthwhile and fun trip.

Michele Renee said...

I loved all the pictures! Sweet doggie! What a wondeful short getaway.
Just bought some of those Honey Crisps--found them at the grocery store. Will try them tomorrow.
Oh, and two is not enuf smores for me.

Jenni said...

That is quite a lovely view.

and I feel similar about s'mores - I must have more than one, but if I have more than two, my teeth hurt.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Whatever so-called "amateur" technique you're using, would you teach it to me? I esp. loved the first pic -- thought I saw a great big nose there, for a minute.

Michele said...

I like your "lazy perspective" way to photography. Can't think why I haven't tried it what with being so lazy and all. What terrific views.

Becky said...

Lawyer Mom, both Matt and I saw the same nose. Like a giant Tiki head nose. Kind of disconcerting! Oh well.

Also, my entirely amateur photography technique is: I don't use the flash, if I can help it, and I try to get the shallowest depth of field I can. That means, with my cheapy kit lens, that I have to get up close and zoom in. I try reading websites about this, but they VERY quickly get into territory that makes my poor little head spin.

leafmonster said...

I like Hank's T-shirt in the campfire pic.

Sara said...

Awesome pics! So beautiful. And of course, Hank pics never disappoint.

I like your um, peak, analogy. ahem. well, yes. anyway!

One s'more is impossible and ridiculous. Who does that?