Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quick Chattanooga Getaway

We dashed up to Chattanooga on Saturday morning and spent the weekend at Betty's, Matt's mom's house. We lived in Chattanooga for several years after we got married, and I still think of it as one of our hometowns. While we were there we got to:

Catch up with old friends.

Matt and the Rogers Boys

Indulge a nostalgia attack.


Mess up the beds and not have to make them.


And go somewhere I'd never been. The Creative Discovery Museum has been open for years, but somehow I'd missed it. When we lived there, we didn't have kids, but now we've got a good excuse to go.

In the Main Hall

It's not as science-oriented, really, as other Explorium-type places I've been. Instead it was just room after room of really cool stuff to play with, on, and in. Learning, schmearning.

The River Play Area


And for Hank, one of the biggest attractions was this voice recorder station that, wait for it, makes you sound like a robot when you speak into the mic. I know, AWESOME!

Robot Voice

Hank was like, "Mother, am I to understand that, all my life, this wondrous device, this engine of delight, has been sitting here, a mere 100 miles from my house, lightly guarded by those teenagers at the ticket booth and those rent-a-cop security guards? This device that, with the touch of a button, maketh my voice to SOUND LIKE A ROBOT?"

Yes, little buddy. I'm sorry we didn't come sooner. After that, the giant Curious George exhibit was grrravy.

Curious George Exhibit

Doorman Hank

"Madam, I will assist you in any way I can."

May I Help You, Madam?

"But I must insist that you refrain from touching my uniform."

Don't Touch the Hat

Chattanooga is a great town. There is a ton to see and do there, especially if you have kids, and you like being outside. Oh, and if you enjoy stuff that's cool and awesome. You know, if you're that kind of person. Definitely make a weekend trip of it if you're within striking distance.

We also went to see Matt's brother in a play version of The Screwtape Letters, which was great, and went to see District 9, which was also great, though more filled with exploding aliens. And we ate a wonderful Sunday brunch that Betty prepared, a brunch that included vodka, and I managed to make off with a new Eileen Fisher top that she had, which I just happen to stumble upon in her closet, though I think she's coming down here to get it back. Still, a very nice weekend.


Amy said...

That looks like a great weekend! Though, why are those guys pointing and laughing at Matt? That's kinda mean. ;)

Those pics of Hank in the doorman's uniform are priceless!! His expression is awesome. Glad you guys had fun!

Oh--and I remember all the Nancy Drew books you used to have. That and Sweet Valley High!

Michele said...

My heart went totally pitter patter over the Nancy Drew. Oh could you taunt a librarian that way.

I'm going to echo Amy's statement, Hank is adorable in the doorman costume.

The Dental Maven said...

Yup. I'm lovin' Hank as the doorman!

Michele Renee said...

Fun times and a great town. Dare I say I like the Aquarium there more than in GA??

Sjn said...

The pics of Hank in uniform are too funny! Thanks for a laugh to start my day!

Jenni said...

that looks so fun! oscar hates it when i dress him up. this does not stop me from doing it, but the photos aren't nearly as cute as the ones here of Hank, who is actaully enjoying himself.

delaine said...

What a fun museum ! I would love to go there too. A weekend packed with all that fun was perfect !

Casey said...

You have the cutest kids. And my god, woman, how much traveling can one family do over a summer?

Anonymous said...

And now I've got "Chattanooga Choo Choo" stuck in my head.

Becky said...

Bsouth, the Chattanooga Choo Choo is a major institution there, as you might imagine. It's a fun hotel and restaurant.

Michele R, I like the Chattanooga Aquarium better too, especially now that they've basically doubled the size with that second building. And you can't beat how it's situated down on the river.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you crack me up. I just read a few of your most recent posts, welcome back from Oz, and I LOL. I rarely do that on blogs. BTW, I'm going to try your pantry experiment, I have cream of mushroom soup AND cream of chicken soup and those are the staples of the midwest kitchen.

And yes, your kids are adorable. And the woman that mentioned Sweet Valley High? OMG.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Ooooh, CS Lewis. With him you simply can't go wrong.

But Becky, your captions steal the show. I've got hiccups. No sh-tting.

When I was a kid, we went to Monteagle every summer . . . but Chattanooga always beckoned.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! The discovery place looks just liked The Discovery Gateway we have down in SLC. I bet they're sister museums. I love those kids places - they enthrall me and fill me with irritation that I never had such a place when I was small.

Amy Whitley said...

Looks fun! I have a website of places to stop with kids (, and the museum would make a great entry. If you'd be interested in sharing your info there, I'd love to talk to you about it!

Sara said...

I think I could read Hank picture posts all day!
Jealous you got to see the expoding alien movie already. You do all the good stuff. ...Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew. Oh ya!

clear screen said...

Stop it! Those pictures of Hank are killing me! I love them.

Cassie said...

So much fun... and great pictures as always!

We have almost-family in Chattanooga (my mom's best friend). I love it there. =)

Rebekah said...

It was great fun to see you all in Chattavegas last weekend. Hope we get to rendevous (sp?) again soon.