Friday, May 22, 2009

Á Propos of Nothing

Matt and the kids just took off for Chattanooga. They'll be gone until Sunday, and I'll get some work time. Ever since I made a pact with Jane, I've been in writing crunch mode. So things will be kind of quiet around Suburban Matron for a few days. But I offer you this:

This morning I was getting dressed, and Hank said, "Is that your new bra?"

(The kid won't be three until next month, but it's like, he notices things.)

I said, "Yes, it is a new bra."

He said, "Is it a talking bra?" And in a funny voice, he said, "Halloooo! I'm a talking braaaaa!"

He looked at me expectantly. I wanted to play along but I couldn't think of what you say to a talking bra.

By way of helping me out, he elaborated, "Halloo! I am a HAUNTED talking bra!"

So I squealed and covered my face, and that seemed to be the response he was looking for.

Y'all have a great haunted-talking-bra weekend.


Bex said...

that is the cutest thing ever!!!!! i think what you should say the next time you are faced with a talking bra dilemma is, "knock knock..." and then let the natural flow of dialogue go from there.

Amy said...

Hilarious! A haunted talking bra is pretty scary if you ask me. I seriously don't know how they come up with this stuff. AND that he noticed it's new--impressive!

Casey said...

That kid cracks me up. I can't wait until we get to the talking bras phase. Well, not bras but you know, other talking stuff.

Wow, a weekend without kids? Have fun!

The Messy Mom said...

Oh, I always love Hank stories. He is so adorable.
Now then, $50 bucks, girl you better get movin'.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Kids are such sandbagging wits. And we never know what it will take to smoke them out. Bwahaha, I mean brahahah.

Wendy said...

Funny! Where do they come up with this stuff?? Your kid is way more observant than mine. Mine would be more worried about what's IN the bra.

Michele said...

That is too cute.

I have talking bras. They say things like, "Shoes you don't know what hard work is....try holding up 50 year old breasts".

Have a good time on your quiet weekend.

Veronica said...

Happy working! If you ever have a moment when you get stuck, maybe ask your bra what it thinks about your chapter?

Keely said...

Hehhehhehe. Kids are so...weird. Awesome, but weird.

If my bra starts talking, I'll get it to call yours.

The Dental Maven said...

Men are always talking to boobs!

Mental Momma said...

You can't really hear what my bra is saying because the sound is so muffled by all the padding.

Michele Renee said...

That is too funny! And great that you've written it down. Mine shield their eyes when we're at a store and walk by the intinates dept. Hope everyone chez Suburban Matron had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

My daughter spent the entire shopping trip yesterday (I am a weekly food shopper, do it all in one go is my MO) talking to the sausages. Apparently they said hello to her quite a lot. We got some odd looks but I just rolled with it.

Fantastic Forrest said...

This could be BIG. 44 DD big, I tell you.

Remember way back when we thought "WTF?" when The Brave Little Toaster came out?

And how we all wrinkled our brows in confusion when Sponge Bob Square Pants was introduced?

Tales of the Haunted Talking Bra could be box office gold.

I love your stories. Is Hank available for a cross country tour? We could use his humour around here!