Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Day for Thirty-Percent off Gymboree

Dudes, until tonight at midnight Eastern time, you can take 30% off of your Gymboree order by entering the code CFCIRCLE or CFFRIEND during the online checkout. If you're into it.

They have a sale right now for $7.99 tops and shorts for girls, boys, and babies, good summer staples. Another 30% off that brings it in line with discount store prices. That sale is the only thing that would entice me to shop. Laura has aged out of Gymbo for the most part. The sizes still fit her, but the styling in the kid girl line is just for younger chillun, I think. Don't get me wrong, her wardrobe is still 99% Gymboree because I was riding the Gymbo train for so long, and I bought ahead. But I've stopped buying it new.

And Hank? Poor Hank. I think he goes out into the yard and clothes himself in oak leaves and bluejay feathers. Whatever he can find. I don't really pay attention to his wardrobe. Born on the Summer Solstice, he is a child of the moon.

I meant to tell y'all about the discount codes earlier, but I forgot. So, yes, Gymboree, sale, last day, summer togs. . .that's all I got.


Carrie said...

I read a great post on Money Saving Mom recently about a mom who sells all her kids' used Gymbo stuff on eBay and gets as much or more than she paid. Inspiring, altho by the time my kids are done wearing stuff and i'm done trying to wash it, no one else would want it.

Amy said...

Oak leaves and blue jay feathers! LOL he sounds like Mowgli. (From the Jungle Book, not the Ashlee Simpson's kid.)

Casey said...

Thanks for the reminder, they gave me a coupon when we were at our Gymboree class this week but I forgot all about it!

Bex said...

"Born on the Summer Solstice, he is a child of the moon."

does this mean that he is a nudist except for a crown of laurel leaves?