Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slacker Dip

Last night I glanced at my blog stats and noticed that somebody was, at that very instant, perusing the posts under my "food" tag. In that moment I felt inadequate, and like I was letting that somebody down. It's rare that you know the exact moment you are disappointing someone, when she's miles and miles away and you've never met her. Thanks, Sitemeter! Or I assume she was disappointed, because I'm not such a wiz in the kitch. I do feed my family, and they seem to like it, but I don't really enjoy cooking, and I'm not an innovator.

I am all about doing something easy, but that makes it look like I care. (I do care!) So in the tradition of my Slacker Fudge, I offer you this Slacker Dip, for when you need to bring a little snack to someone's house, and you don't want to walk in with a tub of Heluva Good. Sure, you could just mix a tub of sour cream with a packet of French onion soup mix. But why not fancy it up a little?

Here's the whole trick: Use a pack of cream cheese instead of sour cream. (Somehow, this makes the magic happen.) About ten minutes before you have to leave your house, take a brick of cream cheese (not the super huge pack), put it in a large mixing bowl, and sprinkle on a packet of onion soup mix. Blend it in with a fork, mashing the cream cheese as you go. Blend well. The texture will be somewhat stiff, but dippable with crackers or something sturdy, and it will soften up on the way to your destination.

Then put it into a cute dish. And stick in a little spreader if you have one. Presentation is everything, as all Slacker cooks everywhere know. I have this little boat-shaped dip bowl, with a giant fish-shaped chip bowl.

How is such a little boat going to land that fish? I don't know! See? Cute! I brought this cream cheese dip to a thing at a friend's house, and everyone was like, "Landsakes! That dip is DIVINE!" And they scraped the bottom of the boat with their fingers.

Dude, it Works for Me. If you have another two-ingredient dip thang you do, please share it.


Christine said...

Here's my "slacker three ingredient thang" 8 ounces of softened cream cheese mixed with one jar of salsa. Spread this on tortillas, roll'em up tightly, secure them with toothpicks, cut them with a pizza cutter, and you've got appetizers.

Michele said...

Here's my go-to thang:

6 ounces or so of soft goat cheese
small handful of Italian seasoning
a dollop of milk to make it not so firm.

Stir, let rest for 1/2 hour or so.
Serve on bread.

I go for slacker food.

Amy said...

Those sound like all kinds of awesome--yours, Becky and the commenters'! I am definitely trying the tortilla one--Jase is mad for tortillas.

Pretty much, anything with cheese is a winner with me.

Keely said...

I love slacker food. I'm terrible for attempting recipes that are WAY beyond my capabilities.

Slacker Pull-Aparts: Several (6-8) frozen bun doughs in an angel food cake pan; slather with a mixture of butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar; let rise overnight; bake in the morning. Nom.

Lisa said...

How could you go wrong with cream cheese and french onion mix? yum!

Casey said...

Yum, that dip sounds good (and I like the plates). Have you heard of mixing cream cheese and marshmallow fluff for a dip? Then dip vanilla wafers in it. I could drink that stuff.

delaine said...

Here's a super simple goodie. Takes about 2 minutes. Take a block of cream cheese( unwrapped) and put it on one of those cute dishes. Then slather the top and sides of it with peach preserves. Put a bowl of Ritz with it and dig in.I've been a slacker for a long time.

Becky said...

YUM. These are turning out to be the most fascinating comments ever. I forgot all about the cream cheese with preserves thing. I like to make it with jalapeno pepper jelly. It can be hard to find, though.

Casey, I wish you had never told me about the cream cheese and marshmallow fluff. Good grief I need that!

Andy said...

I registered a new account just to comment on this post. Mom sent me a dip recipe that's so good, there's constantly a container of it in my fridge at all times. More than two or three ingredients, but it's slacker enough that I have no problem making it.

Basically, it's just a measure-to-your-pleasure mix of sour cream, mayonnaise, grated cheddar, and corn/mexicorn. Just dump in and stir. Combined with tortilla chips, it's gotten me through many an episode of Lost and many a Netflix movie.

Cassie said...

In the tradition of dips involving cream cheese, I once had an amazing appetizer at a friend's house: A brick of cream cheese liberally topped with jalapeno jelly. Scoop it up with crackers... delicious.

And I love your ironic little serving bowls. Cute!

Becky said...

Andy, that dip is definitely worthy of having created a blogger account to share. Thanks!

And I love that dip, Cassie. I was just saying, though, that it's hard to find jalapeno jelly (at my stores, anyway).

Coffee with Cathy said...

These are great ideas. Cream cheese topped with pepper jelly is staple party food around here. And the cream-cheese-with-dried-soup also works with vegetable soup. And you are so right, Becky, that presentation is everything! It's that whole confidence factor, I think.

Michele said...

Hmmmph! I wrote this comment yesterday but I guess it didn’t go thru! Here is what I make often and the bowl gets scraped clean. Gotta like cocktail sauce…
Use only a little bit of the onion soup mix into the cream cheese and mush the dip evenly with a fork in your boat bowl. Add a can of tiny shrimp (drain the can and evenly arrange the shrimp over the cream cheese. Pour a jar of cocktail sauce over the whole top. Now you have a “seafood” dip to go with your boat and fish theme!
P.S. My verification word is diggen.