Monday, February 9, 2009

In Case You Haven't Moved On With Your Lives

Because I sure haven't. I've been monitoring the whole Orla Kiely for Target situation. You may recall my recent disappointment that it wasn't all in stores when we were told to expect. About a million other people felt the same way that day. Gosh, you think you know a superstore.

Anyway, RED ALERT: a lot of the dishes are available online now, I think this started yesterday. Click that link or just search for "orla kiely." It comes up with a list of 31 items. It isn't everything--none of the textiles or placemats and coasters are there. But the two-tier serving tray is there, as is the brown earthenware pitcher. Totally adorb. Those stoneware canisters with the wooden lids? Already sold out online. So git while the gittin' is good. The pitcher, the two-tier tray, and the rectangular melamine tray will be scarce, I think. I just bought several things from that list, some to keep and some to give as gifts. Kind of a lot of things, really. Oh Orla, I wish I could quit you. No I don't.

The only drawback, besides that you have to pay for shipping, is that the website says, "Ships in 2 to 6 weeks." Good grief. I can't figure out what is going on with this stuff. Some of it will only be in stores, some of it is only online. And there are some scattered reports from around the country of people having all of it, the whole line, stocked in their stores already. Click on my earlier posts to see the product pics, if you haven't yet. I still hold out hope that my store will have some canisters, as well as the table linens, on the February 15 date that was publicized.

In other news, thanks for your good wishes about Laura. She is much improved today, though still limping. This morning she was still in a lot of pain, so we kept her home, and being home from school has miraculously speeded the healing process, as it often does in children. I think that the National Institutes of Health needs to study this phenomenon. Tomorrow night, the second grade is putting on Seussical: The Musical, and I think she'll be ready and able to get up on the risers. From the musical:

"Oh the thinks you can think!
Oh the thinks you can think!
If you're willing to try!
Think invisible ink,
Or a Gink with a stink,
Or a stair to the sky!"

If you getcha some Orla Kiely, come tell me what you got. Because I like to shop vicariously.


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Aha. Now I get it with the Orla Kiely craze. Cool stuff -- from what I saw, it's sort of a cross between Merimekko and Georgia O'Keefe. Nifty.

Glad to hear Laura's mom-time is curing her. Say, did she write that clever Seussical poem? May she "break a leg" in the best wishes way.

Becky said...

Thanks! No, she didn't write that--it's from the play. But it has become the soundtrack to our lives these last few weeks.

Mrs. G. said...

Enjoy Seussical. It is such good fun!

Off to check out these dishes.

The Dental Maven said...

Unfortunately, The Maven household has those very B O R I N G square, white dishes. Theory? The food is never upstaged by the tableware.

Keely said...

I bet they had WAY more response than they were expecting, and now they're all, "Um - how do we distribute this to minimize pissing people off??".

Just a theory though.

Casey said...

You're nuts! i think you might go bankrupt when that stuff finally hits Target....

Krystal said...

Okay, now after i spent the splurge cash this is available!
Ugh! I swear Target is on my bad side right now (It won't last long though, I can't go 2 weeks without going to target! LOL)

Christine said...

My Target had Orla Kiely stuff for the office, like magazine holder type file boxes which are way cuter than my description of them.

Christine said...

(believe it or not I have not been to Target one time since I commented before...quite a stretch! I'm still eager to see if ours has OK...and I promise to let you know!)

Jenni said...

okay, i haven't actually purchased anything yet, but my target has mugs and plastic cups and plates, and vases. all very chic and perfect for a summer picnic.

debevans said...

I need to find one more pear/apple salad plate and I'll have a set, but I'm having no luck :(
I did get some pear mugs and the 3 canisters :)