Friday, October 24, 2008

Stepping Out with My Baby

Maybe you have been on a long sea voyage, or you do not have a child between the ages of five and fourteen, and therefore don't know that today is the premiere of High School Musical 3. Oh Lordy, the excitement in this house! It is palpable, y'all. Laura and I are going for a night out with our girl crushes, Pretty Neighbor and her daughter. We got tickets early this week--they were already selling out--and we're going to get there early to be sure we get four seats together. Laura is pushing to wear her Gabriella wig (which we got to go with her genie costume--not sure how that goes together, but it looks fab). Laura's friend is dressing as Sharpay for Halloween, so naturally she wants to wear her costume to the movie. I was resisting Laura's desire to wear her wig. I don't know why, except that my child doesn't usually go around bewigged. Then last night at bedtime, she said, "Please let me know as soon as possible what you decide about the wig." And I thought, "Why the heck not?" So we will be there in our most fetching wigs, to moon over how dreamy Troy is, and to see if Ryan comes out of the closet finally, or if things with him and his sister go in more of a Flowers in the Attic direction. Pretty Neighbor is pregnant, so unfortunately I will not be bringing a thermos of margaritas.

Then, the big event of the weekend is an actual, grown-up costume party that Matt and I are attending. It has been eight years since I went to a costume party. Eight years ago was, not coincidentally, the last Halloween before I had children. We went to a party in Berkeley when I was seven-months pregnant with Laura, and I went as a zombie. Um, "zombie pregnant lady" is not adorable, people. Nobody really wanted to talk to me. So this year I'm going as a girl pirate. Not super creative, but still fun. I had two costume choices, Cleopatra and girl pirate, and Matt voted strongly for pirate.

HE has spent two weeks crafting a Viking costume. And wow. This is someone who gives no thought to what he wears on a daily basis, but lately he comes to me with questions like, "Do you think this belt buckle is too garish?" and "Should I go with the sword or the two axes?" He's been going to Michael's BY HIMSELF to shop for Viking jewelry. He took a Chewbacca costume and cut it up, making a long furry cloak/vest thing. There was enough fur left over to make boot covers. And he has a giant horned helmet, which makes him seven feet tall. Believe me when I say, the effect is. . .striking. And authentic--it's like the Viking costume taps into some essential part of his nature. Since we're not a costumed pair, like Ike and Tina or something, our common link is that we're Seafaring Criminals. Should be a night to remember.

So what are y'all up to? Here's to a happy weekend for everybody!


Keely said...

Zombie pregnant lady is AWESOME. I would've talked to you.

And I would have had a thermos of margaritas.

kate said...

I think I just died! You must take a picture of the Viking/Pirate duo. So fun! I want to go to a costume party!

Oh, and totally take the thermos of margarita for yourself.

David said...

financial crisis be damned: i would pay good good money to hear matt say "garish"! have fun, dudes!

Amy said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I would SO love to see Matt in his costume...will you post a pic?