Thursday, October 23, 2008

Around the House: How to Make a Feather Wreath

For today's installment of Things I Love Thursday, I'm focusing on something you might kind of hate. It's okay! We can still be friends. If you've been around for previous Thursdays, you know I've been sharing my favorite things around my house. To qualify for a Things I Love post, a thing has to make me happy every time I look at it. My previous TILTs--the rush seat stools, the Marimekko fabrics, the melamine plates--all do that. And all of them have a kind of modern, unfussy vibe that is representative of my taste in general. But THIS, I don't know how to categorize this. I just know that I love it:

It's a Halloween wreath that Laura and I made. We took a straw wreath form (we didn't even take off its plastic wrapping) and wound three feather boas around it, pinning them with floral greenery pins. Laura did most of the wrapping. Our wreath was about 15" in diameter, and we needed 3 6-foot boas to get good coverage. You don't want the wreath base showing through. We stuck an orange ornament up in there. Then we grinned and high-fived each other. It's hanging in our entryway above a little black table that has pumpkins on it.

I should say that in most aspects of life I shun the froufrou. Give it to me clean and simple, every time. But there's something about a feather wreath that is SO over the top, I cannot resist. It's exuberant, and just so dang fluffy! So you're saying, "Okay Beck, it's a cute Halloween decoration, but you wouldn't have a feather wreath in your house ALL the time, right?" Ahem.

That's a corner of my bedroom. And that is my feathery friend. Practically nobody ever sees this but Matt and me. Now you know everything, internets! Some history: Two Novembers ago, I went on a late-night foray to TJ Maxx, and this green creation was tucked among the Christmas decorations. It called to me, and I liberated it (only $14.99!) and brought it home. As I bore it into the house, Matt said, "That is fine as long as you didn't pay actual money for it." He also said it looked like a Muppet, which it does. We were still getting settled in our house, and we had a lot of bare walls. I hung it in our bedroom to bring in a little holiday cheer, and I liked it so much, it stayed and stayed. I go back and forth on whether it looks too Christmasy. What do you think?

It's a lime-ish green with a pink bauble. The color maybe kinda tweaks it away from Christmas for me. Maybe. But in any case, I love the color. I love the way it relates to the vintage lamp next to it, and I love the way the round fluffiness contrasts with the hard, straight lines of the chest of drawers. I love the whole thing. And, just like a stopped clock that is right twice a day, we're entering the season of the year when this wreath is marginally appropriate as a holiday decoration. All the rest of the year, I just love it for its own fabulousness.

If you're into it, you could make some fab wreaths by getting the supplies at Michael's. Or, these people sell them. Looking at their site with all the wreaths on one page kind of hurts my eyes. It's all about context. Apply sparingly. More important, taking the froufrou thing out of froufrou surroundings makes it work, for me. And whaddaya know, Pottery Barn is doing it. Or this girl made an adorable Halloween wreath--she started the way Laura and I did, and just used more ornaments. I do love this for Halloween, I think it's sophisticated, but friendly.

So that's my feathery confession, and a Thing I Love. Am I crazy? It's okay if you think so! And for more beloved objects, hasten to Diaper Diaries.


Camp Papa said...

Are you the same daughter who rolled her eyes at my three hammered copper sun disks? BTW, how often do you have to take those things out and beat 'em with a stick to get the dust off?

Debbie said...

Camp papa had the same idea I had - what about the dust? But they are really nice. I have seen one in real life and it was white, on a table, and was a Christmas decoration. I especially like your green one and don't think it looks Christmasy at all. And yes, it looks great with your lamp.

Becky said...

Re: dust. I work it over with a swiffer duster (the fluffy kind). The green wreath doesn't seem to get dusty--the upstairs doesn't get dusty in general. But the new one by the front door might. It won't be around forever, so when I take it down I'll just give it a good shake.

And re: the hammered copper sun disks. . .I don't think my eyes actually rolled. You must be thinking of someone less polite? 'Cause they're not THAT bad. Oops.

Becky said...

And Debbie, I'm glad you don't think it's too Xmasy!

kate said...

I love the green feather wreath. I think it's delightful to look at and it backs up the vibe of the house. I will say that the pink bell (or red?) always grabs my attention. It's not a bad thing, I've just always noticed it. Is the bell what makes you think it's too Christmasy? Because you could always just remove the bell.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love that ides! It looks so cute...I am going to have to remember this for the next time I have a space to fill on the wall. Thanks!

CB said...

After a minute or two of careful contemplation, I've decided that I freakin' love it. In excess, it would be ghastly. But like you said, the context is perfect and it adds a bit of unexpected whimsy. Not unlike a pair of sassy red pumps with a serious black suit.


PS: The bats on your header are so fun!

Becky said...

Thanks, ladies! I feel validated. I guess I could take off the pink bauble, and put it back on around Christmas, but I think I would miss seeing it. I do love pink and green together. And CB, I definitely think every room needs one kind of funky thing.

And the bats: I am loving Scrapblog! I want to put stickers on the world. My daughter said the header doesn't look Halloweeny because there are no skeletons.

ALF said...

That thing is a little scary. Although I guess it could be fun if used sparingly, as you suggest.

thediaperdiaries said...

Well I for one LOVE it and think I am going to try and make one for Christmas. Where do you find different colored boas?

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Well...definitely unique! Perfect for Halloween. ;)

Becky said...

Jill, we got ours at Michael's. They have lots of colors, as well as boas that combine different colors. There was a rainbow boa (think: clown wig rainbow) that I am eyeballing, but that might be too much even for me! Our 15" wreath took 3 6-foot boas to get a nice dense look.

I wish I'd thought to buy them over a few days using those awesome Michael's coupons. This wasn't a free project--probably cost about $18.