Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aspects of a Weekend: Three Pictures

Here we are heading to our party. Matt thinks Vikings don't smile much. Sadly, this pic doesn't show my parrot and the adorable red flower pin on the feather side of my hat. We had a great time doing all the normal party things, plus our friend Kelly and I totally crushed us some Rock Band.

Croc haters, this next one is not for you. Laura got these cute Croc slides, and they came with a big, brown grosgrain ribbon bow on each toe. The grosgrain didn't stay tied, and the ribbon was too short to tie a double knot, so I got some Halloween ribbon from the dollar-bin at Target and dolled 'em up. I am not going to be wearing shoes with ribbons myself, but I love them and I think they're great on a little girl.

And an open letter to the makers of Velveeta Rotini & Cheese with Broccoli:

Dear Velveeta,

What the heck? This is what came in the little pouch of "broccoli florets" you included in my box of mac n' cheese. Not enough to fill a thimble. Even allowing for significant rehydrating, this greenish powder is not going to magically turn into the lush veggies shown on the box. If this is the "broccoli," how am I supposed to feel good about myself while serving boxed mac n' cheese to my kids? You are not helping.


Also, Laura and I loved HSM 3. If you like musicals and you like good-looking people, you will like this movie just fine. It was so wholesome and adorable that it made ME more wholesome and adorable after watching it. For like, an hour. So those were the high points of our weekend. What did y'all get up to?

And for more easily-digestible Monday lists, check out ABDPBT:



Kelly H. said...

hey! email me the pics from this weekend!! and we are totally doing a karaoke night very soon ;)

Carrie said...

I would never feed my kids something that so resembles the inside of a joint. Hey! You probly don't have Jewel-Osco down there, but they are selling the Green Giant steam-in-bag veggies for real cheap this week, esp. w/ coupons, and they have broccoli cheese all mixed together.

Cassie said...

Whew, Carrie! I thought I was the only one looking at that "broccoli" and thinking, "Hmmmmm..."

Great Halloween costumes; makes me wish I had planned a Halloween party!

Becky said...

@Carrie and Cassie--exactly! Unfortunately, it was just broccoli, but definitely the stems and seeds.

Keely said...

Would you have felt better if you'd rolled it into a joint and given THAT to your kids?

Or you could have rolled it into a joint, kept it for yourself, and felt better about everything.

Anonymous said...

We went to see W this weekend, kinda disappointed. Clearly I didn't do enough research. Not a documentary, not a satire, not funny, just kinda blah.

As for the broccoli scenario, even Top Ramen has more veggies than that!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, you had a parrot? I'm jealous!

Camp Papa said...

We need pics of Laura and the wig. BTW, shiver me timbers!