Monday, October 31, 2011

Grown-up Halloween

halloween 2011
That's a whole euro-sized pillow crammed in there.
Grown-up Halloween was Saturday night, of course, which is good because then we had all of yesterday and today to refocus our minds on tonight's observance with proper piety. Matt and I stepped out to a couple parties as Santa and Elf. This idea was born because we thought it would be funny but earnest, which is kinda our brand. And then we remembered that my dad owns a Santa suit and bam, I was shopping for elf attire. When the dress arrived, I put it on and realized that once belted, it was indecently short, what with the jagged hem and all. Thank goodness for opague tights, or it would have been a full Harvest Moon.

Okay, do you want to be popular at a party? Go as Santa Claus. It need not be December. It was crazy, utter strangers yelling, "Santa!" and wanting hugs and pictures. And don't get me started on the lap sitting. My mom tried to warn me: She said, "This suit is a chick magnet." (My dad wearing this to the church Christmas party last year and being molested by the Sunshine Seniors Sunday School class is a whole 'nother story.) But she was right, when Santa sits down, somebody wants to be on his lap.

And the sack of tiny wrapped presents didn't hurt either. Matt went to the dollar store on Saturday and purchased 50 gifts. Then he and Laura wrapped them, and he handed them out to folks at the party. People were so delighted, it was kind of sweet.

The first party was here in our 'hood, hosted by my gravelly-voiced tennis pal. Our plan was to pop in and stay the minimally polite time, but it was so crowded it hardly mattered what we did. These people transform their house every year. I think they must start in August. It was really spectacular. The hostess handed me a jello shot. And then someone dressed as Colonel Sanders handed me a drumstick. It might have BEEN Colonel Sanders. He had a bucket clutched under his elbow. He was kind of weird, that guy. I did try a bite of the chicken and then I hid it in my cup. Then I said hi to all my tennis buddies and then we rolled out of there.

We met up with the Hamiltons back at our house:

halloween foursome
He is a ball feeder machine and no, the fuzzy balls joke never got old.
Then we went down to the perimeter to a party hosted by a friend of Matt's, and when we got there, I realized that we should have eaten more food and gotten drunker at the first party, though the logistics of that would have been hard to work out. It was totally the thing where any bottles of actual liquor are empty by the time you get there, and everyone mostly brings beer. Also the food was strange and skimpy. At the suburban party, all the costumes were beautiful and I knew what they were. At the second slightly rough-around-the-edges, party, there were lots of people dressed as characters I didn't recognize, from video games or movies I have never played/seen. And lots of homemade zombies, trailing skin, and a very Slutty Super Girl. Santa was even more popular in this crowd, though.

I like parties, though, even weird ones where Human Centipede is being screened in one room, Lord help us. And I enjoyed my costume. It might be one of my alter-egos. Santa is definitely one of Matt's.

Did y'all have any adult Halloween gatherings?

Have fun tonight! Gotta get ready for trick-or-treaters!   


Kelly said...

We definitely need to pre-party a little harder next year ;) although that "Zombie Vomit" wine was quite delicious!

Amy said...

You didn't mention that Matt handed out presents--what a fun idea! YOu guys look great as always, duh! And I'm so glad that Matt now has another character to add to his repertoire. Vikings, Santa...obviously personalities from Scandinavia?

Michele R said...

Love the costumes! I can see how you two would be the most approached couple at the parties!
And being an elf seems much more fun than being Mrs. Claus: "I'm singing! I'M SINGING IN A STORE!"

Kate said...

We did go to an adult party and it was a lot of fun. It was actually a fundraiser for our independent movie theater. My only complaint was that the band was too loud! Yes, I felt like a cranky old man complaining about the loud music. Then I had a variety of cocktails, each one different than the other, and didn't feel too peppy Sun. morning! Costumes were clever and the contest was cut-throat.

Nina said...

I find it so funny how you Americans will wear any fancy dress costume on Halloween. Here in the UK it's strictly scary stuff only.

Beth said...

How did I all of a sudden miss FOUR SubMat posts?

The South is different. Or maybe it's just our area of LA, or what have you, but I can't think of the last time we went to an adult Halloween party. I don't know anyone who has them. And we never dress up, either, but that is mostly because we are too lazy. Maybe we should start throwing our own Halloween party.