Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Accidentally on Purpose

Laura is fond of writing notes. They are always informative. Yesterday morning I found this:

So she wrote the note before leaving for the school bus, my tennis shoes on her feet. She had apparently realized her mistake, and paused to pen this apologia. What she did not do was change out of my shoes. This is classic Laura. She believes that a few well-chosen words can make up for just doing whatever the heck you want.

I wonder where she got that?

Hank is the same way. If I allude, however obliquely, to some wrong-doing of his, he says, "But that is in the past and we don't have to worry about it, RIGHT?"

Even better is that she wrote that note on one of her monogrammed gift-insert cards. Where did she have to go in the house to find those?

When she came home, I just thanked her for having left a note, as I had had tennis practice that morning and I would have worn myself out looking for the proper shoes instead of just sighing and putting on my running shoes.

Since Monday night, it's just been Laura and Matt and me at home. Hank stayed in the mountains to play with the Australian cousins. Here are some things about that:

Parenting one child is crazy easy. Especially if that child is a ten year-old, maybe even more if that child is Laura. Seriously, I feel like my work is done with her and I could just go get a froyo.

At night, instead of having an elaborate bedtime ritual that includes exhortations to brush teeth and my lying down in Hank's room, we say, "It's bedtime, goodnight Laura." Then, in the morning, she gets herself up, dresses, eats breakfast, and goes to the bus stop.

Not having to do preschool drop off and pickup for a couple of days has given me loads of extra time. I've composed a symphony. Okay, not true. But I did have lunch with Normal Neighbor yesterday. I think if I had never had Hank, I would probably be accepting the Nobel Prize in Literature soon. But I would not have nearly so many Legos, and I would not have benefited from Hank's wisdom these five years. Example: "Mom, sometimes when you ask a girl to marry you, it takes a long time for her to stop slapping you and say yes."

We are all three going back up to the mountains tonight, because--HURRAY--Dave and Katie are bringing my new nephew Gabriel down there from DC. I have never yet gotten to meet this baby guy. Their presence plus the Australians makes this something like a celestial event, not to be missed. It will be a hootenanny.

I hope you have something nice to look forward to this week. More later.


Common Household Mom said...

There ought to be a Nobel Prize for Creating children who say things like Hank does.

Are you telling me you have a TEN-year old who will brush her teeth without being nagged? And who dresses herself in normal clothes (such as your shoes), and goes to the bus stop without being nagged? Please beam your parenting skills over here so I can deal with my 12-yr old sans insanity.

My Kids' Mom said...

I was rather impressed with the bedtime skills of her ten year old too. My boy-child, at ten years old, has become "allergic" to soap. He must be watched when in the bathroom "washing up" because he tends to never get near the horrid stuff. Or, right now while he has a cast on his arm, he claims he's "already clean" but since I know full well that there are parts of his body he cannot possibly reach and I also know he never asked for help, I can safely conclude that he is not "already clean." So, yes, beam those parenting skills! (Or is this a girl thing?)

Elizabeth said...

I don't have anything to say here, as usual, other than you are truly my favorite blogger right now. I never fail to burst out laughing when I come here, and if you had any idea what my life is like right now, you'd pat yourself on the back for THAT.

Thank you!

Aimee said...

Hank's "isms" are so awesome. I wish I'd had him around 16 years ago to tell me I was supposed to slap Jason around a bit before saying yes!

Jenni said...

Other words of wisdom from Hank, "God is everything."


I'm predicting an Amy/Becky throw down over who gets to hold that little love muffin first. And I better get some pictures (I mean of the baby, not the throw down, but I wouldn't mind some pictures of the throw down as well.)

Michele said...

Sounds like some great weekend plans. We are driving over to Florida to spend time with Casey and Jen at Disney. I'm pretty happy with those plans.

Bren said...

I think Gary and Laura could probably get an apartment somewhere and do fine.

Solomon will have to be taken care of until I can hand him over to his wife, who will have to remind him to brush his teeth and use soap.

I wish I could have a transcript of the whole mountain house event, I really do. That's a big event.

Amy said...

You and the Down-Under matron are going to take shifts live-blogging the mountain event, right? YOUR FANS AWAIT.

Hootie said...

Bren: Solomon just read your comment about him. His response? A VERY dry "Hilarious." He also says, "I'll bet your husband ate frozen waffles and canned soup three meals a day." (Pretty sure that last one is a quote from Calvin and Hobbes, though.)

gretchen said...

A hand-written note on the special stationery. Laura is just SO well-bred. Wonder where she got that?

You know, you're not making us one child parents feel very good here. Of course one Jude (or Hank, really) is probably as much trouble as 8 Lauras. I envy you that you have a child who actually takes care of herself.

I envy your hootenanny tremendously. Have fun. Take pictures.

Beth said...

The real question is, though, are you and Amy going to check out any Ikea fabric? Because I will call and warn the sales guy that y'all are coming.

I am envious of the gathering as well. I can only imagine the fun that will be had at that hootenanny. Who will eat an insect this time?

Pamela said...

There is nothing quite as something as a hootenanny.

Messy Mom said...

Oh my goodness, that girl! I can't imagine just having one, or having a ten year old. Sounds neat ;)

Michele R said...

What great times you guys are/will be having! That is the ulitmate goal: to have a home where all the kids and grandkids visit and bunkbeds in basement for the grands.
I had the same thought the other day about my 5th grader and how absolutely easy it would be to just take care of him. But for me it is not the child who is 5 years younger--it is the child who is 5 years older that is a full time job.

Corinna said...

Becky, I just love reading your blog, makes me smile every time. And I hope my Piper is like Laura when she grows up. :) Have a lovely weekend with you family!

Veronica said...

Ha ha, yeah, I wonder where she got the idea that she could talk her way out of trouble?? ;-)

Cassi Renee said...

Okay, I only have one (she's almost two months from being 11) and her bedtime ritual is not only time-consuming, but involves both parents if they're home. Taking care of her totally wears me out.

Wanna trade? :-)