Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?


While we were in Chattanooga at Matt's mom's for Thanksgiving, we got a bunch of things down from the attic and unearthed this decades-old Ghostbusters outfit. Matt's grandmother made it for his younger brother Andy.  It came complete with proton pack and ghost trapper thing.  It was like a little Christmas for Hank. He wore the coveralls for two days and ate Thanksgiving dinner in them.

In among the attic stuff were some baby clothes of Laura's that I had given Betty to store when we lived in a tiny apartment.  Two big bins of things that just seemed too good to get rid of at the time.  I sat down to sort through them, and oh, the memories they brought back.  I kept very few things in the end: the little smocked corduroy dress she wore on her first birthday, her first bathing suit, a soft little jacket, and maybe a couple more dresses.

There were no bad memories associated with any of it, so I don't know why it should have made me so sad, those old clothes.  It made me feel that those times are gone and they won't be back.  It isn't like I want another baby, or not really, I just want those babies again.

Back in the summer when my friend Erika was visiting, I gave her a pair of Hank's outgrown sandals to put on her toddler.  Then I forgot I had done it.  The other week she texted me a picture of her little boy's feet in the sandals, and the message said, "Your heart goes on."  I laughed because it was true. I think I must have said something like, "If you can use these, my heart will go on," and she knew what I meant.  Isn't that what we're feeling when we give away a child's hand-me-downs?  If you can see another baby wearing your baby's old clothes, then somehow that past isn't as past.

Here are a few more goofy pics from our Thanksgiving Day.  At dinner I spoke to Hank and Laura and asked them if they would consider staying 4 and 9.  Hank was willing, but Laura said no.  So unobliging.

Laura Setting Table

Laura with Turkey Leg

Hank with Green Bean


Hank was busy cutting his roll with his butter knife, and he asked, "When you cut something with a knife, does the sharpness stay in the food?"  I thought that was such a strange question.  It is kind of blowing my mind.  I might not have captured exactly how he worded it, but we knew what he meant.  We reassured him that it was safe to eat his bread.

I hope you all had a nice holiday, if you had one.  Other non-US Anglophone friends, I hope you had a nice Thursday!  xoxo-B


Amy said...

That jumpsuit is awesome! I'd like to wear it for a couple days straight--so comfy and utilitarian!

I know exactly what you mean about it making you sad. I feel the same way when I look at the kids' old baby clothes, almost like an inward cringy feeling where I think, "Did I treasure that time like I should've?"

There are two little girl babies at church now who are wearing Grace's hand-me-downs. It does my heart good, too.

Laura is looking more grown up all the time. Tell her to stop it, pls.

M said...

Your baby clothes comments totally resonate as I had kept some of my personal favorites tucked in the back of a closet I was finally cleaning out last week because my daughter changed rooms. It did my own heart good to view the seersucker dress of my sweet-natured baby girl now turned (please let this last no longer than 4 more years!) not so darling teenage diva and the tiny velvet Christmas romper my strapping 19-year old boy once fit comfortably in. These went straight to the donation center where I hope another family will create new memories with them.

Oh, and Hank is quite possibly the most existential child alive!

Keely said...

He's deep, that wee ghostbuster.

I don't seem to get attached to X's things as much as I would have thought. I'm usually a 'keepsake' kind of person. But I've just ruthlessly sold all his larger baby items, and the only one that made me a little sad was the jogging stroller.

kathy said...

Just wait until your babies embark on family adventures of their own. It's the circle of life, but I find myself quite melancholy, especially during the holidays, as family dynamics begin to change, and my role as a mother shifts gears. It happens so quickly! Treasure every wonderful moment!

Kelly said...

My Thanksgiving post is like two weeks away but we're having lots of fun in HHI! I know Linc has been texting you...lots of singing going on here ;)

Maggie May said...

i am loving all the books, books books in teh background!

Roving Lemon said...

This went straight to my heart. Because sometimes, even when I'm reminding myself to be fully in the moment and appreciate it, I'm aware that time is inexorably passing and that this particular moment will never come again. It's joy and pain all tied up together to go back to those baby memories.

On the up side, the questions do get steadily better as they get older.

Rebekah said...

I miss the baby days too. I wish time could stop, except that if my parents had magically made that happen when I was a child, I would have never enjoyed having my own children. But oh, how I loved 18 months old.

Great to see y'all. I'm glad I got to see the ghostbuster who didn't want to be called a ghostbuster nickname in person over Thanksgiving. Always a pleasure!

Michele said...

When mmy children were young I weeded through their things also. I kept a few clothing pieces. Most had been passed down from friends and family. Some had been hand-made. Definite keepers. I, also, kept some toys and books. Every time we move I look through the box. It provides me with the sweetest memories at one of the most stressful times.

christina said...

ooh -- hank's question is what connery would call dialectical. i never quite understood what he meant but his example was when his son, at age three, pointed to a bee in a trash can and said, "whoa, that bee just threw himself away."

Jen said...

Ooh, that Ghostbusters jumpsuit...perfect for next Halloween? Too cool!