Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tricks and/or Treats

Hank and Laura

How was your Halloween night? Here are my yellow Power Ranger and my Manhattan Party Witch. A "Manhattan Party Witch" was nothing I'd ever heard of until Laura announced that it would be her costume, but it does sound like a very fun thing to be.

Face Paint

Matt painted her face. He also went with me to the fall festival at Hank's school on Thursday, prepared to do my face-painting duties, then we got there and saw how a) low the standards were, and b) that there were two other moms assigned to paint faces who sort of knew what they were doing.  So he withdrew and let me practice my pumpkin blobs and spider blobs to the general toleration of all the children.  Only one child threw up and only one child got a nosebleed in the bounce house, but I don't know that my face painting was to blame.

Say "Ahh"

We were up at the mountain house this weekend, arriving home just in time to carve pumpkins and get suited up.  Laura was excited because she was going to go trick-or-treat on Normal Neighbor's golf cart. Hank was just excited and incredulous that trick-or-treating is real in this, the best of all possible worlds.

Suited Up

Hank and Laura


Hank's Gang

After Laura got whisked away on the golf cart, Hank got invited to ride with some other littles on bales of hay in the back of our neighbor's truck. So I was left standing in the cul-de-sac, waving to him, and then Normal Neighbor offered one of the K(C)athies and me a beer, and then I walked home.

Candy Counting

After Hank was delivered home, he pulled every piece of candy out of his bucket, one by one, and said, "I got this, and I got this, and I got this . . ."  I heard that at one house, a man had asked Hank, "And which Power Ranger are you?"  Hank paused.  "The yellow one," he said.  He did not add, "Duh!"

Then I watched that new AMC zombie show, "The Walking Dead," with our friends David and Michael. It was meh.

Did y'all have a good night? I know I am a little late to the party, but seriously, I thought they would strip me of my mom-blogging credentials if I didn't get a Halloween post up.

And oh, hi November, I didn't see you there! I guess you may as well come on in.


M said...

Oh, that explains it. My daughter was apparently the Manhattan Party Fairy with a tiara from Claire's and a poofy tutu from Party America. Sadly, this was the end of our trick or treating years.

Even the local paper ran a front page story discouraging costumed teenagers from getting their just desserts because, well, some snooty poots have deemed them "too old" for this. Like, who's gonna miss a couple of mini-packs of Skittles???

We did establish a new tradition---dad and daughter watched "Young Frankenstein" during the revelry.


Jenni said...

The kids look super fab! Laura is tres chic.

Elizabeth said...

Adorable photos -- and I'm relieved that the face-painting went all right.

janimal said...

We watched the zombie premiere too, and my exact response was "meh". I felt like we had to watch it because it's set here in ATL. DH has been really excited about it and tried to prepare me by saying he's read about the show being slow to start (zombies are slow, harhar) but that there will be some action, just hang in there.

Thanks for the book rec in your previous post. I think I need to meet this Mr Reacher fellow.

Kelly said...

C only went to two houses but we sure did enjoy the candy he picked! Hope you guys had fun in the mtns =)

Michele R said...

Those are some serious face painting skillz--her face paint looks great! Love your variety of pumpkins too.

Keely said...

Meh? Really? Phew.

LOVE the Manhattan Party Witch.

Suburban Correspondent said...

We had 2 Halloween fairies, Steve Jobs, and an IPhone in this neck of the woods. And a surfeit of Snickers...

Becky said...

An iPhone? Love it! There's an app for that!

M, we had a few teenagers ring our doorbell, but exactly, why begrudge them some candy? I wish we had handed out more!

Jen said...

Manhattan Party Witch...very creative! We too had a fun fair, but I volunteered my eldest. She was slated to do face painting, but instead became the official hair painter and begged to work the entire time.

Oh, and we ended up with so much leftover candy...we gave out a ton to anyone who rang the bell, costume or not!

Jen said...

I had NO trick or treaters. Here in California, kids are shuttled by cars to the "good" neighborhoods. I live in a gated complex so no action. However I made my own scarry atmosphere by watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" that came on at midnight on Halloween. It was the remake and I had never seen the original, nor did I know what it was about! Actually, the story was not bad and it's wasn't that scary (maybe b/c it was TV and not the big screen). It was plenty gory but the storyline was actually interesting and the old man was good in his role. I know, I'm nuts.

Messy Mom said...

The kids look great, and look like they had a lot of fun too. Those pictures are priceless.

Amy said...

How come we never went trick or treating in a golf cart?

Laura is so cool. Manhattan Party Witch is what I wanna be when I grow up!

Star said...

I found hope and encouragement in your face-painting. You dreaded it. You had felt inadequate. You got a stand-in to take your place. Confronted with the moment(and the absconding stand-in), you just did it, and that's that, and it must have gone at least O.K. because there were no elucidations. That helps me to be less afraid to tackle things that seem to loom too large (got lots of them, but who doesn't?). Thanks!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous children.

Tell Hank I'll trade him three Skittles for an Almond Joy.