Monday, November 22, 2010

Date Night, Sporty Spice Edition

Matt's mom came and took our kids away. They are out of school all week, so she whisked them up to Chattanooga this morning to be with her for a few days. Matt and I will head up there on Wednesday, but for now, we are childless.

My house is giant. And quiet.

It seems limitless, the things you can do when you don't have kids at home. I could nap. Think deeply. Think shallowly. Watch the leaves fall while eating toast. Have some part of my body professionally groomed. Assemble a vacuum cleaner.

So far today I've accomplished three of those.

But the possibilities are all enticing, no?

And tonight, yay! Matt and I are going downtown to see the Hawks-Celtics game. Matt is a big Celtics fan, though he doesn't often get to see a live game. He was reluctant to spend money on decent seats, but I knew how much he would enjoy it, and he basically never buys himself anything, so I pitched a fit until he agreed to go. And I get to go too.  I think it will be fun and a different thing from any other date night we've had.

I have rarely been to a professional sporting event, but I am ready to enliven it for everyone with my color commentary.

Kidding! So I don't know much about the baskets-ball, but I have new boots to wear and I like to go places at night.

Date night!

I hope you are having a nice pre-holiday Monday.

You have my love,


Elizabeth said...

right back at you --I love the boots, too!

Have a wonderful time at the game. I hate sports, except for basketball (former Tar Heel) and would love to go to a Lakers game but it's so hard to get tickets.

Jenni said...

Have fun!

Hey, you know what I'd love? Well, since you asked, I'd love to see how your hair grow out is progressing. These things are exciting to me.

Becky said...

Thanks guys! Jenni, I should post another pic. I'll try to get one taken this week. I have nearly attained the Rachel Maddow.

Kelly said...

Glad he finally caved ;) hahaha Hope you guys have fun!

Veronica said...

Yay, have fun! We are going to the movies tonight--my first time in an actual movie theater in a year!

Amy said...

Those are the pioneer woman boots! Hot.

Have fun!! I won't attempt to guess which of those 3 things you did, but my money isn't on the vacuum.

Miss you! Xo

Beth said...

I'm drooling with envy over your temporarily empty house & date night. Yum. Oh, and boots, too.

Jen said...

Hope you are enjoying the quiet and Happy Thanksgiving!

gretchen said...

Woohoo! Big fun at Chez Woomer. Damned cute boots! Is that your FREE vacuum cleaner? Get to putting that together, honey!

I'm with Jenni. I want a picture of your pixie do.

Anonymous said...

Well, that professional grooming will come in handy perhaps later in the evening. Love date nights!