Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding, Dresses

Well, after all that I wore a different dress to the family wedding over the weekend.  O Fickleness!

jess and me
I put my sunglasses up there and then I can't feel them because of my wig, so I forget they're there.
So yes, I carried the pretty pink dress down to Pensacola and then the day of the wedding, I just wasn't feeling it.  I put it on and it seemed a little too big.  I realized I wouldn't be as comfortable as I am in this more streamlined, stretchy dress.  I'd brought it as an emergency backup, and once I put it on, Matt and everybody else liked it better.  You gotta wear what makes you feel the best, and this was really it.  Of course I needed to spend fifty bucks on a non-returnable, final clearance dress to figure out what made me feel best. C'est la guerre.

I did wear the big earrings though.
Oh, and other people wore clothes too.  Like the bride, Jessica.  Just look at this dress.

Bride and Groom's First Dance

It was so big!  Patrick looks like he's standing in a snowdrift.  It was truly the kind of wedding dress little girls dream of.  She looked gorgeous.  And she has a mass of dark hair that is pretty like Snow White's.


laura watching the bride and groom dance
Laura watching the bride and groom dance.
Other notable dresses:


This was a rerun from last year.  Still fits.  Here Laura is returning from her third trip through the food line.

dave and katie

My sister-in-law Kate.  This is an Anthropologie dress.  It has a Battenberg lace top layer.  Women crossed the room to ask her where she got this dress, and one little old lady asked her to be her date.  Also this picture makes me laugh, because it looks like they were having a normal conversation and just suddenly struck happy dancing poses.

kelly and scott

The actual bridesmaid dress, worn here by Kelly, the matron of honor.  I loved the magenta and green.

going away

Okay, Jessica's going away dress looked crazy good on her.  We gasped as she walked out.  That's why I didn't get any pictures of the front as she was walking by me, I was too stunned.  Later, Katie and I said, "It was the right dress on the right girl."  Those shoes, plum suede peeptoe wedges, were what she wore under the wedding dress too, on her tiny doll feet.  I wish I'd gotten to spend more time with those shoes.

going away happy

Just lovely.  Keep rocking it, girl.

There are some dresses for you.  I have some other odds and ends that I'm sure I'll be posting.  'Cause that's how I do.  Have a good afternoon, buds. xoxox-B


Kelly said...

Everyone looked beautiful!! All great dresses!

Messy Mom said...

Everybody looks great. That wedding gown is AMAZING!

Jenni said...

You are the very picture of beauty and class, as always.

That wedding dress was a fairytale.

Leora said...

Wow what a beautiful wedding! Everyone looked LOVELY. This is my first time commenting here as I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks, but I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading it very much, and I'm sending positive energy your way. Also, my 4 year old daughter prays for everyone that has cancer ever night because a friend of ours it battling it right now. Anyways, I loved both the dresses, but when do we get to see a pic of u in the pink one? :)

Amy said...

So pretty! Jessica's dress looks like a Disney princess dress! Love it. That skirt! Girlfriend has a fantastic figure. And Kate's dress is lovely. I love the dress you went with too. So flattering. But I agree with Leora--we need a pic of you in the lilac one! And the puffy shirt. ;)

Sigh. I am so bummed I wasn't at the wedding. Thanks for the pics!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Everyone looks great! That picture of you close up with the glasses though? RAWR honey!!!!!

Sjn said...

Yes, sure everyone looked great, especially the bride, but the point is... now you need an occasion to wear the J. Crew non-returnable dress! Or... I guess you could sell it on Ebay.

Jessica Gottlieb said...

I have NO CLUE who these people are, but I still got weepy. I'm a total sap for weddings.

Maggie said...

I felt so sad that I couldn't be there. I talked to your mom and she gave me a full report on everything. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Now I have the visuals to go with the story your mom told me. BTW, you picked the right dress. You looked gorgeous.

Elle said...

Omg, that bride! Quelle tartine! Even when you blog about her, it is obvious how much you are all so excited to have her. Great.

Are you six feet tall, Becky? Because this is the second or third time I have seen you towering over ladies in a photo.

Crystal said...

Everyone looked so great. LOVE your earrings. I'm so happy for Pat!

Crystal said...

And you could always sell your dress on ebay or consignment???

Becky said...

Thanks, guys! Elle, I'm only 5'9", but I seem to hang out with a lot of short people.

Just kidding shorties!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Meow! You and Cody were rocking it in the Foster Grants.

P.S. Laura looked wistful . . . watch out, Beck. Her day will be here before you know it.