Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going to The Chapel of Love And What I'm Wearing There

J Crew's Sophia dress in sheer lilac.
Tomorrow afternoon we are going to zoom down the highway to Pensacola for the weekend, for my beloved cousin Patrick's wedding to the lovely Jessica.  He's the one whose coffee-can-diamond-ring-mariachi proposal I blogged about early this year. Obviously love does make the world go 'round, but more important, what will I be wearing while that's happening?

I got this silk dress when it got marked down to $49.99. Score!  J. Crew's wedding stuff is good quality.  And it fits nicely and it's pretty.

But how would you style it away from being bridesmaidish?  I am not a bridesmaid. Or bridesmatron.  I have some pewter-colored slingbacks I was going to wear. I was thinking a chunky necklace (as opposed to say, pearls) would take in in the wedding-guest-not-bridesmaid direction. Or maybe big earrings instead (Perhaps these that I got at BlogHer)? What are your thoughts?

I just realized that I don't know what color the actual bridesmaids will be wearing.  If it's close to this color, I will die and be dead.  Like, "Um, is Becky auditioning to be a bridesmaid?"

Also in that J. Crew order I got this.

It is very ruffly, yes?  I think it's ADORABLE and it looks good over skinny jeans too. Or, dare I say? JEGGINGS.  I took it out of the package and was flouncing around in it.  Then I sensed that it was a lot of look, so I walked into Matt's office and asked his opinion.

He said it reminded him of the time on "30 Rock" when Tracy Morgan was wearing the shirt made of hundred-dollar bills.

Yes, well.

Y'all lemme know about the accessorizing issue.


FoN said...

When I first saw it I immediately thought of, "But I don't wanna be a pirate!" from the puffy-shirt episode from Seinfeld.

But you're skinny and pretty, so it would probably look pretty good on you. I think the only way to tell is to take a picture of yourself wearing it and put it up on the blog. :)

Amy said...

Totally thought of the Seinfeld shirt too!!

But you have skinny legs so it would look cute with leggings, yar!

The dress is so pretty! I laughed though, about the thought of you auditioning for bridesmaid. Can you also elbow someone in order to catch the bouquet? :) Seriously, it would look pretty with a chunky necklace like you said. Bracelet, perhaps?

Sorry. I'm not very good at styling.

Jenni said...

Yes, the earrings! And maybe some kind of wrap?

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I'm with Matt on the Gerry Spence dollar-bill-fringe call. Definitely.

Okay. So the dress. It's fabulous. Take a sweater or shawl -- black or white -- and tie it around your shoulders if you end up matching the maids. As for jewelry, I . . . umm, vote pearls. But then, I always vote pearls. What would Southern Living, any vintage, suggest, pray tell?

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I got married in an Ivory Sophia dress. I loved it, but boy, that lilac color is gorgeous!

Veronica said...

I have that dress in green, and have worn it to several weddings. Love it. As mentioned in some previous comments, definitely bring a wrap or cardigan to un-bridesmaid yourself, esp. if the girls are in lilac. And I'd go with the chunky necklace, or one of those delicate-but-long metallic necklaces, do you know what I mean? I think it definitely says guest-not-bridesmaid to have jewelry that is noticeable.

Elizabeth said...

I don't know you, but your writing makes me laugh so hard and silently that my shoulders shake. This post, in particular.

The dress looks lovely, and I'm with you on the chunky necklace or big earrings.

Have a wonderful time!

Keely said...

I'd say add a cardigan type thing to remove bridesmaidy-ness. Though I'd check on what color they're wearing, definitely.

Not sure on the shirt. I think you threw that in just to yell JEGGINGS at me.

Erika said...

I vote for the big earrings and a cuff bracelet and maybe no necklace.

Michelle said...

It's Saturday morning, so you've probably already made some decisions and are off and about.

I'd bring a shawl and a wrap in different colors, two sets of jewelry, a couple pairs of shoes, and maybe a hat.

Because it's good to have options...

Hope you have fun!

Hazel Spupspe said...

I'm a stranger and it's time that I said hello instead of just appreciating your great humor and style anonymously. I clicked over from some other blog a year ago or more and have been reading ever since. So thanks for your great writing and take care. :)

Becky said...

Hazel, thanks so much for your comment! It made my night, truly.

kathy said...

I considered ordering that very dress as the MOG. But it wasn't on sale at the time, and I wasn't sure if I wanted my older arms hanging out. I think it is a beautiful dress, and you looked fabulous.

gretchen said...

Cute and cute. Yes to big jewelry. No, does not look like the puffy shirt. When I saw it I immediately thought "Becky has the legs for it". So there.