Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That Magazine Is Just Now Getting Good

Looky. Here is a snapshot from inside the dressing room at the radiation oncologist's, a room that you never get to see unless you're a patient. JEALOUS? But check it:

I was walking back into the dressing room yesterday and I thought, "Hmm, that magazine looks kind of . . .old." So I went in for a closer look.

It's from June 1997.


Sure, it's only thirteen years, but in magazine years, that is getting up there. Like, wow old girl, where have you been and how did you get here? And here I was complaining that the Vogues in the outer waiting room are all from 2009.

When I discovered it, I told my parents about it excitedly and told them I was going to photograph it. They suggested that I take a picture of the Table of Contents, that it would be funny. Like when you look at an old Saturday Evening Post and it's all, "Dang These Kids And Their Jazz!" and "Keeping up with The Kaiser."

So I turned to the Table of Contents, ready to be amused.

But Southern Living hasn't changed at all in thirteen years.

In fact I quickly became absorbed in an article about topiaries.


Kate said...

so true! seriously, how much can a recipe for a fat-laden casserole change? It's the South! not exactly known for being Progressive!

Beth said...

That sets some kind of record. I can't believe it's still in such good condition. You should've pilfered it; you might be able to get collector's prices on Ebay.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I'm surprised it wasn't printed on papyrus.

Michele said...

That makes it a classic.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I keep meaning to subscribe to Southern Living and forgetting.

But 1997? And in such good condition? Hmmph.

Keely said...

Are you saying that the south is conservative? Get outta town.

clear screen said...

I had the same experience waiting at the pediatricians. A 1998 issue of Country Living with not a web address in sight! Crazy.

Michelle said...

My first thought?

How old is the Entertainment Weekly hiding underneath the Southern Living?