Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bedscape: Grove Park Inn

grove park inn bed

Hey there! Matt and I spent Sunday night at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, so you know I took a picture of the bed. Comfy!

grove park inn front
Matt acting as porter.

Grove park inn

This place was built in 1913, which is kind of old for these parts. I think after the Vanderbilts built their little getaway at Biltmore, Asheville got kinda fancy, and Grove Park was part of all that.

F. Scott Fitzgerald lived here during the summers of 1935 and 1936, but it was while Zelda was in the mental hospital. So not a happy time for him.

Fitzgerald is my fave but a bunch of other famous historical personages have stayed here too. William Jennings Bryan spoke at the grand opening of the place. Thomas Edison slept here. David AND Amy Sedaris. Also, Shatner! Rooms that have had famous guests have little plaques by the door, but nobody famous had stayed in ours.

Until us, of course.

Our room was tucked up on the top floor, under the sloping roof, where they put the common people. Even though we couldn't bathe in the same tub William Howard Taft got stuck in, or gaze upon a shoe tree that belonged to Harry Houdini, it was very charming. I loved exploring the place. The mountain view is the thing there, and the Arts and Crafts decor. The whole place is like a Gustav Stickley wet dream. LOVE THAT.

grove park inn cabinet
I'll just take some of the furniture and pottery and then I'll go.


We had a really good time, and we packed a lot into a twenty-four hour getaway, including a surprise (post pending). Asheville is awesome, I recommend you go there and check it out. Here are a few more Asheville moments:

matt in asheville

me in asheville

asheville stores
Which will he choose?

note cards
Spotted at an art festival. I really think it should be "whomever." Anyone?

Y'all have a nice weekend? Since we got back on Monday night, I am running to stand still. So much going on lately, things that would be headliners in normal times barely rate a mention. For example: Hank starts school, I start radiation treatments, another tree falls in our yard (really), and I try out a neti pot (yes really really).


We will try to begin to take up these matters tomorrow. Night night lovers!


Amy said...

You had me at Shatner. What a wonderful looking place! I would never leave that porch. So glad you guys had a little getaway.

Those cards? Wow. Funny that they come in a pack. That seems optimistic!

I can't believe another tree fell!! How wierd. Is is the apocalypse and no one told me?

Thank God you're back...we've been wandering and confused without you.

Becky said...

The pack of cards, I know! I wanted to buy them, but besides the grammatical uncertainty, I wasn't sure what I would do with cards 2-8.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the peek at the grove inn! i have been to Asheville, but sadly never stayed in such swank digs. i am going to be rethinking our trip to The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you found my very favorite Asheville festival. I think that's a picture of the Lexington Ave. Arts & Fun Fest? My husband and I just happened upon it, last year, on our way back from the beach and LOVED it. So much we almost went, again, this year.

Becky said...

That's right, it was the LAAFF! Very fun scene. We just happened upon it too. Lots to look at.

AM said...

Absolutely lovely view from the deck. It's an amazing inn, we walked through it last year and were really taken with it. I love the note cards!

melondonkey said...

America may have finally successfully elected a black president, but I don't think the country could ever go back to fat.

"Haffor" was my confirmation word. Close enough to heifer for me to consider it a big coincidence.

Jenni said...

I'm kind of loving that chair in your bedscape. It looks absolutely gorgeous there, and I'm DYING to hear to hear about the surprise. And I'm wondering if Hank is slightly more enthused about school this year. And an neti pot and another tree? So much, so much!

Becky said...

The chair was great, Jenni, and there was a matching settee in there too. And the mission desk and armoir didn't make the post (but I did try to sneak them home).

And re: the note cards, my mother-in-law just emailed me and said that it should be "who taught you," not "that taught you." She's right again.

David said...

Ha! She beat me to the punch; "that" and "who" confusion makes me nuts. I take issue with its style as well as its grammar. Don't you think a simple "... whomever taught you to fuck like that" would be better? Fewer words and it bypasses the grammar junk.

That place looks amazing, and I totally know you contemplated how easy it might be to open that cabinet and slip one of those Vesey-inspired (maybe authentic?) pieces into your bag. If only for a crazy, criminal second? Admit it.

Keely said...

I would have bypassed the grammatical ambiguity and just gone for the "queeeeeeeeeeef" card in the upper right of that photo. I'm classy like that.

Can't wait for deets, on surprises etc.

CrazyLovesCompany said...

Jealous of your stay! We had a drink by that huge stone fireplace downstairs one fall, and strolled the grounds, but had stayed at some B&B up there. Gorgeous! Glad you had a good time. Happy anniversary@

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

He definitely should have said "whomever" . . . but I didn't want to correct him so I let it go. ; )