Friday, July 9, 2010

Pottery Blogging, or "Plogging"

Back in the winter I griped at length about the inept shipping practices of pottery sellers on ebay, and then I had another bad experience and griped some more with the griping. Then I announced that I was done. I believe my words were, "Done. Crocodile Dun-dee."

Well, I wasn't all that done.

New Acquisition

Red Wing

Red Wing Bowls

That's my new yellow friend there in the middle. The pictures don't do it justice, because pictures of my dining room taken at night always wind up looking like clown ass. But it's a very pretty yellow with a celadon underside.

And, it was very nicely packed and it arrived unbroken. The only slight problemette is that it has a small chip that wasn't disclosed in the auction. Very small, and I don't even care because get this:

I won the auction for one cent. A PENNY. So I paid the shipping, which was ten bucks. Still a total score. And doesn't it look nice with its two friends!

Why did this auction end at one cent? (I didn't even know they could start that low--I think I thought I was bidding a dollar.) Seller dude had it listed as a "Red Wing Veggie Tray." Um, no. So the words "console bowl" didn't appear in the auction anywhere, which may have had something to do with the lack of bids.

Now I need to be done. But there are so many nice things in the world that need a good home, how am I to deny them? I thought I better show y'all, because I am still trying to get a good grade in show-and-tell.


Michele said...

I am in awe of your shopping prowess. Nice score! I give you an "A" in open access.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

One penny? That's a TOTAL score. Unbelievable. And this was Ebay?!

Jenni said...

You have some serous ebaying skills. You should rent yourself out. For the ebaying.

Veronica said...

Boo-tee-ful. Nice work on the one penny thing, too.

gretchen said...

I have never seen a clown ass. At least I now know what one looks like.

Amy said...

Nice work! I am still too intimidated to use ebay. You've got some serious skilz.

Elizabeth said...

I think Meg Whitman is so busy running for governor of CA that she is completely unaware of folks getting beautiful pottery for one penny!

M said...

Those pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and as if they were custom made for your dining room table. Yes, you just had to have that even if it cost a whopping 1 cent. I envy your e-bay confidence.

I will never let my daughter see your blog because I would not hear the end of the fact you have bench seating in that dining room. It's quite cool but we already have to shoehorn people into chairs around our table as it is. ; )


Sara said...

I do enjoy your 'console bowl,' and it is so good of you to think of those poor homeless pretty things in the world.