Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh Goodness

Well, we're safely back home tonight from our North Carolina Family Mountain Free-for-All Aquatic Fun and Summer Bookworm Extravaganza. I am rather tuckered and will have more to say about the adventure of my sensibilities, but just now I was taking an inventory of the unfortunate turn taken by my eating habits the last ten days.

This morning I noticed that my capris were rather snug in the tum. And I thought, "Hmm?" And then I thought, "Vacation food." Yes, there were lots of fresh fruits and veggies from curb markets, but there were also cheese grits, hamburgers, ice cream cones at the general store (what am I doing) and, God help us, white russians. White Russians. The hecks? Who even drinks those in the summer? What is wrong with me? I blame my sister-in-law, whose drink of choice is Kahlua and milk. Gentle thrills, yes. But it is delicious. I noted this concoction and thought, "Well, that's two-thirds of the way there." So along comes vodka and bing bang boom, white russians in July.

There was also the fact that yesterday, Hank and I sat in the back of a convertible and shared a gallon-sized bag of party mix. (Party mix is an artisanal tradition in that family.) It seemed to me that snacks eaten while taking in beautiful scenery are part of some special permissive food pyramid. And the scenery was so pretty--along the Cullasaja River gorge into Highlands. Munch munch.

Austerity program begins tomorrow.

I leave you with a recommendation that you go read my sister's latest two posts. She writes about a harrowing travel snafu--I was on the edge of my seat and I already knew how it turned out. First part here, satisfying conclusion here.

Bon weekend, my buds.


Amy said...

ThankGodyou'reback! I missed you! That sounds like a divine week, though. Glad a good time was had by all! And really, you shouldn't turn down an ice cream cone from the general store.

I am going to get back on the wagon this week, too. Eating-wise, I mean. As for me, I'm blaming winter comfort eating.

Thanks for the props! :) xo

Erika said...

If we are talking about vacation food...I had red meat twice this week. That never happens. But when a cattle farmer makes you a black Angus burger from his very own grass-fed, free range cows, you do not say, "I've already had my red meat for the month." Also another thing that never happens, I made a chocolate cream pie topped with hand whipped (by my hand) whip cream. Oh, and I mixed toffee bits into the chocolate jello and the whip cream. Okay, this is getting gross. I am definitely on the wagon tomorrow!!

delaine said...

Sounds like yall had a good week. I know it was fun . I believe the Universe allows snackage while immersed in Nature's glory. We've kinda been off the wagon too this week in DC. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

Amy said...

Life is far too short for austerity. Simply replace the white russians with, say, vodka rocks and the snugness will melt away. That, plus being back in the wicked heat which should diminish your appetite for anything but watermelon and Fudgesicles (sugar-free ones are only 40cal a pop!). At least it does mine.

Can't wait to hear more of your sensibilities and such!!

Marie said...

When you are feeding your soul with family in the mountains, calories should not count!You deserve it all, but selfishly, I certainly did miss your blog! XXOO

gretchen said...

Is this homemade snack mix you're eating? Because if it's not, I will give you Mama's recipe, which is so far superior to anything else that it will RUIN you for any other snack mix. It may also ruin the way your capris fit even further.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Oh, I'm such the green-eyed monster. Heard it the high was 72 in Highlands these past few days. Grr. Meanwhile I'm frying eggs on the hood of my car, to amuse the neighborhood children.

Now, about that "artisanal tradition" . . . sorry, but you can't fight against that kind of wholesome food force. Embrace it and eat, dear girl.