Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Actually Works

That blog carnival Works for Me Wednesday is a weekly collection of great household and lifehacker tips--things that make life better and your day go easier. Sometimes I contribute, when I have something to offer. But today I thought, "What if we just all got real about what is TRULY working for us, on a daily basis?" So with tongue only partly in cheek, I offer a partial list:

What Actually Works for Me

1) Money
2) Smiling a lot
3) Alcohol
4) Selective laziness
5) Having a spouse who is nicer than I am

There. I won't put my link on the WFMW thing, because I don't want to pollute their sweet round-up of helpful information with my post today. I love those guys.

So how about it? What's really working for you?


Casey said...

I suffer from selective laziness too, big time.

Hootie said...

1. Coffee.
2. Having a spouse who works her @ss off and is still in love with me.
3. Having a creative outlet.
4. Rain-X.
5. American Life podcasts

Michele said...

Your list works really well for me. Especially #4

Better Than Machines said...

1. Diet Coke in the morning.
2. Finally wearing a tie and taking myself seriously at work.
3. The Nation
4. The seat warmer in my car.
5. Social capital.

Jenni said...

1. Kirkland brand diaper wipes
2. Naptime
3. My husband

SJN said...

1.definitely coffee, using fresh ground cafe' Verona beans with a splash of coffee mate, to start the day
2.paying bills online close to shopping, especially Whole Foods cameras
5.sunny days that inspire

Kate said...

1. Coffee
2. Wine
3. Prayer
5. Boiled eggs

Ginny Marie said...

1. 7:00 pm bedtime for the kiddies
2. Husband gone for the evening so I can catch up on all my blogs
3. A bowl of vanilla ice cream

Amy said...

1. Ditto on the husband who is nicer than I am. God love him.
2. Grated Cheese
3. Grace (of God, that is)
4. Getting up 45 min before the kids--I have never done this before 2 months ago. WHAT a difference it makes.
5. Headbands--love 'em, can't stop wearing 'em.

Sara said...

In addition to yours,
1. my couch and softie blanket
2. the horses
3. singing in the car
4. good hair and skin days
5. that rare and short zen moment when all the house is clean and all the laundry is done (or is that a myth?)

Briana said...

1. Humor (at myself, life, everyone else)
2. Having a husband that WORKS harder than me
3. Sweet Tea
4. Family
5. Lazy Saturdays
6. Lots & lots of prayer

Anonymous said...

1. a snuggie
2. some sleep
3. a child who doesn't vomit every 5 minutes!!