Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Love for Orla Kiely Will Not Be Silenced

Or it will after this, maybe. But I need to show you some of the Orla Kiely for Target stuff I got. After I had trouble finding any dishes or table linens in the store near me, I was slightly mollified to find that you could order the dishes online. Which I did. But I also had my mom on high alert in Florida. She was a real soldier, and one day she visited all THREE of her local stores, striking gold and picking up some goodies. She called me from the store:

Mom: Becky, it looks like they have the canisters here.
Me: Oh be still my heart!
Mom: But now, they're different colors, do you know that?
Me: Yes! Grab them!
Mom: Okay, do you want all three?
Me: Quickly, woman, put them in your cart, and watch your back.
Mom: Well, okay, but there's really nobody around. . .

We had a lot of conversations in Targets that day. She ran me a tab. So really, there wasn't much I actually needed to bestir myself to go and get. Even by phone, she's my favorite shopping buddy. Thanks, Mom!

So here are some of my faves. These are the cork placemats that Laura was modeling the other day.

I think I'll use these a lot because they are wipe-offable. And I love the green, and the pear print is classic Orla Kiely. I'm still playing with what else to put on the table.

That is an old Red Wing Pottery console bowl and candle holders that I got an an antique store in Dillsboro, NC. I love the mid-century look, the freeform shape, and the two different glazes. I think that by mixing pieces that you already have with new stuff, you can avoid looking like you just brought the store shelf into your house. This is the fun part for me--seeing what works with what. And ooh, those are the O.K. coasters in the bowl. They are adorable and you should get them. There's one in every pattern of the line.

Here's another set of table linens that I like.

Laura was "helping" me set the table by putting down a stack of Nancy Drew books. Does Nancy Drew go to the right of the water glass? Or over the dessert fork? Those two plates are actually from two different sets--I'm not sure what I like with what yet.

The napkins are really great quality--nice, heavy cotton. Each set has four different colors that coordinate with the flower pattern. Also, those placemats reverse to blue or brown. But you know me, I like a lot of look and I like to play around. That's another Red Wing bowl. Not married to it. Not married to the glittery pears either. Not sure why I own glittery pear candles? Possibly the outward sign of an inward and spiritual grace. So what instead of the glittery pear candles?

Finally, the canister set that was sold out online in like, hours. It's still out there in stores, though. These are great. Heavy stoneware with nice lids. Hey cuties!

So the most pressing question is, if these were in your kitchen, would you line them up in order of size, or stagger them? I know you may need to clear some time to consider this. And yes, I got both the green and the brown pitchers. Why are you looking at me like that? I think they'll make great vases.

Because I am merciful, I am not inflicting the mugs (nice and heavy), the rest of the melamine (adorable), the seat cushions (cushiony) and the floor mat (um, just fine) on you. I would love to hear/see what you got. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart! But we don't ever have to talk about this again if you don't want.

It's a Things I Love Thursday!


FoN said...

I love those, they are great! I especially like the canisters.

I'm jealous - we don't have Target. Everytime I go to the States I make whomever I'm with nuts because I force them to go there. That store is awesome.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Were this my mission, I would just be confused, bumfuzzled, useful to no one. Truth is, I am not the one to ask. I am a wretched cook and, knowing it, shout out epithets in the kitchen, sending Mr. M and Husband to cower in the corner.

Becky, if your husband doesn't know how lucky he is to have a good cook in his midst, now is the time to gently remind him. He is a lucky DOG.

Amy said...

Okay, you know I am in full support of your obsession, but did you REALLY get all that stuff? I mean, I was looking at the pics thinking, "Wow, she got a really good haul!" And then you mentioned all the stuff you weren't showing us! Dang, girl! Is Hank sharing his bed with the floor mat and the mugs? Where are you putting all this stuff?

However, it IS all adorable, and if there was a Target carrying it in this hemisphere, I'm sure I'd snap alot of it up, too. And--go, Mom!

melondonkey said...

Call me a hillbilly, but I have a thing against brands and store names that I don't know how to pronounce at first glance. It just seems impossible for a brand to have a hold in your mind before you commit to a way of pronouncing it.

My guess here would be KIE-lee like sky rather than like keel.

On the other hand, I've got nothing against Yves Saint Laurent, but I don't recall ever not knowing how to pronounce it.

Casey said...

You're hilarious with your undying love for all things Orla Kiely. I'm glad you were able to phone a friend and get your merchandise. It's cool, btw...

Kelly said...

I love everything you got!! Those canisters are great and I think the way you have them arranged with the two pitchers is very eye catching. Nice work!!

Michele said...

I love how graphic those prints are. Now, the Nancy Drew books go above the dessert fork. Just an FYI. LOL

Funny my word verification is; supperbi.

Stephanie said...

Oh Lawd. I am in lurve with all of it. I may have to make a trip to Target in the near future. I'll have to consult your mom to find out where to start;)

Christine said...

Love. It. All.

I really love the placemats and I love that they're wipe-able.

And I think Nancy Drew just complements (e? i?) the whole ensemble.

I'd line up the canisters in size order. But I'm OCD so you shouldn't ask me those questions and expect anything but "order" in the answer.

Becky said...

Hee hee, yes, I kind of binged on this one. But I love it. And yes, MelonDonkey, it's KIEly like "sky." And like you, I would never let pronunciation get in the way of shopping!

Ame, a few weeks ago, Matt gently prompted me to go through all the dishes in the upper cabinets and put half of them in boxes in the basement. So that is much better. But I need to do the same for those pull out drawers of melamine plates. The only problem is those pitchers, since they're tall.

janetfaye said...

I like the canisters.

I would probably line them up by size.

Sara said...

I always enjoy the photos of your table settings and whatnot.

The Nancy Drew books were a cool touch, too (and awesome reads back in the day, right?!)

Good eye, good eye!

Michele Renee said...

The placemats (both sets) and the napkins look great. I need to revamp for spring. But the boys trash the table everytime I put something clean on it.

Keely said...

I love those canisters too. I looked online but they were sold out like instantly.

I would randomize them. Don't say you're surprised.

Hootie said...

My opinion is that the canisters should be filled with cookies.

Coffee with Cathy said...

Good for you, Becky. Thanks for sharing your haul. As for what to use in place of the glittery pear candles -- what about a bowl of real pears??? Just a thought!!!

Hootie said...

Or a bowl of real glitter? No?

melondonkey said...

Thanks for the clarification in pronunciation. Now I can buy with confidence.

Btw, I'm officially plugging my new blog Really Smart Parrots, which I am sure to abandon after a few weeks of mediocre posts exhaust my limited well of observations.

Also, the jars should be arranged in alphabetical order according to their contents, left to right.

Christine said...

Nancy Drew goes wherever her mystery solving self wants to go! Your table looks great!

The Messy Mom said...

Very cute. I line my canisters up by size, but I really like how you staggered them, although I guess it depends on what turns out to be the most practical.

Anonymous said...

I would stagger the canisters but my husband would rearrange them by size (although he probably wouldn't let me have 3 different coloured things so close to each other!). I love the pear candle.

Jenni said...

I'd stagger them.

Also, my target only ever has the large canister. I didn't even realize it was a set. I thought it was a cookie jar.