Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Got Elfed, and It Was Good

Remember the other day I wrote about how Laura came home wanting to leave crackers and water out so an elf would appear? An elf that would then stay at our house and make mischief every night until Christmas? At the time, I was like, "Huh? Is this a thing now? I don't need a job as an elf." Well, the company that I mentioned in my post, Elf Magic, contacted me after that (I think they must have Google elves) to "clear up the tradition" for me. They were as nice as they could be, but I know they were probably wondering, "Why does this girl hate joy so much? She needs re-educating." Or something like that. I kid--I got a very sweet email from them, and then an elf arrived from the North Pole via FedEx. (Santa uses FedEx doncha know.) So if you were wondering when and if I would sell out, compromising the journalistic integrity of this blog, stop the timer, 'cause we took the elf. Yes, we are in bed with Big Elf. And it is awesome.

Laura LOVES THIS ELF. He's very cute. He arrived with a little fuzzy sleepsack, a sprinkler of "snowflakes," and a canvas tote bag. Laura had actually mentioned this whole elf thing several times before he ever got here, and finally I told her she ought to put the crackers and water out. She put them up on the mantle, and then Fowler appeared overnight. Laura said, "Mom, every drop of the water is gone and every cracker crumb!" Since then, the elf went with us to Florida and back, and he's hidden some nights, and made mischief some nights. And last night he rested because we were all tired from our drive. I had an idea that I think would be fun: share an elf with another family--this would work best with one of your neighbors. Some nights the elf would be at one house, and some nights another. The kids would have fun comparing notes about it, and the mamas divide the elf labor.

Laura read the poem that comes with the elf and now knows all about the elf's whole story. She's told me a couple of times, sadly, that tonight, Christmas Eve, will be our last night with the elf. I am really taken with the way she still believes in Santa and Santa-related magic, even though she's almost eight. It is fun--I don't know how many more Christmases this will be the case, but we're enjoying it. And the elf will come back next year. In art class she made a special plate for Santa cookies, and we have some reindeer food to sprinkle outside tonight. It's almost time to fire up the Santa tracker. I wonder if there is a Santa tracker app for the iPhone? Hmm.

We are getting the house all spruced up for Matt's family to arrive. For me, Santa's sleigh arrived this morning in the form of two Crate and Barrel delivery guys. I got a new dining table, and I am in love. I keep fondling it--is that wrong? And I hope you are feeling merry and bright at your place!


Michele said...

Very cute and sweet that Laura is so into her elf.

And fondling your new table is not wrong! I tend to fondle old books. I even asked the rare books curator at Indiana Univ. whether he sometimes fondles the books. He gave me a strange look but didn't answer. What does that tell you?

My work verification is "wisedogr" how coincidental is that?

Amy said...

LOL about "in bed with Big Elf". Is that Matt's new nickname or something? ;)

Well, the Elf is really cute. How nice of them to send you one. I love that L is getting so into it. And elf-sharing is a good idea--hey it's the 21st century, why not?

Let's see some pics of that table, please.

Keely said...

Awwww I love that idea.


It really does seem like more work for Mama, but the 8 year old in me is enthralled with the Christmas Magic aspect of it.

And no, fondling your table isn't wrong, but I'm interested to see what Google searches you get now.

Scott said...

We are all, in our own private ways, in bed with Big Elf.

Casey said...

That is a cute elf and I like that he was mischievous. Maybe we need to invite an elf to come live here in a couple of years when my kids are old enough to get it.

So jealous of your new table, it sounds like a GREAT xmas present... happy holidays!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Laura is so sweet! And the elf is cute.

Happy, happy Christmas to you and your family Becky!!

xoxo Lecia

Camp Papa said...

"In bed with Big Elf?" Big Elf??? I feel so used! He told me he was a wood sprite.

Cassie said...

OMG, your dad is hilarious!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you "Holidays!" I hope it's been a good Christmas. =)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the elf. Ours went back to the North Pole with Santa too... and we miss her and her mischievous ways already...

hallie said...

OMG! I have two elves named Drake and Maureen. I absoulutly love my elves more than ANYTHING!