Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thirteen Things I Gots To Gets Done

Hello friends. We spent the weekend up in Chattanooga at Matt's mom's house. Wintry, lovely and a nice change of scene. And this Friday afternoon, we're heading down to Florida to stay with my parents for a long weekend. But before then, I have to turn this mother out. Bust a move. Put my shoulder to the wheel. Shake a leg. Swink and sweat. Make hay. Accomplish several pressing tasks.

1) Prep for a job interview I have at the end of the month.

2) Have solo fashion show to figure out what to wear for that interview and the conference surrounding it. The black suit or the tan suit? With what shirt(s)? Pointy-toed boots or sensible pumps?

3) Get my hair done. And while I'm at it, get my eyebrows attended to. But when to do this on a weekday? I could get it done at Lifetime Fitness, but the two-hours of childcare per day they offer would not cover the cut and highlighting. I know, First World problem. So I could arrange some kind of thing where I take the kids there and Matt pics them up while I'm still getting worked on. HAIR: DONE

4) Consider going to Lifetime Fitness to actually work out.

5) Figure out if all the food for the second-grade class party is covered. Parents are beating down my door to bring more stuff, so this shouldn't be a problem. DONE

6) Ask co-room mom to go get the gift card for the teacher. And ask if she will make goodie bags from her copious supply of trinkets. (Most of being a room-mom, for me, is asking people to do things. No sweat.) DONE

7) Get supplies for the Dress Your Santa party game. Maybe test-drive this game by having Laura dress Matt. Could be fun.

8) Make 7 sets of slacker fudge for neighbors and assorted people. Find cellophane bags at Michaels and package all the fudge in these cute felt buckets I got at Target. Deliver Fudge.

9) Go by and chat with Frenemy Neighbor to catch up and deliver the message, "Hey, I know we're estranged because of the election and all those "Obama is a Muslim" emails you sent me every day, but can't we put it behind us because our girls miss each other and here's some fudge."

10) Go to Laura's class party which is at 8:30 in the freaking morning. No siblings allowed. Joyeux Noël!

11) Get the dog bathed before we take her with us to Pensacola. And Mom, is it okay if we bring the dog with us?

12) Pack for everybody.

13) Round up and wrap Christmas gifts for people we'll be seeing in Florida.

Okay, I'll probably keep adding to this list, but it feels good to start to get it down in writing. Things have been so crazy lately that I have this constant sense that there's something I'm forgetting that's really important. Like goodie bags for the second graders, or my eyebrows. You know, important.

For lists that are a little more profounder, check out ABDPBT:



Casey said...

Makings lists always makes me feel worse since it solidifies all of the crap I don't have time for...

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't kid yourself: Eyebrows are important! Good luck with your list. And lucky you to get to go to Pensacola. One of my family's favorite places is Santa Rosa Island, especially when nobody else is there. Can't wait for the road to Fort Pickens to open back up.

Michele said...

I'm a major list maker. I find it easier to add things to the list than actually do things off the list. Why is that?

Good luck with the job interview. Eyebrows and hair are an important part of the prep process.

Sara said...

Amen on the 'constant sense that there's something I'm forgetting that's really important.'
Sounds like you've got it under control though.
I vote nonsensical pumps. Mix it up a little. Kidding! Good luck on your interview!

Camp Papa said...

Two Things You Didn't Ask Your Dad But He'll Tell You Anyway:

1. There's nothing about your eyebrows that needs fixing.

2. You can bring the dog.

Ginny Marie said...

I love those solo fashion shows, but I usually only get half an outfit on before being interrupted by someone! Good luck accomplishing everything on your list!

Amy said...

Let us know how that chat with Frenemy Neighbor goes!

About lists...I am not so good at them, but I DO like to add things that I did, but forgot to list, just so I can put a big "check" next to them. Cause I think I should get credit. As if I'm being graded.

Better Than Machines said...

I sometimes like to make lists just to cross stuff off. I would go ahead and cross off the visit to Frenemy Neighbor. But if you're gonna go, definitely take fudge.

Hootie said...

I was gonna say that I like your eyebrows, but Camp Papa beat me to it. Then again, we've known you longer than your interviewer, so maybe we've just learned to look past your worldly eyebrows and see your inner eyebrows.

Michele said...

So I read your post in November about planning the school winter holiday party and I am not able to move on because I am amazed that:
1). It was planned in November, and
2). Co-room mom already collected $200 ????? , and
3). Moms are dying to drop off food for party??? , and
4). You have a Santa-themed game???
I had to get after our room mom to send a note home to the parents this past Friday (I tried to be Chief room mom but she had already signed up).
So my 5th grader has two teachers who job share and I am collecting the money and we will be lucky to collect $20 since it is short notice and they need lots of reminders. I spent $$ on the craft...and I don't even get to be there as I have to fly to FL to see an ill grandmother. The crafts need to be not Christmas and non tree ornament type since the population is very diverse. Luckily the Dollar Store had round candles....they'll go in a cupcake muffin liner and be decorated to look like a cupcake....
My 2nd grader has an 8:30 a.m. party too (so I have to miss 2 parties).
Good luck with everything this week!
--Michele in Duluth

Becky said...

Thanks for the encouragement, y'all!

Hoot, I went ahead and had my inner eyebrows waxed too, and boy did that sting!

And Michele in Duluth, I know, it's kind of crazy, but these mothers are big planners. I have heard that as the kids get older the parent participation decreases, so maybe that's part of the diff between this 2nd grade class and your 5th grade. This is kind of a hyper crew of moms though.