Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits: When Child Photographers Attack

When you let your two year-old use your camera, he will not use the large display screen to compose his shot. Instead he will hold the camera up to his squinched eye, even though there is no viewfinder. You will contort your body to try and stay in what you think is the frame. No need to say "cheese," because he chants "cheese! cheese! cheese!" like a mantra.

He also won't take care to compose pictures that don't show how messy the house is, as you see in the shot of the book room above. Or this Portrait of Mama with Pepsi and Socks.

And he does not consider the tops of people's heads to be really all that big a deal. He had just said, "Daddy, I'll take a cheese of you," and Matt barely had time to jump into the shot. Hank is not one of those difficult-to-work-with celebrity photographers, which makes up for his challenging and edgy compositions. Just one quick cheese and you're done. I think he's taking portraiture in a new, exciting direction. One that makes me seasick.

Then again, one of my favorite pictures of Laura was taken by our then-four year-old niece Ava.

And Laura got this one of Hank over the weekend. At Grandmama's house, you get to play with her little Christmas village, and you get to eat ice cream while you do it.

That is what I have for this Random Tuesday. In other news, I got my hair done. We went to Ikea last night, which for me, is like returning to the mother ship. And the class party is coming along nicely. That is all. But check out the more exciting lives of others over at Un Mom.



Camp Papa said...

The pictures of you are really quite good. (And the eye brows are flawless.)

Becky said...

Thanks! But those are the old ungroomed brows.

Keely said...

I love seeing kids pictures. They really do have a good eye! :)


Michele said...

The kid's got an eye!

The one of your daughter is terrific.

I can't do Ikea. I feel like I was sucked in and can't get out.

Better Than Machines said...

I love the bold, new direction Hank is taking portraiture--making his subjects dive and duck to get into the shots.

BTW, I've still never been to "the mother ship." I hear it's nice.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

The pictures are fantastic and I love knowing that I'm seeing through the perspective of a child.

Becky I am SHOCKED at the amount of empty soda container in the picture - is said child keeping you up at night?? :)

Amy said...

Love it! That Hank--he's one to watch. Oh, and I ADORE your vintage Christmas tablecloth...what kind, discerning person bought THAT for you?

Casey said...

I love the pictures, that kid has some talent. Maybe skip that whole "elementary school" thing and send him straight to art school?

Anonymous said...

So nice to see other people have messy kitchen tables, too -- not that yours is messy or anything, Becky! Mine is the daily repository for newspapers, coffee cups, mail, everybody's laptops and the untouched healthy apples we thought we were going to eat when we sat down but opted instead for a Triple-Fudge Chocolate Brownie. Or two.

Becky said...

Ha ha, Cathy, "daily repository" is right. I see--in addition to the pepsi bottles and my coffee cup--Hank's socks, a non-working cell phone, and a pile of who knows what in the background.

And about the pepsi bottles--those are Matt's. Diet pepsi is his only vice, and he is deeply into it. I think his body is 70% pepsi. Since that pic was taken last week, though, Matt has gotten his two huge computer monitors out of the dining room and I have reclaimed the space. Life is good.

The Messy Mom said...

LOVE it! I can't wait for my son to be at that age/stage :) Oh and your book shelf is awesome, I am so jealous.

Becky said...