Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas, Baby

I sat down to post a few pictures of the kids--a standard Christmas bloggy placeholder post, but instead I find myself wanting to talk about how hot my husband is. O holy night! He will die--let's hope this is one of the posts he skips--but when I downloaded all my pictures off my camera, my primary thought was, "I need to be sure and keep that one happy."

First pic I took with my iPhone. Thanks for the iPhone, honey! I know I keep going on about it. iPhone!

Here he is toting a child up a mountain and rocking some Old Man Glasses while doing it. He always carries and/or keeps up with Hank when we go out somewhere so I can do my thing, and he never frets or repines.

Hey hottie. Here he is keeping our child from being swept out to sea. One of the many services he provides. This was last Saturday in Pensacola. It was that warm. The kids got wet from head to toe. (Then the next day was freezing.)

Finally, here's Matt late last night, after finishing his Santa labors. That huge wrapped package on the left is a dollhouse that took Matt and his brother Andy a lot of Christmas magic, and a lot of swearing, to put together. They made the train tracks go all the way around the tree too.

He works hard for us all the time, and puts up with a lot of sass along the way. Actually, I think he likes the sass part. Merry Christmas, babe! Here's to another great year.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the day. Holidays!


Amy said...

That is really sweet. Matt is clearly The Man, as any who know him will attest. He deserves an extra big bowl of popcorn after all that Christmas magic.

Michele said...

Okay, so he reveals JR in the sexy dad contest. What is it about a guy that is involved in his family? It is a major turn on in my book. Not that Matt does it for me, I'm just saying....I should shut up now. Too much Christmas cheer. Sorry.

Anyhoo; I so want an iphone. You lucky girl you.

Happy New Year, since Christmas is over and I'm almost positive I've wished you a Merry Christmas. If not consider it said.

Coffee with Cathy said...

Husbands are great! Thanks for reminding us to be appreciative.

Camp Papa said...
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Camp Papa said...

Two cups of holiday cheer and I can't type.

The one thing that I told each of my sons-in-law when they asked for my daughter's hand was that they must be willing to die for her. They both agreed. What they delivered was even better: They both live their lives for them. I am well pleased with both Matt and Jason.

Casey said...

I'm so glad you have one of the good dads/husbands. I do too and I swear I wouldn't know what to do if I had one of those loser dads who wasn't involved with their kids.. I couldn't do it!
I had to look like three times to see the wrapped doll house, I thought it was a recliner.
My husband spent 3 hours on Xmas eve assembling some stupid kitchen set for my kid, the poor guy!

Jenni said...

nothing is hotter than a keeping children from being swept out to sea!

Sara said...

I'd always gathered from your posts that Matt was quite the catch, but the old man glasses completely confirmed it.

My better half is known to sport those big honkin' things, too, and I think he's pretty alright.

Very nice post!

Michele said...

Very nice post today indeed. I have been at work sulking today because my husband is a teacher who gets his lunch made each and every day by me as I make lunches for our 3 kids too and then I go to work outside the home and bring home the bacon each and every day (with no summers and winter break off like him). Today we still have 7 of his FL family members at the house and I had to ask him to make me coffee and a bagel on my way out to work and I've been sulking as it never occured to him to make my lunch. (So I bought a yummy salad). But after reading your post I am reminded of how much he does do and he's hot too.
Hope the SF trip is going great!
--Michele in Atlanta