Friday, December 20, 2013

Tail Feather, Shaken

Gatsbyish themed Xmas party with our buddies!
God help you if you follow me here, facebook, instagram, and twitter. If I go to a party, you have to hear about it for days on all channels. Probably eventually you'll see a picture of the mints in the bathroom, as soon as I can figure out what filter to use.

LOL jk but probably!

Matt's company had a nice party the other night. One thing I enjoy about the video game biz--or probably this is true of any creative field--they love to throw costume/theme parties and everybody always gets into it. Or there was one guy in an argyle sweater, but maybe he was dressed as an old-timey caddy! I find that having a theme helps focus one's dressing up, you know? I love going to parties with my fella. When I got the invitation and saw that it was a 1920's theme, I knew exactly what kind of dress I wanted, beads 'n' feathers. I had seen Sue Wong dresses at Saks. But I needed to find one for a non-Saks price, and I did on ebay. Late on in the evening, this artsy girl in the lobby said to me, "I've always loved Sue Wong, it's fun to see that dress being worn." And Reader, how I did glow with pleasure! Anway, feathers. Check into them.

And since we're still talking about clothes, I can't say enough to recommend a pair of nude platform heels. Where have these been all my life? I paid a full $22 for them but I think I'm going to wear them with everything. Except not everything because they are so uncomfortable. But no matter.

The face I make when I roll a 7, below-right.
Another highlight was when the DJ crossed the room to where I was standing at the craps table. He said, "I just wanted to thank you. Everything I play a new song, you start dancing in place, and I know I've made a good choice." You're welcome sir? He was having a hard time getting anyone to dance, because there was gambling.

I am one of those people who thinks she could be really good at blackjack. But, you know, I'm not at all.

Another thing that happened was my strap broke. That dress is heavy, with all the beads, and it's held up by two tiny spaghetti straps. After I didn't win a prize for my gambling prowess, several people were consoling me with hugs. I hugged back and felt my strap give way. Thank the Lord I was wearing my special bra that has its own infrastructure and public works department, so I just tucked the broken strap into the top of my bra and put my hair over it.

Usually when your dress breaks, it's time to head to the house. But I partied on a while longer. Charleston!

Oh, and a hair note. Both Kelly Ham and I wanted to have a sleek short flapper hairstyle, but we both came to the same conclusion: We couldn't achieve sleek and short, so we went with big and voluminous. And thank goodness, because I needed it for cover. Kelly's dress was 360 degrees of sequins--very pretty and sparkly. She had on the Bra of Amazement too. Is this too much information?

Anyway, now you're caught up. In the next post I'll cover the rest of the weekend's festivities and that should bring us almost up to date.

Y'all going to any parties? Tis the season to spill all the beans about them. xoxo



Cassi Renee said...

Oh, you look totally gorgeous! Looks like a fun time :-)

Michele said...

Bra of Amazement? I need more info. My girls need amazement.

You all looked great.

KrisT said...

I just love that dress so much! Its a dream dress! That looks like such a fun party, and I love how proud your husband always looks in every picture he is in with you. That's love!

If you want amazing nude platforms that are actually comfortable, the secret is: Jessica Simpson. For real. There is a reason she is a billionaire, and it is her ability to make comfortable platform shoes. Her patent nude platform is perfection.

Patience said...

"A bra with it's own infrastructure and public works department". That's a keeper; I gotta remember that.

Becky said...

Kris, great tip on the shoes!

Becky said...

Michele, it's the Victoria's Secret Bombshell. :-)

Janice Adcock said...

Nothing beats a great pair of shoes except a kick boob bra!

Anonymous said...

Omigosh, the party I was at last night was unspeakably dull: people talking v srsly abt county politics & their respective jobs. They were all presenting so hard, Becky! One woman was talking so passionately about soccer to me that I thought she was the soccer player in a Rec league but then it turned out she was talking abt her kid? Like, sorry, lady, save it for your blog. It was the opposite of festive, all this psychic pain of people trying to work on their promotions ... Let's just invite people over & tell them what to do. Have clear goals & activities. A waiter. Pictionary. Keys in the punch bowl. Whatever, anything would be better than what we have to suffer in the main up here with these barbarians.

Becky said...

Oh god, I only want to hear about kids sports if it is daylight and I am wearing flat shoes. ZZZzzzzzzz...honestly!

I totally agree that giving people specific things to do is a great way to encourage fun. Matt loves games for this purpose. But anything really. Keys in the bowl, sure. LOL! But I'm sorry you had to suffer that, ugh.