Monday, December 9, 2013

Prime of My Life

 Every dang year with the birthdays, that's me. I'm really getting up there.

Sometimes I feel like my life is one big party, like the universe is arranged for my delight, and this weekend was one of those times. My friend Erika came and visited from LA, and our grad school friend Dan was in town for a conference, so we took this opportunity to get all up in each other's business.

We didn't really do that much. When I go visit Erika, we undertake all kinds of LA things and see lots of people and go to complicated yoga classes and get professionally groomed and all that jazz. When she comes to visit me, we sit around my house and sip coffee, we talk, we sleep eight hours a night. We decorated the Christmas tree, we had random margaritas in the middle of the day, we Christmas-shopped.

With Dan, we ate downtown at one of those places where they fold your napkin for you every time you leave the table. Everything on the menu was a Southern classic that, through a minor tweak or two, had been rendered really expensive. Highlights were: The waiter trying to convince Erika that the cracked peppercorns floating in her very complex drink were a good thing; Dan explaining his tickbite-induced mammal allergy to the waiter; Being served moonshine in a mason jar and recalling that the last time someone handed me a jar of moonshine, I was standing in the middle of an actual dirt road, and it was free; Getting the waiter to fold the napkin into a paper airplane; The waiter getting sick of our shit, probably. Also there was when we parked the car in a little hole-in-the-wall downtown lot, and I said, "Are we going to get murdered in this lot?" And Erika goes, "Well we're not going to get murdered right now."

Which struck me as funny.

Then we had dinner and cake at home one night, and Hank gave me a card that said, "Since it's your big day, I'm giving you this present! PS: Dad paid for it." And Laura gave me some makeup and a Christmas ornament that looks like a pretzel, which she said was the "most you" of all the ornaments. I don't know but I do love it. I said, "Because I love Bavarian snacks so much?" And she pointed out that we do have a pickle ornament so okay. And Matt got me a fitbit wristband, possibly to offset all the Bavarian snacking.

It rained the whole whole weekend, and it was lovely to sit inside and look at the gray outside. It was a wonderful birthday, and if I have to get older, this was a fine way to do it. Today all the friends are back in their places and it's just the four of us, and we are heading into another busy, chilly December week. I am just hoping to to be able to give everyone what they need and to keep the good times rolling.

I wish the same for you. xoxo


Aimee said...

Happy birthday, m'dear! I love that you share my sister's day. (Although - I think? - you had it maybe she shares yours?)

Regardless, sounds lovely. Many happy returns!

Star said...

He gave you a fitbit waistband? For your birthday? Here's something for you: Enjoy! (I love it!)

Elizabeth said...

Well, happy birthday again to you, dear Becky! It was fun to see Erika in your photos -- I think we met here in Los Angeles the last time you came, right? In any case, "hello, Erika!"

Common Household Mom said...

Happy birthday! Let the good times roll, indeed. May you enjoy much Bavarian snacking!

I once dined at a place where my napkin was folded every time I left the table. It was at a work conference, and I was already nervous enough; coming back to the table and finding my napkin folded freaked me out. Because I did not know that was a thing that was done in restaurants.

I just used a semi-colon in your birthday post. I hope that does not detract from the festivities.

Becky said...

That semicolon just took a great comment and made it so much better!

Beth said...

Star, that video is so cute... "Quiche and chai lattes every night!" Lols. It sounds like much fun and resting was had. That is becoming my kind of vacation.

delaine said...

Becky, you are truly in the prime of life: a life filled with people that love and cherish you. And people that you love and cherish. It does not get any better than that!
What a great birthday!

Amy said...

Love the tree! I'm sure a post is forthcoming? Happy birthday! Xxx