Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Or A Tablecloth from A Pizzeria

The other day I got a new blouse, and Matt goes, "It's like I am married to a picnic blanket."


This morning, after I got the kids up, fed them breakfast, made their lunches, and got them onto the school bus, I crawled back into bed for a few minutes, and then Matt was stirring around the room getting ready for work. He asked me, as he does many mornings, "Do you know where there are some clean socks for me?"

"At the store," I said.

I mean honestly! It's like he wants to wear a clean pair of socks every single day, and that is just not sustainable for me at this point in my life.

Then I went ahead and got up. I drank coffee and looked at the rain, the rain that caused all kinds of tennis to be canceled and rescheduled today. The tennis matches are piling up out there like jumbo jets that can't get clearance to land. Sometimes I feel like an air-traffic controller. An air-traffic controller at the lowest-stress airport in the world.

I sat in my quiet house, and the instinct towards sloth threatened to overtake me. With the last shred of will I possessed, I texted Pretty Neighbor and asked if she wanted to work out in her basement. She agreed and so I was committed. This is how I get around myself.

By then Matt showed back up at the house for a lunch visit. We chatted for a bit and I said, "Goodbye, I'm going to work out with Pretty Neighbor," and he was all, "Can I come watch?" and I was like, LOL, and he was like, j/k, no really, and I was all, "I know baby."

So we did work out, for the first time in a while. We return to the Jillian Michael's workout DVDs again and again. Those plus tennis keep things on the up; tennis alone won't do it. Then I left PN's house and arrived back on my street in time to meet the elementary school bus, and my new neighbor, the one that moved into Frenemy's house, saw me and said, "Hey, where do you work out? I need to go with you sometime." And I was like, yeah! But honestly, now that PN has turned her basement space into more of a media room, there isn't really a place for a third friend to work out. Though I know the thought would put a smile on Matt's face.

This was my day.

It is truly a blog about nothing.

How are you?


Elizabeth said...

Maybe you're the Seinfeld of bloggers. If so, you will one day be outrageously wealthy.

delaine said...

Is it time for me to come visit?
Oh, and by the way I like your new shirt. Flattering.

Keely said...

Why are food-related things red-and-white checkered, anyway?

I like how you get around yourself. I do that to myself sometimes too, but now I'm totally on to me.

Becky said...

Keely, we just gotta stay one step ahead.

Becky said...

Thanks Ma! I also got it in black and camel. :)

Beth said...

Is there any better testament to the truth of this post that I asked my husband to read it because it so intimately reflects my own life. THE SOCKS, good LORD. And he looked at me with a blank look. "What part did you think was funny?" OMG I can't even.

Beth said...

Ok that comment was very poorly constructed. I blame the passion with which I was feeling, "At the store."

Becky said...

Right? At the store. AT THE FRANKING STORE!

derrick recky said...