Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Pleasures

Here are a few things I'm enjoying right now:

The other day I got my toes painted a true purple. If you chewed Bubbalicious gum as a child, it's the color of the grape flavor. This is outside my usual toe repertoire and I'm really liking it.  Except that I went to preschool pickup yesterday wearing green flip flops, and the combination looked like spa day for the Joker.

"Downton Abbey" on Netflix Instant streaming.  It aired on PBS in January after having been on British TV last fall.  These were written by Julian Fellowes, who also wrote the screenplay for Gosford Park, another fave.  I watched the last episode last night, actually, and today I feel sad.  If you like period pieces and could give an explication of the hierarchy of servants in a great house, this is for you.

Still plugging along with my daily chapter of Les Miserables. I look forward to it every day. Something about stopping with just one chapter, it has some kind of magic.  I think I'd been Andrew Lloyd Webered into not realizing how good it would be.  I really hope this book indeed has 365 chapters. Can anyone confirm this?

The trampoline the kids got for Christmas.  The weather here has been so wonderful the last week, the kids are out there all the time. Last Saturday and Sunday, they stayed on it, joined throughout the day by different groups of playmates.  They are out of my hair, and I can monitor their activity by the happy shrieks. Also, the trampoline is nice for adult stargazing.

AND, since I've picked back up with the 30-Day Shred workouts, my abdominal muscles have strengthened and I can jump on the trampoline without feeling like I'm going to wee wee.  Too much information? Some of you ladies know what I mean.

What are your little pleasures this week?


Jenni said...
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Jenni said...

Quiet mornings.

My new book light.

Dove dark chocolate.

My too tight jeans no longer being too tight.

Kelly said...

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, playing with Carter, catching up on the phone with college roommates all in one day.

Also- I am pretty sure I would have had a lot more fun on the trampoline if I didn't feel like I was going to wet my pants every time I landed ;)

Reading Rosie said...

A giant hug from my 6'2", 14 yr. old son Isaac.

A friend called to ask if I could hem her daughter's glee club dress.

Extra teens stopping by for a snack Wednesday after school.

If you get an opportunity, the Downton Abbey DVD set includes extras. Very interesting. I'm so looking forward to the new season in the fall.

Char said...

it would be fabulous if the book had that many chapters - you make me want to approach it that way. i bought the penguin classics version of it.

loving this weather we're having.

Veronica said...

I loved Downton Abbey too!

Right now, I am enjoying the buzz about whether it will or won't snow in San Francisco this weekend. And we just got an invitation to a "Red Egg and Ginger" party for our friends' newborn son -- I got pleasure out of being invited to a cultural happening that I never knew existed, and I'm excited to find out what it's all about. I am also reading about Mormon polygamy. Perhaps I should look into this Les Mis thing; sounds a bit more highbrow. ;)

Aimee said...

Snow days.

A surprise Amazon gift card from DH.


Erika said...

An empty dishwasher (that I didn't empty)

Folded laundry (that I didn't fold)

An unwatched Top Chef on the DVR (that I WILL watch)

Christian said...

A friend of mine had a baby about four hours ago. Home birth, and I was there for all of it: not only did I see the baby come out, I saw the placenta too. Mother and baby are happy and healthy. So, that's not a little thing, but just about the hugest thing. But wow. Just wow.

Sylvia said...

Seeing my two year old run around in a Robin costume, with MY boots and a fireman hat.

The smell of the air before it rains.

Good friends that make your heart sing.

BTW - Totally get the wee-wee thing. I think it's called the miracle of children!

M said...

Watched 2nd episode of Any Human Heart on PBS and don't want it to conclude just as I didn't want Downton Abbey to end--ever. And wasn't Elizabeth McGovern slightly amazing?

Reading the Three Weismanns of Westport and getting a little Jane Austen kick.

Bought tickets for the Princess Diana dress exhibit coming next month. My wedding dress was a deflated version of hers minus the football field-length train. ;)

Talked lots of Wisconsin politics with my college son.

Took a walk in the neighborhood on the day it was 68.

Casey said...

I'm jealous of your trampoline! We can't have one or our insurance will drop us.

Right this second, I am sitting on my patio in boxers and a t-shirt catching up on my reader while my cleaning ladies spruce up the place. They come every 2 weeks but man can they get the house sparkly.

Megan said...

First, thank you for mentioning "Downton Abbey"! I forgot to watch. Must rent...

This week loving:
Re-emerged urge to write poetry.
The break from exams and papers.
The finale of my re-read of "The Help".
Running... with the warm weather, it feels good to get out this week.
Snuggling in the morning with the wee ones.

David said...

Confirmed: my French copy of it has 365 chapters, and there's nothing in the publication history note that says the divisions were added later.

_Downton Abbey_... Yes!

As for daily pleasures right now, reading two recent books about squid (who knew? fascinating!), each titled _Kraken_, one fiction, one non-fiction.

Hoping for snow in SF -- but only getting hail and rain so far.

A huge furry dog who's especially affectionate because of said weather.

Wondering what the heck a "Red Egg and Ginger" party is.

Keely said...

Getting my laptop back.

The fact that it's Friday.

Office coffee + hot chocolate powder = hacker moccachino.

The response I got from a job application that made it sound like I might actually get an interview this time.

Becky said...

Whoa Christian! Not a little thing at all. How amazing that you were there! You know, I have had two and I still don't think I fully got what was going on.

Reading these comments is like having a series of nice little moments. Everytime you guys chime in, I'm like, "Hmm, book light. Hmm, chili!" We should do one of those little gift books, like 10 gajillion things that make you smile.

David, thanks for the confirmation re Les Mis. When I said, can anyone confirm, I meant, "David will you please look this up?" I hope you were able to use arithmetic and didn't have to count 365 chapters by hand!

V, are you reading Under the Banner of Heaven? That was good.

I better go do some parenting. Matt has had to go to Arkansas today so I'm on my own. His Granddad is in the hospital and not expected to live. He is 93 and well-beloved. Let's enjoy our lovely moments while we have them. xoxo

Veronica said...

Yes, am almost done with Under the Banner of Heaven. I also read a couple books written by women who escaped the FLDS. Fascinating.

And, more important, sorry to hear about Matt's granddad. Send my love to Matt and Betty and all your family.

David said...

Neither arithmetic nor counting; the chapters are numbered consistently through the volumes and parts. I will *read* numbers, but, even for you, I won't *do* numbers!

And let Matt know he's in our thoughts. Love to him and to you all.

Lisa Lilienthal said...

husband home for lunch AND the discovery (finally) of a great local Chinese restaurant!

Amy said...

Grace says "thanks" now when I give her something. And in her little tiny voice it makes me smile everytime.

Watching "Modern Family" with Jason, and eating hummus. :)

Beth said...

Late to the party, but:

Cake night with good friends!

A good book that I don't want to end.

A snuggle from one of my boys. They are good snugglers.

Hot lunch days, when I don't have to pack a lunch for my older one!

Abigail said...

I know exactly what you mean. I stupidly jumped on our brand new tramp two days after giving birth..let's just say..we had a little cleaning up to do.. ;)

Abigail said...

Oops..I'm signed is as my daughter's me, Jane..Amy's friend with the boatload of children. ;)