Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Talking Points, Plus Hair


1) Moon Sand.  For or against?  Please hold forth.

2) I got a mani/pedi today. Usually I just get a pedicure. It was nice.  Now I want to dial the phone with a pencil like a Joan Holloway-type I used to know. Except that my phone has a touch screen so that wouldn't even work.  Fingers-OPI's Samoan Sands; toes-Kangarooby.

3) The "seafood salad" they sell in the deli at the grocery store. Terribly, terribly against.

4) We just hosted my mom and dad for a night, now they're off to the mountain house and we are heading to Chattanooga--also known as Chattaboogie, Chattavegas, Cha-Town, and Hot Buttered 'Nooga--to see some friends up there.  Back tomorrow to ready ourselves for New Year's weekend in North Carolina. All of this vacation is tiring but what is one to do?

5) Is your child into those Wimpy Kid books? Laura got the new one for Christmas and inhaled it in about an hour.  It's not Anne of Green Gables, but they are funny.

6) Here is my hair now.

It is short (of course). It is curly.  It has a will of its own and no discernible plan.  Remember the part in one of the Ramona Quimby books where Beezus gets a haircut she hates and she cries, "It's forty year-old hair!" That's how I feel about this.  It is so darn no-nonsense.  It has multiple and competing cowlicks. It gets terrible bedhead. It is auditioning to be Jane Lynch's understudy on "Glee."

7) In happier grooming news, I got the most awsome lipgloss del mundo and I have to tell you about it.  I was at Costco on the December 23 (crazy) and they had these sets of Stila lip glaze, like six for $17.  I impulse-purchased it for my own Christmas stocking.  They are the best.  Each and every color is wonderful.  I love the texture and the glossiness and the translucency.  You can't tell but in that picture I'm wearing the "Merry Merry" one.  You might need this in your life.  And I needed to share.

8) I'm submitting this post for consideration by Keely's Random Tuesday Thoughts!

9) Be sweet.  See you in a few.



ameliawalton.com said...

Hey, for what it's worth, I think that's some pretty good looking hair! Enjoy your travels, we're also headed to NC (Lake Lure) to ring in the New Year...not a lot of sequins in the woods, but it will fun nonetheless! :)

Stephanie said...

I think your hair is looking good! If it helps, my experience is that it will get better. The curls soften out and it gets easier to style. The awesome bed head, sadly, didn't go away. :-) Happy holidays to you and your family!

Keely said...

Moon sand: against.

Was your hair curly before? Or did it just decide to be now? I don't think it's Beezus hair, but it's not very "you". It seems like it's growing fast, though!

puncturedbicycle said...

Look at that thick head of hair! Maybe this isn't the gig for you, but I think you're just a little platinum and a couple of kiss curls away from a very glamorous fifties look.

Ash said...

Moon Sand is from hell. Moon Dough, however, not too bad. At least when it lands on the floor, it remains in clumps. I don't want to know what amount of toxic waste is required for its creation though.

Your hair looks so lusciously thick. Maybe that's the lipgloss reflection? Either way, it's so wonderful to see a beautiful healthy you. Safe travels!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Totally against Moon-anything, along with 'seafood salad' sold at the deli in the grocery store. ;)

Princess Nagger said she loves the Wimpy Kid books - and she thinks Laura should hold the world record since she 'inhaled' her new one in an hour! ;)

Love the new 'do! :)

RTT: Internet, Snow, Christmas

Veronica said...

Looking lovely! You had short hair when I met you; not this short, but still, it looks familiar!

Elizabeth said...

I'm against moon sand and am profoundly relieved that my youngest child has moved past the age when moon sand is de rigueur.

I think your hair looks cute --

mmeperpetua said...

Whoa, is it thicker than it was before? Because it looks crazy-thick now. And awesome.

I don't know anything about this moon sand business, though since my kid is still in the "Grit! I shall rub it in mine eyes!" stage, I probably ought to keep avoiding it.

Casey said...

Hello crazy lady. I'm still alive here in FL, the big move is on Friday then I PROMISE to reenter the blogosphere. I've been keeping up with you and a few others through my reader but haven't commented. Take that.

I haven't tried moon sand. I'm skeered. Play Doh is still mashed in our carpets and I still stupidly bring it out every so often. We have wood floors throughout the new place so hopefully that won't be an issue anymore.

I loved your Jane Lynch crack. I don't think your hair looks bad but nobody likes their own hair. Is it growing back curlier than before? I've heard of that before and it strikes me as so weird.

Well, happy New Years and all that crap. Peace out, yo.

gretchen said...

1. Don't even know what it is. Had to Google it. This says something about my child and his interests.
2. Absolutely pro-Samoan Sands. And while I was Googling, I dialed up Kangarooby (you can tell that I've been watching back to back episodes of Stargate SG-1 because I used to phrase "dialed up")and it's hot.
3. Seafood salad from the deli = salmonella. Seafood salad I made on Christmas Eve = heaven.
4. Say hi to mom and dad.
5. Yes, I'm afraid Jude thinks those Wimpy Kids books are hilarious - actually laughs out loud while reading them.
6. Liking the hair. Though yes, it is a bit Jane Lynch. I say that it's crying out for some product. A little product would give it some shape. And earrings. Short hair rule #1 is earrings.

Kate said...

wish we were going to NC for some cabin time, but no, stuck here in the frozen VA tundra. Your hair looks pretty. Maybe dd a couple sparkly peace sign barrettes to make it less Ramona and more, well, Laura!!

M said...

This may be a preview of a much later stage in the aging process where you wake up daily with someone else's hair. Like, you think, wow, my hair used to be really dark, now not quite as. My hair used to be uniformly one texture---super smooth, now it feels bumpy and jagged. My hair used to be stick straight (a friend said it looked like I ironed it) and now it has waves in odd places. And, unquestionably, it used to be way way thicker---I couldn't fit it into a barrette to wear a pony tail, now the barrette slides down sometimes.

I am not complaining because I am thrilled, of course, to have hair to fuss about, but it is a rather unexpected set of adjustments that no one got around to mentioning would likely occur. I'm sure there are products to eradicate all of these issues, but alas and perhaps thankfully, I have not world enough nor time. ;)

Amy said...

I have avoided all dealings with Moon Sand.

Your Beezus reference made me laugh! I remember that line, and the illustration that accompanied it! Trust me, you don't have Beezus hair. A natural beauty like yourself can pull that look off. But yes, a little product might make you feel more sassy.

Common Household Mom said...

Moon sand: against.
You didn't ask, but I have to say it:
Play-doh: against, on the messiness and the orthographic front.

The hair: for.

Jenni said...

Very against Moon Sand. That crap gets everywhere and is damned near impossible to clean up. I threw all of Oscar's in the garbage and forbid Santa to bring him more this year.

You know, it's weird to see you with hair. I always imagine you bald. It has some height to it, but I feel like it makes your head look smaller. I think you need to get some pomade up in there and own those cowlicks.

Cassie said...

Samoan Sand is my OPI old faithful.

Your hair does seem to be growing quickly! And as always, you radiate beauty with just a hint of sass.

Ginny Marie said...

Ack! No moon sand! It won't even vacuum off of a Pergo floor! We just watched the Ramona movie with Lily, and now she's rereading the books with Ed. She loves them! Think of your hair as being more pixie-ish like Ramona's cut. :) Hope you are having fun in L.A. (I know you are!)