Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Week of Radiation Treatments

Friends, if you need anything from the Radiation Oncology Department, now is the time to ask me to get it for you.  I can offer you various ancient magazines, salves and ointments, or perhaps you would like a stack of folded hospital gowns?  One size fits all, and they are cool and breathable.

Friday is my last radiation treatment.  Praisallujah!  Can I get a what what?  It's number 28, at long last.  That means 28 times of:  making that forty-minute commute; writing my name on the slip of paper at check-in; putting my clothes in a metal locker; remembering to put on my little patient bracelet; bounding into the treatment room so as not to appear frail; being scooched into place on the table by the therapists (Omega once told me, "You line up good"); watching the machine move into position; holding still, or breathing, or zoning out; hopping up again; remembering to be friendly; getting my clothes; stuffing my gown in a hamper in the dressing room; and scrubbing my hands on the way out. 

Today I actually paused and looked around the dressing room and took in all the artwork and the inspirational/motivational posters.  I thought, "I really hope that after this week I never see this room again."  It's a good place, though, and they are good people.

What am I going to do with all my free time next week?

The really tricky part of this whole course of radiation was to not shop my way up and down the boulevard as I went to and from treatment.  As I mentioned before, because of Hank's school schedule, I have had time to kill on both ends, and my route takes me through some prime shopping.  It would have been easy to lose myself in retail therapy.  And there was some of that.  As a direct result of my radiation commute, I acquired:

  • seven pairs of Victoria's Secret panties.  They don't work for me so they're going to my sister.  "Cheekster" style, wha?
  • Two J.Crew tees and two tanks
  • A salad set from Pottery Barn (but it was a wedding gift!)
  • A sunbrella bolster pillow from Pottery Barn (yes, known issue, the pillows are a problem)
  • Several old Cake songs (from iTunes)
  • Unabridged audio Pride And Prejudice (also iTunes)
  • Gazillion Old Navy tank tops when they went down to like a dollar
  • Two-buck Chuck from Trader Joes
  • Two Scarpetta books from bargain table at B&N
  • Numerous little-girl gift closet (Christmas?) items from B&N clearance
  • Coffees too numerous to count 
  • I might be forgetting some TJ Maxx flotsam in here somewhere

Now, stuff I bought myself not on my route but nonetheless as a direct result of feeling like I'm undergoing radiation and therefore "need a present":
  • Frye "Jane" boots in vintage brown
So that's not too bad.  I was prevented from shopping more by all the reading I did in the mornings at coffee shops.  Nice times.  And let's talk about what I didn't buy, you know?  Namely:
  • The black leather and embroidery Isabella Fiore hobo at TJ Maxx last week.  It was $250, instead of $500.  Which is still $250.  It was gorgeous, beautifully finished, and not too much hardware.  I carried it around for a while (I practice catch-and-release shopping sometimes).  Then I put it back.  Then I picked it up.  Then I thought of two things: 1) that is the amount of money it is going to cost to get our broken shingles fixed; and 2) I could start carrying the Isabella Fiore purse that I ALREADY HAVE.  Then I put it back.  Since I left it there I've only thought about it a dozen times or so.   
Okay, most bullet-pointed post ever?  Bottom line is, last week of radiation.  And I hope you are all feeling fine too.


Anonymous said...

Woo to the HOO!! Excellent news! And amazing restraint on the shopping front. I would definitely not count the gifts for other people.

Joie said...


That is awesome! I cannot imagine how free that must make you feel!

Hmmm...as sexy as those hospital gowns are, I am glad I decided to pass on having you mail me some! :)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! Such a great feeling to be done. I'm glad the radiation didn't drag you down too much and I hope you get to enjoy all your regained free time. Yea for graduation!

Suburban Correspondent said...


Marie said...

JOY TO THE WORLD!!!!Your Dad's been keeping us posted. You are an inspiration to us all and you need to publish this whole journey. I am sooo stinkin' proud of you and I love your guts! XOXO

Michele said...

WooHoo! Congrats on the last week.

You have a Trader Joes in your city? I am so coming your way.

Maggie said...

YEE Ha!!!! I am so glad that it is over. I am also proud of you for not coming home with the %250 purse.
You have handled all of this with such grace. We are so proud of you and know great things await you. Love you

Beth said...

What WHAT!

I always thought you line up good.

Veronica said...

Last week! You better buy something good on your way home on the last day. Otherwise what else are you going to write to us about on Friday? :)

Star said...

Enormous congrats, and a profound Thank You for sharing with grace and a marvelous sense of humor such private and difficult moments. Your bounce has helped me to face my own dark difficulties. To distract myself, to communicate, I also turned to doing two blogs about two of my absorbing passions. I can't remember if the comments on your blog are moderated, or not, but I'd like to share the addresses with you and your readers, if I may (please feel free to delete, if not): Milan, Italy (http://mymilanitaly.blogspot.com) and needlepoint (http://arsacupicturaestellae.blogspot.com). Thank you!

Dancer said...

Congratulations on your last week of radiation. May you be done with cancer (breast and otherwise) forevermore!

Michele R said...

So happy for you that the radiation is soon to be done!

MommyNamedApril said...


Keely said...

What what! That rocks! I can't think of anything I need from there. But I probably will once you're completely done. Isn't that always the way?

I do "catch and release" a lot, too. I've NOT ended up with some unnecessary stuff but I've probably spent an equal amount of time getting attached to things.

janimal said...

Congratulations! Very cool that radiation will be over.
.....and now I am thinking about that bag too.....

Bonnie said...

Can't wait for this week to be over for you -- Hurray!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

So, SO, So, SOOO very happy for you!! Congrats!!

I just found your blog today and it is amazing. You had me rolling on the floor with your child transportation etiquette.

I can't wait to read more of your domestic adventures.

puncturedbicycle said...

"Remembering to be friendly" - that is the part I would have forgotten. You are so sweet. Congrats.

Amy said...

Thank God! Multiple gold stars on your chart for enduring this with such grace and humor.

I would like a cute knitted cap, pls.

I love you!

Jane said...

Awesome! So glad you're almost done!

Camp Papa said...

Your mother and I have often remarked that our children are greater than the sum of their parts. Sometimes you prove it to everyone. As your grandmother would say, "You would do to ride the river with."

You didn't mention the stops for bagels with lox and a side of grits! Ain't the South great?

Elizabeth said...

Congrats -- may you never see that site again!

Sjn said...

So glad you're done with all that. That's way too long a drive from up here!
I've been thinking of you and praying for only good things to come your way.
Thanks for visiting me!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Terrific news! But I'm going to miss hearing about Omega.

kathy said...

Alleluia! We celebrate with you the end of treatments. Good-bye cancer! Praise God.

Amy said...

Becky, I have missed you so. Every bit of you, but maybe especially the bits that get inside my head and echo around a while. Like the pain of hammering your new reality into shape. Those sorts of bits.

I knew it would be like this, that I would go cold turkey, and not read AT ALL, and then I would slip just a tiny bit (that was last week) and then I would be back and sitting on the SubMat doorstep every morning, waiting for my fix...

Anyhoo. I didn't read everything I missed in the last months, but I did get all caught up on yer boobs. I hope, I guess, that the new reality starts fitting more comfortably, and you stop noticing it? Like a bra.

And look for me tomorrow morning.
It's not so bad out here on the stoop, really. ;) xoxo