Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Bee

Emma and Laura

Laura had a big day on Saturday.  In the morning I took her to a tryout for a year-round swim team at a local competitive swim club. And she got on, yay! I was confused about why she wasn't acting happier while the coach was talking to us, and then she told me that when the coach said, "I want to offer her a spot on our Gold Team," Laura heard, "I want to offer her a spot on her old team."  So I was standing there all happy and Laura was all, "What's the big deal?" and I'm like, "Brighten up and say thank you! Geez!"

But then she figured out what was going on, and she was happy, and I am proud of her. I hope it will really develop her swimming.  It will be a big time commitment though: 6 practices over the course every two-week period, but we get to choose which days to go.

Then I drove her across town to an ice-skating party.  She just had time to dry out, which was good because it was freezing in that place. She skated for two hours while Mama ran errands and sat in Starbucks, then when I went back to get her, she wanted to stay and skate 'til the end of the session with the birthday girl, but I didn't want to wait in that icebox. So I asked the birthday mom (the Secret Rules Mom from the other day) if she would drop Laura at our house after the party.  She said, "Sure, okay, your house isn't that far out of our way." Yes, I know it's not, OH MY GOD.

Then, THEN, Laura's school chorus was performing the US and Canadian national anthems at the Gwinnett Gladiators game, so Pretty Neighbor and I saddled up and took the girls to their big hockey début.  Funny, we go for months and years without entering an ice rink, and then our business takes us to two in one day.

Hockey Blimp


They thoroughly enjoyed their moment in the spotlight, and the game was fun. I have never seen hockey played, so I was into it.  There was a fight.  And then between periods there was a pie-eating contest.  Then I had a couple of beers at Pretty Neighbor's house, then I was totally beat.  And all I'd done was drive Laura around, I don't know where she gets all her pep.

The next morning Laura said, "If I could live every part of yesterday over again, I would do it."  I said, "Me too, I loved watching you try out for the swim team." And she said, "My favorite part was at the hockey game when I got that large popcorn."

So, yep, a big day.


Keely said...

All things in perspective, right? Popcorn is important.

Amy said...

My Lord, she is such a sweetie. That last paragraph made me tear up a little! That sounds like a huge day--I'm tired just thinking about it. Where was Hank during all the action?

Hilarious about Secret Rules Mom. You need to spend some time with her and teach her the code.

Veronica said...

What a great day for her! And popcorn, she really is her father's daughter, isn't she? ;)

Michele said...

And so begins the Taximom phase of motherhood. This is a milestone. Congrat to Laura for making the Gold team.

Jenni said...

I love that she loved her day so much, and yeah Laura for making the swim team. What a fine, well rounded young lady you are raising.

Live hockey is something else. Really fun stuff, particularly if you get to sit near and Angry Hockey Fan.

Elizabeth said...

She's a doll --

I figured out today that when I drive around Los Angeles in the afternoons, picking up my three children from three different schools and dropping off carpool kids and otherwise, -- well, I could drive to San Diego every day. It's weird how much time is spent in the car.

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

One of the first posts I ever read was about the Secret Rules Mom and I just knew then that I liked you and you were going to be highly addictive.

Seriously though, that was pretty awesome of her to drop your daughter off. That was really a lot of trouble for her. I hope you thank her profusely for all the trouble she went to.

Sounds like she had a fabulous day.=)

Kate said...

what a well rounded young lady! So adorable. I shudder to remember how popcorn was a major part of my collegiate diet.

Maggie May said...

New here- congratulations on no more radiation. I like your Mia Farrow hair! You totally have the smile and big eyes for it. Glad to find you, and your kids are lovely :)

Camp Papa said...

Laura swims like a mermaid, looks like an angel, and is smarter than an Ivy League debate team.

nova said...

As a full-blown small-town central-prairies Canadian girl with four brothers, the phrase "I have never seen hockey played" does not even register as a legitimate way to construct a sentence to me. Are there really people who haven't...? Nah.

Becky said...

Ha! I mean I have never seen it played live.

I guess, also, I have never watched it played on TV, for longer than it took to pass through the room. It is just not part of my culture.

Seems fun though. Way more fun than that soccer!

Scott said...

Popcorn trumps swimming. This holds true for me as well.