Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conspiracy Guy Mystery Solved

The Foster Children came to my door again Friday afternoon and asked for Hank to come out. I said that he was getting ready to go to the mountains, but that if it was okay with their dad, they could come in and say hi to him for a few minutes. The little one said, "We're not allowed to come in because of we played that video game. Those games are about killing. We don't like killing."

Okay. Well actually we do not like killing either in this house.

A few times I let them play a little xbox game called Castle Crashers, which has cartoon knights who run around chopping an assortment of bad guys. One of the bad guys is a giant ear of corn who spawns killer popcorn kernels. Grisly.

The only thing about the game that offends my sensibilities is that there are cartoon deer in it who poop sometimes. Gratuitous cartoon animal pooping. To Hank, this is the most High-Larious Thing of All Possible Things That Have Ever Happened on Earth. So I turn a blind eye.

Keep in mind that this guy is a person who regularly has no idea where his kids are. But it is easier to forbid the kids to come in my house than to say to me, "Hey, would you not let the girls play that game? It makes them bonkers at home," or something.

Because I am a polluter of children's minds.

We are already in North Carolina, 'til Sunday night. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep sweet!


Elle said...

This reminds me of the thing I read in Vogue yesterday (zomg, Vogue! Paisley!), about Gisele, which reminded me of last year's brouhaha/catfight set up with her & Bridget Moynihan, where Gisele said that she thought of Moynihan & Brady's kid as her own, and grrrrr. Then they had a rumble, at the derby? Or whatever.

(The idea of Gisele in an American Graffiti remake is killing me right now.)

Anyhow, the point is that I was confused by it, because isn't Baby Jack in her freaking house a third of the time? Do we not want to be able to entrust our children to responsible people? And when so, don't we value that? And if so, why do so many people think that responsible people should assume all the burdens of responsibility but never have the privileges of decisionmaking and relationship-building?

Conspiracy Guy is having super-bad behavior. Sadly, it is mainly held up by society-at-large, so I am not sure how gossip can bring him down. If I think of something, I'll let you know. See you.

Sjn said...

simple fix: play something else at your house besides video games when they come over. There's lots of other games to play right?!
Or... they play outside now that it's finally getting nice. Running around, getting exercise, burning off energy, bein' a kid, ahhh the best times!
Or... they go home and be with Dad.

Michele R said...

I love those two girls' honesty. I don't know much but I like them despite their dad.
And there is a lot of killing at our house. Not prior to age 2nd grade or so (maybe later if there are no older brothers around--then maybe 4th grade) but Dad over here plays Call of Duty with the best of them. And you never met a kinder, fairer, teacher of children human being.
Oh, and Giselle rocks. I read an article when she was on the cover of Vanity Fair, ready to snort and smirk, but I was impressed. And then I read that she did not want to have a baby the way that so many young women in Brazil are doing it and she put in a lot of thought and research.
And you rock too, Becky! Have a wonderful mountain time. Hope you brought lots of warn stuff! And please limit those killing games!
BTW the animal pooping game sounds like a riot.

Jenni said...


(Conspiracy guy, not you.)

Keely said...

Oh. Well. You Corruptor, you.

Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Boy--with this and me asking you not to let Ava watch the first Harry Potter, you've probably got a complex now, huh? ;)

CG is interesting. He lets his daughters roam with little knowledge of where they might be, yet draws the line at imaginary dangers on a video game. Whatevs!

Beth said...

We've got a TON of killing going on over here, especially Lego killing. The boys love the Lego Wii games, and I let them play them. And I don't really feel bad about it. We also play Wii SPorts Resort, which has a game called Swordplay in which you and your opponent are on a tall platform in the middle of the ocean and are trying to knock each other off by beating the crap out of each other with a stick. And they love it.

In the Wii Lego games, there's a special prize you can win called "Poo Money." If you manage to get this prize, you can turn it on and all the animals will poop coins. And like Hank, my boys nearly cough up a lung, they laugh so hard.

The Dental Maven said...

Oh, Glory! Humans are such strange animals.