Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These Were A Few of My Favorite Things

I seem to be doing a Christmas retrospective the last few days. I was looking at my pictures from Christmas morning, and I wanted to share a few of the things people got and gave that I liked best.

Katie's Anthropologie Bowls

Have you seen these Anthropologie latte bowls? Amy gave these to Kate, and she gave four to me too. Darned if they aren't perfect for everything. And all the different colors awaken my inner collector. Gotta catch 'em all!

Laura with her Astroscan

Santa brought Laura this Edmunds Astroscan telescope, and it is super cool. It's a classic design that's been around for like 30 years, it's got a wide field of view, and it's really portable. Also it looks like a giant bong. She was thrilled with it, and I want to decorate a house around it. Mod!

Fur Stoles

I got the girls these faux fur stoles, because why not?

Hank's Clone Helmet

Santa also brought Hank this Star Wars helmet thingie, which isn't something I'm longing to play with, but it was the first thing he unwrapped and he was absolutely trembling all over with excitement.


My favorite thing Hank got were these blocks from Amy. He has needed a set of real blocks, and these Melissa and Doug Standard Unit blocks were like fifty bucks on Amazon. Then, a few days before Christmas, we went into TJ Maxx, and there was a set for $40. Awesome TJ's moment! They are the real deal, with smooth corners and a nice weight.

Also, Matt gave me a tennis racquet, and my mom gave me some wooden Pottery Barn candlesticks. We did a name-draw thing for adults on my side of the family this year, and on Matt's side we agreed we were only getting gifts for kids. I loved this arrangement--so much less fuss and less stuff. Not that I don't love stuff 'cause I truly do.


delaine said...

I love your pictures! I especially like the picture looking down on Hank and the blocks. Good eye. Love those bowls too!

Kelly said...

We need to break in those racquets!!

Michele said...

Love love love the stoles.

Marie said...

YOU are one of my favorite things!I've been following your blog and
Amy's and David's,too! I feel like
I've had a little visit with you.
Lovin' it!

gretchen said...

It DOES look like a bong! And it's cool too. Tell me how it works, because it's totally something Jude would like.

And EVERYTHING from Anthropologie is fabulous. I could live there.

Becky said...

Hi Marie! I'm so glad you're here!

Gretchen, this telescope is cool. It has no moving parts (except you can focus the eyepiece) and it gives a wide, bright view. Click the link and read about it.

Kelly, we do need to play, because I'm on a team now (yikes) and I need to figure out how to play before the league starts!

The Messy Mom said...

Great pics. I got a penguin ornament from anthropology ;) What a fun Christmas.

Amy said...

Those ARE awesome bowls, if I do say so. Now why oh why didn't I get some for myself?

Becky said...

Messy Mom, their ornaments are to die for. And now they're on sale!

Amy, um, maybe because you already had to get ten bowls into your suitcase for K and me?

A Day That is Dessert said...

The stoles are my fave :)

Mad Woman said...

Ok..that's not you in that first pic..who is that? Love those bowls!! Great pics :-)

Amy said...

Mad Woman, that's our sister-in-law, the lovely Kate. Don't you love how her outfit coordinates with the bowls?

Together We Save said...

Lofe the fur stoles!! Very cute.

Kate said...

Amy, you're right, my outfit totally coordinates with the bowls! I love how my nail polish accents the different colors too :) It was meant to be. I love those bowls.

Keely said...

Who doesn't love stuff? Except, of course, when it becomes clutter.

I think I love that telescope.

Sara said...

Hee! Bestest stuff!

High five for the fur stoles!
Telescope is totally rad. Seen anything cool yet?