Monday, January 25, 2010

A Few Notes

In the complaint department:

1. After that stomach virus, I'm in a pair of skinny jeans. I know this won't last long, as that pesky, life-sustaining liquid works its way back into my system. But anyway, I'm wearing this pair of J. Crew bootcuts that looked really cute on their model. Well. J Crew and I seem to have a disagreement over where my ass should be. They apparently feel that it should be a pancake-like extension of the backs of my legs. I feel that it should be given a little more room to roam. Also, these things are cut completely straight in the hips and I don't know how they are supposed to stay up. Perhaps suspenders? That starts to be not the look I was going for. No matter, I'll be back in my Gap Long and Leans tomorrow.

2. When I haven't seen a movie/TV show/viral video/whatever, I very quickly get tired of hearing it talked about. I have reached my absolute maximum limit of hearing about Avatar. I am sorry if you loved it, I know it was probably quite a spectacle. It just didn't look that cool to me. And now there have been weeks of stories about it as some sort of cultural phenom, with the NYT and other media reporting that people are plunging into depression after seeing it, because it's so awesome and they can't live in that world with those blue people, etc. Sigh. I didn't even like looking at the Happy Meal toys.

3. Ditto "Jersey Shore." Can their fifteen minutes be over soon? Though I did hear that one of the guys on that show calls himself "The Situation." I will hereby be known as "That Whole Situation."

4. Double ditto that pants on the ground thing. Even Hank knows about this. How does this happen? I grow weary and need my smelling salts. . .

5. On the other hand, if you want to chat about "Mad Men" or "LOST," I will rock you all night long. Rock you like a hurricane.

I'll be back in later. I just wanted to unburden myself. xoxo--That Whole Situation


Anonymous said...

no interest in Avatar. The Rev. at church yesterday discussed the film, then noted that our country has poured 10 times more into box office revenue than we have to aid to Haiti.
don't do "real" housewives either. love mad men. Never tried lost.
Glad you feel better.

Andy said...

I demand to be known as "The Circumstances."

Haven't seen Avatar yet and, at this point, it's doubtful it's going to happen. The rest of the nerd community will have to weep over being stuck with this boring, two-dimensional world instead of the 3D glory of Pandora.

Cassie said...

I feel the same way about the Pants on the Ground thing. When it first happened I kind of thought I'd watch it when I got a chance since everyone found it so funny. Then it blew up and there are way too many Facebook status updates about it and now I'm intentionally NOT watching it. You know, on principle. I'm not sure what principle exactly but still. Not watching.

Kate, that piece of info about box office revenue vs. Haiti relief is truly disturbing.

Can I be "The Point of Contention"?

Jenni said...

Well, damn it. I have no idea what the pants on the ground thing is. Now I have to go find out.

Melissa said...

I love the nickname. Glad you and the fam are feeling better.

Michele R said...

Maybe there is something being absorbed into the skin when wearing the 3-D glasses. Cuz the whole family over here saw it with regular eyes and not 3-D. We all liked it but no one kept thinking about it days later. The link you pasted about those now depressed is insane!
I heard that James Cameron is convinced that this technology means that an older actor can now play a younger actor….? I’ll take great acting and a great film and a film that doesn’t cost one-fourth of a billion dollars any day. I would recommend seeing it though.
The cool thing about General Larry Platt and his song, Pants on the Ground, is that he was with the other well-knowns in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement and for 45 years he does what he can locally.
We are loving Modern Family on Wed nights over here.

gretchen said...

I always felt the same way about all those Oprah's Book Club books. I just refused to buy them and read them at the same time as the rest of America (though I'd for sure read them about two years after the fact). The whole bandwagon thing just makes me cringe.

Michele said...

I haven't seen any of the current crop of movies. Don't have a clue what Pants on the ground is and from here on out I would like to be called; The Procrastinator.

glad to hear that you are all feeling better. Hope that you are able to continue to wear your skinny jeans. Just not those skinny jeans.

Ginny Marie said...

I haven't seen Avatar, either. I usually resist watching a movie after it is hyped up...I still haven't seen Titanic. And I'm among the clueless in the whole pants on the ground thing...crap, does that mean I will now be known as The Clueless?

Amy said...

You are funny. I have no idea what pants on the ground is. None.

Don't you know that JCrew doesn't make jeans for normal humans? Long and leans all the way!

Haven't seen Avatar either. It just didn't appeal to me, really. I did, however, see "It's Complicated" which was really funny.

Hootie said...

Avatar is definitely a bandwagon phenom. I saw it in 3D, enjoyed the pretty pictures (until some dude came and sat next to me reeking of smoke of some kind... who comes and sits next to you halfway through a movie? I think he might have sneaked in or something...), and left thankful that I never had to sit through it again. It was an hour's worth of awesome in a 2.5 hour sack. You know how when you're waiting in line at DisneyWorld, and they have little humorous videos that are supposed to contextualize the upcoming ride with some easy-to-swallow narrative? That's what Avatar felt like. 1D characters in a 3D environment.

Camp Papa said...

Has "The Happenstance" been spoken for?

Elizabeth said...

How come no one has said anything about Jersey Shore? I don't mean to be all Ms. Southern Sunshine on them, but that's what I call TRASH.

New Jersey. The armpit of America.

Keely said...

Pants on the ground? Wha?

I shall hereby be known as The SNAFU.

Dave said...

I saw Avatar in 3D, and here's the deal.

It's cool, but not best-movie-ever, global-phenomenon kind of cool. Some of the acting (like, actual human acting) seemed cheesy and cheap. You would think they could have done better than the main bad guy they have. It's also too long, and about two thirds into it, you find yourself thinking, "Wow, this movie is still going."

Again, it was good, but I truly don't understand the huge hype. Was it the first movie with this kind of computer animation? Was it the first good 3D movie? I don't know.

But it's funny how it's been criticized politically from both right and left. Some on the right say, basically, that the movie "hates the troops." Some on the left says that it's yet another Dances With Wolves, where the natives need a white man to save them. The first is true, if by "troops" they mean Blackwater-esque mercenaries bent on genocide and destruction. The second is true I guess, but the people who make the argument have forgotten that the movie is made by humans for humans, which has a minor effect on the plot.

Becky said...

The SNAFU! Damn, why didn't I nab that one! The Happenstance is a good one too. I like your description Hoot. And yes, I guess we are stuck here in this BORING DUMB world.

That IS cool about the pants on the ground guy, Michele. I read that on your blog. You people who don't know about this must be on Venus or Canada or something.

Sara said...

I tried some skinny jeans on once. Even on a skinny day, not so good. Long and lean sounds so much better anyway.

I enjoyed Avatar as a family date night. It was fun and pretty. The story was a lame retread, sometimes cringe worthy. I like that Zoe gal though. I think she's neat.

Jersey Shore I've not watched but it seems putrid. Reality shows are so unsatisfying anyway.

I respect pants on the ground guy and agree with his message. But it wasn't funny to me.

I am sad that I haven't seen Mad Men or Lost, bc I want to. I am happy about the Scorpions reference.

Can I be "The Rigamarole?"

Michele R said...

Me again.
Becky, you will like the girl power in Avatar. There is multi-generational woman wisdom. Two women humans and two Navi women have much heart and brains.
Sara brings up a good point about a family date. It fit the bill for something all 5 of us could see for a holiday treat (but mine are ages 9 and over)

Elle said...

I would like to be known as "The Backstory."

Until last year, I thought "Lost" was a reality show. The revelation came when my husband told me the "Millennium" guy was in the cast & I was all, "huh?" There is some culturally-cognitive dissonance between us, because he is away in a place with cable teevee 2 nights most weeks.

Casey said...

Rock on the skinny jeans! I haven't worn mine in awhile, maybe I need to start hanging around the kid's school in hopes of a stomach flu.

Ditto on the movies, Twilight too. Grr.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

If the NYT is plugging Avatar, you SO made the right call. No blue fictional people for me, thank you very much.

Which reminds me! Have you seen "Being There" since Obama was elected? I watched it for the first time the other night and loved it. Too funny.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Dude, I got to see the creator of Mad Men speak not too long ago.


Avatar, pants on the ground and all that other stuff? Meh.

PS: Did I just call you dude? Why yes, it appears I did.