Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Huge in Poland, and Other Updates

Now with photographic illustration!

1) Remember the other day when I posted my little infographic about Jon Bon Jovi? Well, after I put that up, the traffic on this blog more than doubled overnight. Gracious! I was like, "When did I get to be such a big deal?" So I delved deeper into my newfound popularity. Turns out that my little chart had been linked to by five different Jon Bon Jovi fan forums. Also, turns out that there are at least five different Jon Bon Jovi fan forums. Three in English, one in Spanish, and one in Polish. They're loggin' in from Lodz. ("Lodz" is pronounced "woodge." How I know that is a boring story. But go ahead and purse your lips and say, "woodge." Doesn't that feel nice?) So I don't read Polish, but based on their emoticons, they liked the chart. Unless there's some weird opposite thing with emoticons in Polish culture, the way a thumbs-up means "screw you" in some countries? I think my Polish 15 minutes is coming to an end now anyway. I seem to be back to regular popularity levels. Do widzenia, y'all.

2) I finally turned on the air conditioner in my house. I blasted through my June 1 goal, and even made it to June 2, for dignity's sake. (You don't do the thing the very minute you're allowed to do the thing, right?) Okay actually it wasn't even really warmish in the house until the very end of May, and I could have toughed it out a little longer, but last night, Hank woke up around midnight in his bed and called out for me. This is unusual. When I went to him he was crying. I said, "Why are you crying?" and he said, "I'm sad." Then he wept softly. Once I'd eliminated all the possible sources of toddler-sadness, I decided that he was really trying to say, "I'm hot." So down slammed the windows and on came the air. He went right back to sleep.

3) Another reason to air-condition, besides how good--so good--it feels on my body, is that Laura has gotten fitted with orthodontic headgear that she has to sleep in. The headgear is to head off the crazy monkey prognathism that she inherited from my family on my mother's side. Hi Mom! She is being a total trouper about it, and I didn't want to compound the discomfort of the headgear with a warm bedroom. Her only complaint is that she can't sleep on her stomach. She said, "But Mom, I'm made to sleep on my face!"

4) I started Weight Watchers last weekend. My sister and I were starting to joke about starting a girl band called The Muffin Tops. And unlike Amy, I'm not pregnant. So I signed up for the online program, because their website seems really good, and they have an iPhone app for tracking food points. I like that there really aren't any forbidden foods--that you just track what you eat. So far it has definitely kept me from random, incidental eating, like finishing those leftover sandwich crusts. Like, I'm not spending two points on those soggy child-leavings, two points buys me a shot of vodka. So far I've lost two pounds. I'm practically disappearing here.

5) I went back and got my eyebrows and my hair done this evening. That took almost 4 hours.

New Highlights, Thank God

One takeaway: I had forgotten this, but the eyebrow shaping hurts more than the bikini wax. I think because it goes on longer, and it happens on your face. Then it was time to get coiffed. The hair lady went crazy, in a good way. She put lowlights and two different colors of highlights in my hair. Kind of like Neopolitan ice cream, only blonde. And natural. Because that's me--so, so into being natural. The cut is good, I think, and she fluffed and styled me to a fare-thee-well. So yeah, there's another reason to air-condition the house: my increased HOTNESS. Wha-chow!

I crack myself up.

I feel like there were other matters I wanted to share with you, but they escape me. My life seems to be made up of things that are too insignificant to mention by themselves. I guess this is the stuff of life. Anything exciting with y'all?


SJN said...

girl, you have got to post a follower widget so all us fans can see each other, and see how very popular you are! All the big braggers, I mean bloggers have one.

and show us all a pic of the new you do too! (I sound like Dr. Seuss)

Fantastic Forrest said...

I second the request for the new do photo. Take it quick, before you completely disappear.

I like that you figured out why Hank was crying. You are a great mom.

I can't find a Polish translator thingy, but here is my sentiment about you in Russian (thanks Babelfish):

Я люблю вы, слободский Matron

Amy said...

I guess I will have to advertise for a new bassist for The Muffin Tops then. Though I think I have enough toppage right now for a few people.

That is sweet about Hank. "I'm sad"--that's exactly how I felt in our un-airconditioned house this summer. And all my soft weeping just made me damp as well as hot. ;)

And yeah--post a pic, girl!!

The Dental Maven said...

Who loses 2 pounds in less than a week???? GIRL! You're killin' me here.

Casey said...

I'm glad to hear about your Polish popularity. We've had our air on for oh, well.. .since we've lived here so I'd say four years. We alternate between heat and air so there's always something sucking up electricity. Where's the shot of this new do?

Ginny Marie said...

It's the beginning of June, and we're hovering around 60 degrees. No A/C for us, yet. This weather is ridiculous...I took the girls to the park, and we were freezing! You'd think we lived in, oh, I don't know, Canada, maybe? But we're in Illinois, for pete's sake!

Love the Bon Jovi pie chart! I missed it the first time around!

Sara said...

I agree with Fantastic Forrest: You are a Toddler Whisperer.

I wouldn't call mine a Muffin Top. I'd call it a persistant food baby. Get out of my belly, Food Baby!
I'm glad you're having success with WW. And the Polish Bon Jovi fans!

Let's see this fancy hairdo!

Bex said...

poor girl. sleeping on your face is truly a wonderful thing. i remember after my pregnancies wondering if i would ever sleep on my face / stomach again - i did. immediately. but i feel her pain.

Michele Renee said...

My muffin top has become a household commentary. I guess I do bring it up, but my 8 yr old hugged me from behind and said, "I guess it is like a muffin because it is around the back too." Years ago I hung my bikini top on the refrigerator as an incentive. One of them asked if I was going to do that again. Yeah to highlights, lowlights and hotness!

A Day That is Dessert said...

What is it about aging that makes metabolism change? I don't eat differently than I used to and my exercise is about the same too, yet I've got an extra 5 pounds...I'm going to try to work on that too.

Funny how the internet randomly finds things you've written! I did a post months and months ago about some self calming cards we have for children, and at least 10 times a day someone looks at that post via a google search. (glad to be of such help to the public, you know?)

I SO wish I had air conditioning - it's been wretchedly hot here but only is like this a week or two of every summer so hardly anyone has air conditioning.

Becky said...

Aw Forrest, Я тебя люблю слишком!

And I added a pic, even though I had to take it myself. I told Matt, "Honey I need you to take pictures of my hair for my blog," and while he agreed, it did not seem to be at the absolute top of his priorities today. Men.

Sara, that's it! I'm having a food baby! I should give it a name. I got it, it's name is G&T.

SJ, that follower widget is neat, but since I don't use it to follow the blogs I read, I feel weird about putting it on my page and being like, "Follow me!" I just use my Google reader, and of course my blogroll (which I really should update), and I guess my memory.

Michele R, you're kid is hilarious. They really know nothing about tact, do they?

Keely said...

lol, brief Bon Jovi related popularity.

I use WW online too, and it works well. Mostly I log my food when I need to get back on track with the snacking, like you are finding.

Michele said...

Add the beautiful eyebrows and hair to the new bra situation and there is some serious hawtness happening at your house.

Fantastic Forrest said...

As Billy would say:
You rook marvelous, dahling!

I didn't even know this song existed. But it is dedicated to you, Becky.

Sara said...

Woo Woo! You look so purty!

That hair is downright luscious.

gretchen said...

I've been Weight Watchering off and on since my son was born 6 years ago, and I have a few tidbits of advice. If you eat nothing for lunch but a large bowl of arugula and tomatoes with salt and vinegar on it (ZERO points!), you can save up points and have TWO shots of vodka at night. Or whenever you need it. Or two glasses of wine. You find all sorts of ways to cut back if you think of it this way. Progresso makes really pretty decent ZERO calorie soups (I hear they're loaded with MSG, but if hot flashes and bloating aren't a problem...). Eat the soup for dinner and we're up to three or four shots of vodka. Or glasses of wine. It's a really wonderful diet. Good luck!

Jenni said...

first, you look gorgeous. second, i've lost nearly 22 lbs on WW in the past three months, so i'm a huge fan. it totally works. and, i can't believe you underestimated the popularity of JBJ, particularly in Poland.

The Messy Mom said...

Girl you look awesome. I coincidentally just confessed to muffin top on my blog. Congrats on the first two pounds.

Christine said...

You. Have. Great. Hair.

Amy said...

I LOVE salon hair! You look gorgeous. All that hawtness--how will I compete when you get here? I think I'll start looking for a burlap sack now. Does burlap come in different colors?

Cassie said...

Girl, you so fine. =)

(PS: I'm back online, and I've missed you!)

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Sweet unwrinkled, not-in-need of Frowniies-friend, you hair is so NOT neopolitan! And so not in need of any fine-tuning. I'm drooling in my own envy.

Re the A/C: just be glad your husband is going right along with you. Mine is just getting re-adjusted. I used to drag blankets around . . . in taxi cabs, you name it, to stay warm. Now? Ice packs, all the way, baby. Hot flashes are the pits, and they are my life!

I hear a little soy sauce on top of some TJ Max will cure 'em. FYI.

Anonymous said...

hair looks cute! i've entered the world of highlighting, and you can never go back. Overall beauty maintenance gets harder and harder as I age.

Anonymous said...

I play guitar and I'm also a WWer. :-)