Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Am Somewhat Rabbit-Like Now

Sometimes in the past when I’ve been sleep-deprived or stressed over a period of weeks, I’ve developed an eye twitch. It’s not really visible to other people, because I’ve run to the mirror and looked, but to me it feels really weird.

Well now I’ve got a new thing. On Thursday afternoon, Matt told me that he has to take an impromptu trip to California for work, arriving back home two days before we leave for Australia. (We leave for Australia exactly twelve days from now.) Moments after I absorbed this news, my nose twitched. Then it twitched and wiggled, kind of a twiggle. Like, not wrinkling or making a sniffing motion, as I've seen some people do. It's not a habit, it's totally involuntarily. There’s a muscle on the bridge of my nose that I didn’t even know existed, and from time to time, it wiggles. I think this is definitely stress-related.

Or possibly I am becoming magical, like Elizabeth Montgomery. I've tried to run to the mirror to see if my nose looks really cute like hers did on Bewitched, but I can't catch it in time. Then I thought, maybe nose wiggling is the first symptom of a degenerative neurological disease, so I asked Dr. Google. When I searched for “nose wiggling,” the first link is a poll asking people whether they can wiggle their noses, and the second link is for rabbit owners who want to understand why their pets are wiggling their noses so dang much, is it because they're upset? And how do we calm our rabbits down?

Apparently rabbits wiggle faster when they’re interested in something. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing if your rabbit is wiggling its nose, and I guess it’s not bad that I’m doing it either. But this is exactly how I do stress, it seems. I'll feel great and happy, and everything that's happening is good, but then some part of me starts to wiggle. (Oh, and I also have a slight jaw-pop that I am convinced is dissertation-related. I bet when I get my Ph.D, the jaw-pop will leave in the night, but that's a whole 'nother thing.)

Yeah, so here's some of what's up chez moi:
  • I've had the kids alone this weekend, because yesterday Matt took off for Washington D.C. to deliver our beagle to my brother and sister-in-law. They're going to take care of her until we get back. Which won't be until July 20. That is a dang long time to watch someone else's dog. But we realized suddenly Friday night that they were our only option, and that there was literally no time between now and our departure on the 26th that we could get her to them. So away Matt went yesterday, with Percy on her bed in the back of our Jetta wagon, and a thousand podcasts downloaded to his MP3 player. He drove ten hours, got there at 1:30 this morning, spent the night, and is now steaming south. He is a champ, and Dave and Kate are awesome to do this for us, and I actually miss that beast (the dog). Matt too.

  • We each have major work to do of our own before we leave town (isn't that always the way?) I really need to get some more writing done. Why is the period before a vacation more stressful than normal life? The trip prep just compounds everything. I've already gotten the kids' passports and visas, but we have to pack and create an airplane survival kit for Hank. By which I mean, a survival kit for me (a long book, several little bottles of gin, and a disguise would be good). That is a 24-hour trip, friends.

  • Our friend Rick is coming to visit this week, and it would be nice for him if some semblance of housecleaning had taken place before his arrival. On the housekeeping subject, readers of this blog back in the beginning will remember the sad day we said goodbye to our housecleaner, due to some tough fiscal decision-making. Well, the other night, Matt came and sat down next to me and said, "Make the call." I thought I knew what he meant, but I am coy. "What call?" I asked. And he said, "Call her back. Get her back." Then I knew for sure. I've been waiting forever to hear him say those three little words. Hurray! But I don't think I'll get her in time to help with this week.

  • Then next Sunday night, Matt and his partner will be off to CA, probably getting back Wednesday the 24th, leaving him two days to help me freak the eff out about getting us all ready to go. He's got major work stuff going on, and it's all great, but there goes my nose again.

  • Oh, and I'm trying to book a little side vacay for Matt and me, while we're in Sydney, to Vanuatu. More about that later. Whee! That's not in the complaint category--it's just on my mind.

And there's like a bunch of other junk, but I can only dump so much of my stuff on you guys. I'm still hanging in with the Weight Watchers, and the scale at the gym says I've lost six pounds. Funny, the first two pounds were really noticeable (to me). I was like, "Oh yeah, girl!" Then the next four, not so much. But this is good news, given that last weekend, I met my archenemy, Cheese Plate, on the field of battle, and I was vanquished.

How are y'all? Any weird wiggling going on?


SJN said...

Yeah for Matt and Partner!
Sounds like good news, I'll keep my fingers crossed!
So great you get to visit your sis and the new baby in Australia. It is a long trip... how about some benedryl for Hank? That will keep him busy. I know pre-trip stress is a lot to deal with, but just think you'll all have a fabulous time once you get there!

Keely said...

But when you do the nose-wiggling, does weird stuff start happening? Do people turn into donkeys and such?

Totally jealous of your trip - not so much of the actual flight/journey. I've done that flight both as a kid and as an adult, and it actually seemed easier when I was a kid.

Are you sure the nose-wiggling doesn't have anything to do with the discount face drugs?

Jen said...

I swear my parents would slip us some booze as kids when we would take trips! I've been tempted to try it with my kids!

(Oh, my eye twitches, too! And my chin if things are REALLY bad.)

Cassie said...

I'm going on three years of the on again/off again eye-twitch. Too much stress, too little sleep. The nose twitch though... that's something. Like Keely, I wondered if it might be related to the Retin-A. And if not, can I buy a tube off of you? Unless of course it's illegal to buy and or sell prescription medications over blog comments, in which case... email me. *wink*

Your trip is going to be awesome. I'm super excited for you!

Casey said...

Are you sure it's not that new face cream that's making your nose twitch?

Elizabeth said...

The organization I work for is doing work in Vanuatu as we speak! I can get you tons of information on places to stay, go, etc etc (though it is tiny), just let me know if you want it.

Amy said...

Dude, you need to talk to me about trip survival skills. I got lots of little tricks up my sleeve. I'm hoping that after y'all take this trip, you'll treat me with just a little more respect, seeing that I've had to do it so many times. ;)

Take lots of deep breaths! It will all get done. Can't you have Laura do some of your writing for you?

The Dental Maven said...

I'm with Casey. Are you sure the twitching isn't from that Mumbai retin A?

Michele said...

I've mailed my check for the new face cream and now you have a nose twitch. Should I be worried?

Too jealous of the trip to Aussieland to comment. Okay, have fun *pout*

Yay! For getting the cleaning lady back. I bow to your awesome passive-aggressive skills.

Becky said...

Ha! Fortunately I can rule out that the twitching is due to the wrinkle cream. The twitch arrived the day before the package from Mumbai.

Camp Papa said...

Matt is a man you want on your side in the crunch: whether it's a knife fight in a dark room or controlling a runaway nuclear reactor. Also Dave and Kate deserve the Meritorious Sibling Award.

Speaking of creams and unguents, what might it mean that my word verification is "roidnes"?

Sara said...

My eye twitch is definitely visible to others. Sounds like the nose twitch is probably reserved for extra special occasions.

Congatulations on getting the cleaning lady back (jealous me.)

Michele Renee said...

I agree that the week before a trip turns out to be extremely stressful with the best of organizational plans gone awry, and major lack of sleep....or is that just me? And the home alone part? I go to sleep even later each night because I can watch what I want on TV, cook what I want, etc. But back to you....make lists, pack a little bit each day, and maybe start getting together stuff for kids on the plane? Suckers, little cars and sticker books always worked for mine.

Jenni said...

So glad you asked...I got this totally nasty, passive-aggressive email from my father's wife and I'm so annoyed about it, but I'm all "being the bigger person" and completely annoying it and not stooping to her level. But it's really unsatisfying.

And my Jesus, Allah, and the Easter Bunny all be with you on your 24 hour flight with Hank.

Veronica said...

Yowza, I've gotten the eye twitch, but never the nose twitch.

You're going to have so much fun on your trip; I'm so jealous! I'm assuming Vanuatu has resorts and such? I can only picture exile island from Survivor, which doesn't scream "vacay" to me so much as it screams "that might totally make my nose twitch."

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Long vacations are wonderful but they're always so stressful. I feel like I'm preparing for death . . . is the will in place? Do I still like the guardian I appointed? Should I amend my personal property addendum? have I given my sister a key to the safe deposit box? Stuff like that.

But . . . I always return. And everything is always okay. So have a great time.

And twinkle your nose as you're walking out the door. It certainly can't hurt.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Australia? For that long? I may have to stop being your friend out of jealousy!!!

You will have such a great time, let me know if you need any guest posters. You know I'm dying for an outlet for my PTA stories. :)

Have so much fun...hope you get to see all of it. John went right before Cole was born and had the best time! xo!