Thursday, August 28, 2008

So Much More Earth-Loving Than I Thought

I was just flipping through the "Fashion Rocks" supplement to Vanity Fair. I wish I had a parakeet, because that magazine needs to be on the bottom of a birdcage. But what caught my eye was a picture of some lovely hydrangeas in a vase, labeled "organic hydrangeas" from a fancy flower shop in NYC. The arrangement can be yours for $175. Hmm, I thought. Really? Now, a healthy organic rose garden would be a real accomplishment. But hydrangeas? It's not like they're hard to grow. Then I realized: our policy of neglecting or minimally maintaining our yard and flowering trees, shrubs, etc., means that everything that grows out there is organic!

Here are some hydrangeas from the giant bush next to our front door. I love these flowers, they grow like crazy, and I literally gave them away in buckets all spring. If you visited in March or April and stood still long enough, I probably placed a container of hydrangeas right on top of you. Excuse me, I mean, organic hydrangeas. And apparently I was way undercharging my neighbors. So I've got that going for me.

The $175 bouquet was on a page of fashion and decorating ideas supposedly inspired by Devendra Banhart. Now, he may be all tasteful and edgy and darling, but I doubt he's like, "Natalie, get me some hydrangeas like my Granny used to grow!"

Matt's and my only deliberate foray into organic yard care was the "organic fertilizer" he put on the front lawn. Lesson: organic fertilizer is dung, folks. Like, as in poop. So now when it rains it smells like the county fair out there. I guess we were the last people to know this. Our grass is a whole other post, but I won't do that to you.


David said...

You know, _Vanity Fair_ is as relevant as, well, Devendra Banhart. I was reading their last "Young Hollywood" issue, and they were all "Last time we did this, we predicted Lindsay and Britney would pull through. They didn't, but let's see if the cast of _Gossip Girl_ can't do better for themselves."

Um, let's not.

And now the preciously folksy Ms. Banhart wants you to spend $175 on hydrangeas his PA picked out for him?

Maybe you should forgo the parakeet and just line Hank's crib with the pages next time you're away from home.

Your flowers are lovely.

Lecia said...

Gorgeous flowers! Incredible story about them - WHATEVER...