Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today Laura and her friend were playing with a massive Lego castle set. I gradually became aware that they were having a little spat over something. Wanting peace in my home, I intervened.

Me: Girls, play nice! Why are you arguing?

Laura: We're not arguing! We're disagreeing about who is right.

Okay then.

She goes back to school tomorrow, and not a moment too soon, as she obviously needs a sharper interlocutor for her fledgling critical reasoning abilities.

Tonight we have to pick an outfit (gotta make a good first impression!), pack up her supplies, and make a cool little lunch. We have a new super neato lunchbox called Laptop Lunch--it's supposed to be sort of an Americanized bento box:

I am actually excited about packing lunches in this thing. Also it would be good if I found time tonight to trim L's bangs, or she may not make it up the steps of the bus. This may be tough because we're about to host a dinner party, so we'll see how that goes. Also a bath would be nice. Clearly we need another wife.


Veronica said...

Very cool! That's also a very thick user's guide for a lunchbox, though... definitely looks like a read-only-the-table-of-contents-and-the-back-cover kind of book...

Lecia said...

You're already going back to school??

We've used laptop lunches and like them. Nice to have an earth friendly lunch!

Becky said...

I know, it seems way early, but two years ago we started on Aug 7th!

The laptop lunch is cool, and for me it's an attempt to make being frugal (bringing lunch from home) more fun for L. Matt doesn't think I can beat the school lunch price of $1.50. I'm not sure but I think I can, and anyway, you get what you pay for, right?

Kelly H. said...

Plus you'll be able to pack her better food that she will actually eat! We are eating with the kids this week to introduce them to the cafeteria and you would not believe how much food is thrown away!

Amy said...

that is a cool lunchbox! but i too am surprised that it comes with a users guide! dang.

Cassie said...

Linked over from Shoplifting With Permission's blog. Just wanted to say we LOVE our laptop lunch box! Makes transporting my toddler's food so much easier and lunch on the go a lot healthier.

And my husband and I also talk about needing another wife. If you find a Second Wives 'R Us let me know! =)

Becky said...

I confess I didn't get through the whole lunchbox user's guide. It seemed to be a lot about reducing waste.

And Cassie, I confess my whole interest in the HBO show Big Love is that having three wives around seems like a dream come true! In some ways, of course. Not in others.