Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Am a Lot Like Thomas Edison

The Thomas Edison of mixology, that is. In the Suburban Matron tradition of sharing my cocktail inventions with you, I give you the Briar Patch. (The Briar Patch is my parents’ nickname for their mountain house, where this drink was born.)

It’s still summer, but you’re sick of G&T’s. Check into the Briar Patch:

One shot of vodka over ice
The juice of half a lime—a few bits of pulp would be good too
Shake gently
Pour in a little Coke (or Diet Coke for the skinny version); as much Coke as you like.

Now drink while sitting under the stars. Or while watching a hummingbird. Or in the hot tub with your sweetie. Or just waiting for your pasta water to boil. I’ve tested it in all these situations with good results—it may have other applications as well. Further research is needed.

To your health!


Carrie said...

Mmm. This sounds really good. I always like a drink with a little caffeine in it.

Can you also share a recipe for a summer cottage?

Beth said...

Sounds good to me!