Friday, December 7, 2012

Everybody Needs A Little Encouragement

Two days ago the kids and I were driving in the car. Laura mentioned that all of the eighth-grade girls are toting around sacks of flour, pretending they're babies, and they have to care for them for a class assignment.

I asked her if the boys were doing that, and she said she hadn't seen any.

I said, "Well that's dumb, I mean, men have to care for children too. It takes two people to make a baby."

From the back, Hank piped up. "No no, the moms can make the babies but the dads have to encourage it."

I carefully and gently reached across to the passenger seat and placed my hand over Laura's mouth, and she slid down in her seat, shaking in silent laughter. I said, "Well that encouragement is very important."


Today is my birthday! It has been going just swell. Matt and I had lunch out. While I was tucking into my pineapple mojito, his conversational opener was, "Here's one way I've become a douchebag."

And then it was something about LinkedIn. But I thought, I will never stop being entertained by the people in this family and the things they think of to say.

We are getting a sitter and heading out tonight, and then next weekend, Matt got us tickets to an Australian Open Wildcard tournament here in town, the finals day. Sweet! We're so very sporty now!

I hope y'all have a good evening planned. xoxo


delaine said...

Sounds like you had a pleasant birthday ! Complete with mojitoes and birds and bees. I remember this day forty years ago well. There was a blizzard a blowing . Really. After what seemed like a long time, this perfect blonde baby entered our lives. We took you home to our tiny three room apartment and tried to figure out how to raise a child. I think we did all right. You turned out great and here you are forty years later giggling with Laura and hearing words of wisdom from Hank. What a wonderful life ! Happy Birthday, Emily Rebecca.

Common Household Mom said...

Hank is just awesome. Yes, we Moms do need encouragement, all along the way. And your husband couldn't possibly be a douchebag. The proof is that he agreed to wear that tennis outfit for Halloween.

Happy Birthday!

Steve said...

Happy Birthday!

M said...

Happy Birthday and, by your account, all sounds perfectly right with your world!

Elizabeth said...

Happy, happy birthday!

I just love that Hank.

Amy said...

Hope you had a great day! I love Hank's interpretation...he is a wise soul. ;)

khulet said...

happy belated birthday and yes that hank is full of wisdom!

Aimee said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'd forgotten you and my sister share the day. Awesome.

OMG, Hank's comment. Awesome. And, yeah, why AREN'T the boys carrying flour? The boys in our 8th grade class had to carry around the chicken eggs like we did for that unit...