Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Is On Like Donkey Kong

Oh my Lord are your kids still in school? That is so two-thousand-late. We have been having summer vacation for two days. You better hurry, 'cause we're using it all up.

For Laura, the end of fourth grade was marked by the usual foofaraw, class party and such. At the party, which was held outside, she won Second Place in the hula hooping contest.

Hula Hooper
It reminded me of how, once when I was in college, there was some kind of luau in the dining hall, with shrimp skewers and such, and I too won Second Place in a hula hooping contest. To achieve that level of excellence, I had to hula hoop for like 20 minutes. But Matt's ex-girlfriend hula hooped a little bit longer and won First Place.

Let us say no more about that.

ANYHOO, Laura's class had a nice party. And one mom had on a nice black satin strapless romper shorts outfit. It was an odd choice. She also had on high heeled sandals, which was cute, but her balance was imperiled by her gigantor Louis Vuitton hobo with gold hardware. You know, breezy. Keepin' it breezy for the kids' little party.

Then, in keeping with our tradition, Normal Neighbor and one of the K(C)athies and I ambushed the kids getting off the bus with squirt guns and water balloons. We agreed that it was our most fun squirtgun raid in years. I think it was more fun because the Livingston boys from down the street are now big enough that it didn't feel like just squirting some tiny kids in the face. Not that I wouldn't do that. But this year all the kids were big enough to effectively run away and/or seize weapons and fight back. Even Hank got into it. Last year he clutched a full Super Soaker to his chest, but never fired his gun. Just like one of those soldiers in the Great War.

Then we took all the kids to this frozen yogurt place where you serve yourself yogurt and toppings and pay by the ounce. When it was time to weigh in, Laura's cup cost $6. I knew that would happen--I saw it coming--and I let it. My friend K(C)athy was all, "Oh you let her fix her own? DUMMY." But then she has six kids.

Riding in the car, Laura told me that she feels guilty to leave fourth grade. I said, "Guilty? Honey, what do you mean?" She said that thought it was one of her best years. I said, "You know that 'guilt' means an awareness that you've done something wrong? You might feel sad to leave fourth grade, but you do not feel guilty."  She assured me that she knew what "guilt" meant and that she nonetheless feels like she "shouldn't be leaving." Who knows. I opened my mouth to tell her that was crazy talk, then I realized that I knew exactly what she meant. I felt guilty to leave Santa Cruz five years ago, even though it was absolutely the right move, and not a situation in which guilt should play a role. Then I realized I am raising myself.

Since then we have been swimming and lounging, and Laura's already been to a sleepover, and today while we were out, the dog found a piece of watermelon on the coffee table and decided to chew it to death all over the white sheepskin rug. So, summer. It is on.

What y'all doing? Any fun end-of-school traditions?


Common Household Mom said...

We will be so exhausted by the time the end of school comes that I will just plop into a chair and not move for three days. Except that's not true. The day after my daughter's high school graduation ceremony, during which I plan to do statistical studies on the frequency of popular names in the graduating class, we have to drive her to the airport and stick her on a plane to Croatia with her rich aunt who is taking her on a trip as a gift. Okay, THEN I will plop in the chair. Maybe there will be some wine involved as well.

Becky said...

Croatia?!? Do they need an additional chaperone? Because I am highly qualified. That sounds amazing.

Beth said...

We still have a few weeks, here, during which we must have baseball playoffs, the soon-to-be 8 yr old's birthday party, and all things end of school roundup, and then we're comin' your way, lady!

Marsha said...

We've still got a few more weeks being, you know, northerners and all. We don't have too many traditions except the marking of time that leads up to that 180th day of state- mandated attendance (school: I'm in it for the child care). There's a field day and a picnic and a few field trips and such, but really my kids like summer because we're kind of rule-free. This year, though, I booked an end-of-year pool party at the local fancy-pants place because between vacation, camp, beach houses, mountain houses and sports practices, no one sees anyone from mid-June through August. Each kid is allowed to invite 8 friends and there is much excitement in the kingdom.

Casey said...

We are swimming and parking it like summer is on but we don't get out of school until next Friday. I will look to you for tips on entertaining the kids all summer since you got a head start.

Elizabeth said...

All I'm sayin' is when you go back to school in the dog days of August, we'll be skipping down the sidewalks or surfing the California waves until well after Labor Day.

Just sayin' :)

gretchen said...

Oh, we are so far behind you. We still have WEEKS. And then it's the lousy June Gloom time in LA, cool and cloudy for an entire month. Odd, I know. We are, however, heading to the beach tomorrow, intrepid beach goers that we are. I always have to bring sunscreen and sweaters.Did I ever tell you about Mommy's K (C)athys? She has four. She has to refer to them by nicknames to keep them straight. She calls one of them "Cookie Cathy" because she...mmm...bakes a lot of cookies. BTW, I'm raising myself too. Weird.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow all that in two days! We still have until the 24th of JUNE crazy I know! I love the way you and the ckathy met them at the bus that is classic!!

Hope your summer is great and you never hear those dreaded words I'm bored!!

M said...

Just ended. Strangely, I shed no tears as I served my last middle school picnic--ever!

When I wasn't tucked away in the Nordstroms stairwell hiding from tornadoes, I was rushing around collecting Justin Bieber balloons and a Target cake with a beach theme (in Kansas) for the sandvolleyball/cookout birthday party we sandwiched in between thunderstorms yesterday. Today's project is throwing together the family party for both kids. This is what two academic babies have wrought: utter chaos at the end of the school year! The upside is that neither is graduating this year. ;)

Michele R said...

Would have ended Wed also but our county added on days due to the snow. So yest. was the end (except for teachers who have to go back on Tuesday which has cut off days from our iconic road trip that begins on Wed).
Loved how you gave me memories of the water wars when they used to get off the bus. I'd take off of work and make a ton of water balloons. This year they all made their own after school plans.
P.S. Black satin at a 4th grade party!!??!

Barbara said...

Um, end of term? It's half term for us starting on Monday. Our term ends on the 22nd of July. We've got ages to go yet (small, quiet, only heard by myself sob)

Sjn said...

What fun! I have so many comments:
1. So happy to hear your talent for hula hooping has been passed on.
2. best ambush yet! I bet next year they hide their guns/canons in the bushes to be ready for you "ambushing Moms". But of course, you'll be there before they will and find it all... okay, new plan.
3. my yogurt cup w/ topping usually runs ~ $2.50, so wow Laura, hope you thoroughly enjoyed it!

so much fun already, in only 2 days! Ahh, the long summer ahead...

Amy said...

Schoooool's! Out! For! Summer!

Yay, Laura! Yogurt it up, girl!

We are in the middle of our school year. Like Barbara said, long way to go, plus winter starts in a few days. So I'll be enjoying your summertime posts.

Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like a great way to end the school year! My tradition was always getting grounded for not having straight A's.

Common Household Mom said...

Just came back to say this about Croatia: my teenager has learned how to say "Hello" and "I love you" in Croatian. So, yes, perhaps another chaperone will be necessary to keep her in check.

Elizabeth said...

"And one mom had on a nice black satin strapless romper shorts outfit. It was an odd choice."

I...uh, I , don't, um...understand? I'm pretty sure I just popped a blood vessel somewhere in my poor beleaguered brain trying to visualize that outfit. I honestly did not know that such things were manufactured, much less worn. But now I'm fascinated. Have you ever seen said mom before? What other fashion statements has she made? And most importantly (assuming she deserves one), what's your pet name for her?

Kate said...

we are still in school! last week a mom showed up for pick up at 2:30in a sequin top and high heels. i wasn't that fancy in my flip flops, tshirt and wet hair from the shower. I let my kids take a "personal day" each school year and they always save it for one of the last days of May or June so they can go to the pool instead of school.

laura said...

OMG, I can't wait to see what Black Satin Romper MILF is gonna wear to Junior High graduation? Beaded pageant gown? Tiara?

I think you should blog solely on her fashion choices for the fifth grade.

And every upper middle class suburb has a wife like that. It's a required THING.

We've been out a week and I'm already slave driving the teenager to a certain premature death by chores.

Jenni said...

We've got two more weeks of Oscar's private preschool here, and the PS has THREE more!

We finally broke down and joined a community pool. We will be swimming our faces off every day. Except for those days we are in the mountains ;)