Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cool Me

Here is something ominous: I just went up to my room to fetch a thing and it seems clear that the upstairs air conditioner is not cooling. I hate to even say it for fear that my words will usher a possibility into a certainty. For a couple days now, it has been warm upstairs, but it's been a hundred degrees outside. Who can say whether an AC is truly broken or is just having trouble keeping up with the heat here in Hell's Foyer?

But I think it's broken. Crap! Anyone know a good HVAC guy around here? Who works for free? Heh.

It was hot enough today that I agreed to take the kids to the pool in the middle of the afternoon. Normally, I never show up at the pool until evening. But we loaded up and drove there (no way we were walking in this heat). And we couldn't find a parking place. We had to park on the next street.

It's so hot that only whining really helps. I think it's helping.

When we got to the pool, everyone was in it. Like, everyone. Normal Neighbor and her crew, the Mystery People, it was like someone took my blog and made soup.

Maybe a nice cold soup would help. Like gazpacho.

Now we are going to go get Mexican for Father's Day. Mexican food that is. I hope y'all are having a happy, cool day with the ones you love.


puncturedbicycle said...

Was I the only kid whose family bought Campbell's tinned gazpacho? And ate it hot? (This goes back an aeon or two, so I think it was okay to not know about that sort of thing.)

I love it that all the usual suspects were at the pool. That's kind of how I see your blog in my head.

And I am mad jealous about the Mexican food. We don't really have it here in London. Unless you include Old El Paso in the supermarket. (I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.)

Jenni said...

No. We are hot too. It was in the mid-upper 90s today and we do not have central air. Repeat: we do not have central air. Our window units cannot keep up and it is supposed to be like this all week. Am dying, and also whining.

Sub Mat soup, LOVE.

Amy said...

Like someone took your blog and made soup?? Love that!

I totally sympathize with your overheatedness, and yes--whining does help! Jenni, we don't have A/C at all--not window units or anything. So I can weather makes me crazy!

Hang in there. I'm pretty sure chips and queso cure all ills.

Amy Whitley said...

My hubby's an HVAC guy...but we're in Oregon, where it hasn't been even close to hot yet. And we're whining too, truth be told. The temp hasn't reached over 65 with rain and cloud cover. We're totally being gyped out of summer, yanno?

mbaumbick said...

We went to the pool and then went to have Mexican today too!! I can't believe we didn't see you. I even saw the Mystery People at the pool - they got there as we were leaving. Call me on the AC - we've had that happen two years in a row but it has been a simple fix... It is flippin' hot here - our outdoor thermometer read 102 degrees today at 2 pm!!

Keely said...

It's been hot here today but not whining hot, yet. So I enjoyed it, because we've been having a whole lot of rain (there may have been whining about THAT).

We have central air. My father gifted it to us the year I was pregnant, because I was like 8 months pregnant in August and it was one of those summers where it was 40C for a week straight. I love my Dad.

I can't believe Amy doesn't have a/c. In AUSTRALIA. I hear it gets hot there.

Becky said...

65 and rainy sounds like a little bit of heaven!

I know, I'm sure there are parts of Australia where you don't need AC. I don't think Sydney is one of those parts. However, I am a wimp.

M, we must have just missed y'all. It was quite a crowd. Here's hoping my AC is a simple fix. Simple and cheap.

Beth said...

Also love SubMat soup. And Hell's Foyer. Priceless.

It hasn't gotten that hot here yet, but I know it's a-comin'.

Michele said...

"Hell's Foyer" I love it. I think I'll be using that term here. It's been pretty warm in these parts also.

Casey said...

There's nothing like stewing in pee filled water with the neighbors you love. I hope you cool off soon, it's been hot as balls here too and the AC has been on constantly. We're thinking of painting the roof white, ever read up on that?

Angel said...

I love the AC in the apartment, although Kensei has warned me that they do not have Central air in the house in TN, so I think i will cry then... I can take the cold and I can sometimes take the heat, but humidity is my killer.

Sara said...

We are spoiled this year by AC's in every bedroom.

There's still the possibility of sweating through dinner (bc we cannot resist boiling water for corn on the cob--steamy!) but we're used to it by now. It's gotta be a good 78 degrees indoors before we start freaking. The butter melts in the dish :) The steam of the corn rising up into your already-sweating face. Yaaaa, we're pretty hardcore... ;)

Don't you feel cooler now?

Campbell's gazpacho?!?! SubMat Soup? yep yep

Michele R said...

I hope you got the AC fixed!
The heat is unbelievable. I got in my car yesterday after work and it was 100 degrees and then dropped to a “cooler” 97. On the busy road home there was a biker next to me—you know the ones that act like they are in a vehicle they are so close. Anyway I thought she was insane, just booking along in her spandex bikewear.
Love the Sub Mat soup!