Friday, July 24, 2009

Things to Love in Oz: Kiama

Kiama Lighthouse
A couple hours south of Sydney, on the Tasman Sea, is the town of Kiama. While other little beach towns near Sydney reminded me of California, this place has kind of an English flavor, maybe because it was built up during a Victorian boom (that lighthouse has been there since 1887), or maybe because the weather just seemed English the day we visited.

Kiama has a famous blowhole in the volcanic rock at the beach. The waves come in and water shoots up through a narrow opening into the air.

Blowhole at Kiama

In this pic, it's only kind of burping. Visitors a hundred years ago report seeing it shoot up higher than the lighthouse, but as the opening has widened and eroded, it doesn't go that high anymore. It's pretty fun to watch though.

The kids loved climbing all over the rocks in the harbor, and I loved the scenery. You can climb way out there and get a good view back to the town.

Matt and Hank <span class=

Kiama Coast

Kiama Coast


Laura and Dad


It's hard to believe that we were there one week ago today. A sign at an overlook said that we were 3800 miles from the South Pole, and we were over 9000 miles from Atlanta. Whoa. And down there, you can believe that you're close to Antarctica. I mean, there are penguins. Just feels like the bottom of the world somehow. Geographically, that was as far as our tether stretched, and then we started to reel ourselves back in.

This has been another postcard from Down Under.


Michele Renee said...

Great photos! The one of Laura is really wonderful.

Jane said...

Yeah, that Laura closeup is stunningly lovely.

Amy said...

Beautiful photos! I feel so fortunate that y'all got to come see us. Now come back! I mean, really--ATL isn't THAT nice, is it?


Michele said...

Those a fantastic photos.

Becky said...

Thanks guys! We do like that little Laura face.

Cassie said...


delaine said...

That was a beautiful day. The sea was a combination of so many shades of blue that I couldn't name them all! A local man told us that humpback whales frequent the coast there. But, alas,none surfaced for us. I could imagine living happily there in that charming town.

Kelly said...

L looks like she should be a little model! Great photos!

The Dental Maven said...

I've met a lot of BlowHoles in my day and that's the coolest one I've ever seen.

Sara said...

Such beautiful photos! Your kiddos are so lovely!:)

Sjn said...

What a fabulous family trip for the kids to have memories of forever. You grownups too!
Great scenery and views.
Thx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Cool photot's. Looks like you had a great time.

Bex said...

amazing pics! what a gorgeous family!