Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Babies LOVE Me


New Niece Grace

Here is baby Grace, sister Amy's newborn, and one of the main attractions of Sydney, Australia. And here I am frightening her with my large teeth. She is seven weeks old now, but in these photos she is a youthful six weeks.

Laura and Grace

When we weren't seeing the sights, we watched the cousins. Completely entertaining.

Cousin Love

Hank and Nate

Hank and Nate, who is also 3, were hilarious together. They spent many hours riding side by side in their carseats, and they would have these long conversations that were pure Samuel Beckett.

Hank: What's wrong Nate?
Nate: Nothing.
Hank: Did you say rainbow?
Hank: I win.
Nate: No, I win!
Hank: No, my mom wins.
Nate: Nooo, my mom wins!
Hank: My mom is a wife! A beautiful wife!
Nate: I win! I win! HURRAY!
Hank: Rainbow?

That's not an artful summary, it's a straight transcription.

Five kids is a lot, even if one of them is a baby. We took them places on trains, ferry boats, and cars, and every time I thought, "There's no way we can keep up with all these kids. We'll probably lose one." But they all managed to stick to us.

Laura with the Sydney Cousins

In the Blue Mountains

These cousins have never lived in the same place, or really even on the same continent, so watching them play and be together was a real highlight of the trip.

This has been another postcard from Oz, the Cousin Edition.


The Dental Maven said...

Fabulous! Isn't it great to have family?!

Michele said...

Great pics. Children are amazing. They've hardly ever seen each other then you throw them together and they play nice. Wish some countries could do that.

Amy said...

We were just talking today about how much fun they had together! Those pics are so great. The 2nd one of Laura holding the baby--Grace looks like she is a baby zombie or something with her arms out in front of her! (but the cutest darn baby zombie you ever saw, of course.)

Maggie said...

LOVE the pictures!! I cannot believe how big those kiddos are. You sure look natural holding Grace, ever think about having another little one??? I am so happy that yall had such a great trip. Hug your cutie pies for me. Hank and Nate, what a cool pair of buds.

bernthis said...

My daughter lives across the country from her cousin and it blows.

congrats to your sister.

Sara said...

Awwww! Look at all the love!


Jenni said...

What a gorgeous bunch of kids you matrons have!

And I love the toddler conversations. Oscar is just starting with storytelling (you know, when he's not poisioning himself) and it is so stinking cute.

kathy said...

I love it! Cousin bonding is great. Think of all the memories you have of "cousin time!" Now we need to strive to get extended cousins together1 What great fun.

Kate said...

My peeps! Oh, how I wish I could have been there in the middle of all that fun. I love the baby zombie picture and the one of Hank kissing Nate. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Bless.

Becky said...

Ha ha, Grace IS a baby zombie in the second pic.

"Brains, BABY BRAINS!"

Casey said...

Oh what a sweet little baybeeeee. I love the carseat convo, I look forward to hearing those coming from my backseat as soon as Elliot learns to give her brother crap.

Anonymous said...

Yep, cousins are the best. It's pretty amazing, I think, that they seem to somehow GET it: "You are family and you belong. I barely know you, but you are my peeps." Even when they're little, they get it. Love love love the pics.

Keely said...

Well at least you're a BEAUTIFUL non sequitur...

And those are some beautiful children!