Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sign(ed), Sealed, Delivered

Hey Homies. My brother Dave, whom I've introduced on this blog before, just put up a couple of stories from the Inauguration on his blog, Better Than Machines.

There he is with his sign, and here's his story of the crazy reaction the sign got. (That pic, which is awesome, was taken and tweeted by Twitter user Infernoenigma.)

And here's his "7 Things I Learned at the Inauguration." Go take a looky!

I am just jealous, because it seems like everyone in the world, including my mail lady, went to D.C. for this event but me. Seriously, Margaret, my mail lady, almost crashed her little jeep in my front yard to jump out and tell me she had tickets.

Stay tuned: later today I'll be discussing the Obamas' Inauguration Day outfits, and then tomorrow I've got a LOT to say about White House china. If you were riveted by the discussion of the commemorative bowl, then you won't want to miss it.

Stay warm, my friends!

Updated to add: the twitpic of that sign is getting a lot of attention on Digg:



Michele said...

Your brother is famous, cool! I'll be heading over to his site now. Don't feel bad. I live in Phoenix; I didn't get tickets either. That probably has to do with the fact that I live in McCain country. Supporting Obama didn't make me too popular in my neighborhood

Cassie said...

This is so rad! Such a simple message with so many layers. My favorite part is that it's signed "Love".

I almost feel like it warrants a "Holidays!"

Veronica said...

Great posts by Dave! I SO wish I could have been there too!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Very cool indeed.

But don't feel too, too bad that you weren't there. There's an article in the Washington Post today about the unpleasant logistical snafus that bedeviled travelers to DC. It sounded pretty hellish.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Great story about your brother! I know what you mean about not going. If my boys were a few years older we would definitely have made the trip!

Minnesota Matron said...

Cool about the sign -- I love the content!! Fine me on facebook -- you know the first name, the last is Petrie in Minnesota! I'm wearing a head lamp in my picture so you'll know it's me :-) Of all things.

Casey said...

That's pretty cool that your brother got such a reaction (and is famous now!).

Sara said...

Neat! And good that more people will get to read Dave's blog.

Coffee with Cathy said...

Love the sign! That says it all, doesn't it?

Jenni said...

Let me just start by saying thanks for referring to me as your "homie." I've never been cool enough to be anyone's homie, so I'm really glad to be yours.

That sing in awesome. So, I have to confess, I live about two miles from DC, maybe 10 miles from the inaugeration site, and I avoided that puppy like the plague. OMG, Becky, the traffic in my hood was off the freaking chain (this is me trying to use hip lingo. Sad, I know.)